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Defending the Defenders: A Daunting Challenge


Defending the Defenders: A Daunting Challenge

Jody Williams

Women human rights defenders are under attack. The Nobel Women's Initiative conference convenes today to deepen the understanding of the risks, and to develop strategies to strengthen efforts to defend the defenders.


I will never forget hearing Jody Williams speak - must have been 2001 or so. At the time she pounded home the premise of the INFORMED CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. The examples of acceleration of its elimination since then has only increased. The good thing is that as a premise it is timeless and will always be of value.


Just as a genuine and thorough confrontation with the blatant racism shown by U.S. police departments would, by necessity, trace back to the make-war mentality favored by the MIC state; any genuine confrontation with the abysmal levels of sexism shown in all that this article exposes and more would lead back to patriarchy, the bedrock of so much of the modern world. From religious teachings that present ONLY God as father (and thereby exalt the masculine side of The Force), to the preponderance of macho soldiers in too many sectors of this living planet, women’s rights–if taken seriously–threaten to overturn the foundation that all of patriarchy’s systems are built upon. THAT must and will happen. All over women are rising up and more often than not, they tend to be the ones fighting for real justice, and sustainable ecology, and just wages, and so much else.

It is the old boy’s club and its lopsided mentality that has led the world to its current, tragic, and lethal imbalances. ONLY through a return to the original balance–which calls for equality and equal input from both genders–can life go on.


Hear, hear. Well said.


In the very link provided, the report gives the names, countries, and genders of all the environmental activists killed. The exact numbers are 21 women and 95 men.

Sadly, that was the only whiff of hard data offered to support the thesis of this article that “women human rights defenders are under attack” and that “women defenders are more vulnerable than ever.” The rest was sheer mush.

Or is it unfair of me to hold Ms. Williams writing to the same standard I would hold a male author to?