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Defense Confirms that Endless War in Iraq Will Continue Under Trump


Defense Confirms that Endless War in Iraq Will Continue Under Trump

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

One thing, it seems, that will not change under President Donald Trump is the United States military's occupation of Iraq after Defense Secretary James Mattis said Monday that he believed "we'll be in this fight for a while."

During his presidential campaign, Trump claimed that he had opposed the Iraq invasion from the start and boasted repeatedly that he had an undisclosed plan to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS or IS).



Endless enemies; for endless wars; for endless war profiteers.


The US destroyed that country. And yet no one from our government has paid the price for this crime. Truly sickening.


The word "continue" in the headline is the key. This war, like Viet Nam, belongs to both parties. That's precisely the problem that vitiates the meme of "lesser evilism."


Yea, war uses oil, and politicians are invested in oil. This is basic arithmetic i should think. My brother was in the first Gulf War and said the other day that it's almost a fantasy that there is war still going on there.


It's just another hypocritical decision by the Trumpenstein Monster.

Had the Democrats not supported the 'weakest' candidate, Bernie would most likely have been on the way to closing many of the 700+ military bases that cause the United States to be the largest user of fossil fuels.


This is the fault of the Deep State. Trump is a Man of Peace who would like to get out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria and become a friend of the US-Left -and Right's hero Bashar Assad but the deep state would kill him, like they killed Kennedy. Trump would also stop the aerial spraying too, but the Deep State won't let him do that either.


Nope. Sanders hardly came across as a pacifist to me. And a reading of late 20th century presidential election history suggest that his election would have been far from a foregone conclusion.


Except the deep state would never have allowed Bernie to finish the closing of 700 world wide, bases because of trillions of $$$$$ in potential loses.


Nice try at irony, Yunzer, but no cigar. I guess subtle humor isn't a Pittsburgh forte.


The DU (Depleted Uranium) that the American Military used in Iraq will make that country uninhabitable for a thousand years. Oh, that's right, the Iraqis have to live there and develop cancers as a result of 'our' usage of this 'weapon of mass destruction.'

Which I understand we are using now in Yemen in support of the Saudis.

F#€ked up!

Stop voting Democrat or Republican!


I see your fear. And I raise you some love.

All I am saying, is give Peace a chance.


OK, here's a rallying point to bring together more than just the identity-obsessed pseudo-left. No more war! Period! Bring them all home! Petition BOTH parties, as they are both responsible for this ongoing genocide, and they both support it equally.

On the official level, the rising star in this scenario should be Tulsi Gabbard, one of the few anti-war Democrats in Congress. Nobody else has her credibility, except maybe Dennis Kucinich, who was gerrymandered out of his seat a couple of years ago.

Meanwhile, if y'all haven't heard, Russia's ambassador to the UN, Anatoly Churkin, has just died: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-un-churkin-idUSKBN15Z1UU

The world has just become an even more dangerous place. Stop the wars!


Awesome suggestion.

People, Planet, and Peace over Profit!

All together now.

People, Planet, and Peace over Profit!


Surely no one in their right mind expected the endless war to be terminated by rump.


Yes, lots of people did right here! Anyone who suggested otherwise were viciously attacked as "shills for Killary".


During the campaign, leftists with far greater bona fides than you, Yunz, such as John Pilger and William Blum, referred to Trump as the "relative peace candidate", among other reasons because that was one of his principle talking points in the run-up to the election, one that the MSM studiously avoided discussing, preferring the devious, McCarthyite "Russian stooge" meme. Of course Obama himself had campaigned as a peace candidate in 2008, and we saw how that turned out, so one would have to be a real fool, a la Charlie Brown vs Lucy and the football, to trust Trump on those campaign pitches. Still, it remains a disgrace that the so-called liberal media (which by my gauge is actually rightwing), and the ur-corrupt Dem party (which to me is also generally rightwing, politicoeconomically speaking) left it up to a rightist blowhard like Trump to dangle the carrot of peace, and openly mocked Bernie when he timidly (lest he rankle the warmongering party cadres) hinted at veering away from the present regime-change religion ruling Washington. And the bigger disgrace is that--who knows?--their willing concession of the peace issue to Trump, may well have cost them the election! If you did a little research you would know that Trump has the overwhelming support of the military rank and file, who are quite battle weary and do not want the wars to continue. And certainly some of those white middle Americans who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and then switched to Trump in 2016 may also have been swayed by the peace rhetoric, however true or false it may prove to be. But if it does in the end prove false, certainly the pressure of the intelligence services, who have been the primary prosecutors of "our" war efforts since Bush, and who demonstrate at every turn their desire to continue with the endless war, will have had some bearing on this outcome.


Sure they did. The peace loving Trumpians who are now threatening to deport people by the millions, torch Jewish Community Centers, shoot Sikhs who they think are Muslim and increase the Security & Police State budgets by many $$$Billions.
Ya know, the peace lovers from E. Crackerville, Indiana and the god fearing, working class heroes from Homophobiaville, Pennsyltucky. And, who could forget the LesbiansRNotOkays from Muskogee, Oklahoma. " Praise god and pass the ammunition, boys ".


Sanders clearly is no pacifist.Not even close. Interestingly he avoided being drafted during the Vietnam War by claiming to be a conscientious objector yet there is nothing in his record that suggests he fits that description. Nobody knows if Sanders would have won the election. Almost surely the Republicans would have fabricated a number of lies about him that many people would have believed. Look how many people got so upset about Hillary Clinton's e-mails when there was nothing to it


Are you sure you followed the campaign? It was Trump who was talking about using nuclear weapons, perhaps even in Europe. It was Trump who wondered why they aren't used. It was Trump who wanted to build up our nuclear weapons. Any Leftists who referred to Trump as the "relative peace candidate" must have been tuned into following sports or something other than the campaign the entire time.