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Defense Secretary Sparks Doubts About Alleged Threat to Embassies as Poll Shows Americans Disapprove of Trump's Handling of Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/12/defense-secretary-sparks-doubts-about-alleged-threat-embassies-poll-shows-americans


Mark Esper reminds me of a kid who never made it to noon without being shaken down for his lunch money.


" The embassies are the most prominent display of American presence in a country." per Esper.

Our massive military with full equipment is the prominent display.
Imagine our aircraft carrier floating in your bath tub.
The ear splitting decibels when a fully loaded B52 takes off.
The joy in village elders when the 1st lt. hands over a full satchel of $100 bills.

Our fulcrum, decision making is not by state dept. and embassies. It is with our War Dept.


Lol!!! Fu$king Trump and his 4 embassies bullshit.
You lying asshole! You could see him make up the lie right on camera. Now they can’t explain why the briefing for congress didn’t say anything about the embassies. I do think that the minor attack on the Iraq embassy is probably why they killed Soleimani. Pompeo isn’t a guy who puts much thought into anything. Esper is in way over his head and clueless, needs to go back to his lobbying job. Pompeo has been running the show. Pompeo Maximus is a Moron. Esper got a thrashing over on Fox with Chris Wallace. Lolololol



Did you shake him down for his lunch money?

From the article:

As Trump put it, “I can reveal that I believe it probably would’ve been four embassies.”

“I can reveal that I believe…” is not proof of anything, and it’s not evidence from which proof can be deduced.

“…it probably would’ve been four embassies.” is proof of official uncertainty, not of imminence.

As evidence goes, Trump’s statement is a second cousin, twice removed.


Lots of thought has been put into this. The incompetence and chaos of the T Administration is a convenient and expected cover. How many times do they have to tell you they planned this out–for fucking decades–before you to believe them?


What a lunatic! Mike Esper expressed, a week or two ago, that Iranian general Soleimani was plotting to kill more Americans in a ‘future’ attack, thus ‘justifying’ his murder. Why the switch in positions? Was it because enough Americans are starting to see through all the lies told to justify murder and, maybe, war? Or is it only the ‘secret’ info for his supposed ‘future’ attack that’s changed? Just quit f**king lying for shit’s sake, tell the damn truth for a change, and quit warring in the ME.


Interestingly, while these would be very low approval numbers for a war preceded by a false flag event, they are not terribly low numbers for Donald Trump.

Also interesting is the ongoing dissonance between Trump and his military officers and advisors. I suppose if you raise too many rats in a barrel, they’re going to disagree sometimes over just what ought to be going on. It is a major pity to not know just what the internecine conflict actually is here, since it clearly does not follow party lines.


Funny you should mention that. It appears he is only a year younger than me and went to high school about 45 minutes away from me.
But no, I didn’t do it personally. However, he was raised in Uniontown PA, an old coal town and county seat of Fayette county (what we call Pennsyltucky around here). There were two high schools in that town, one about a 50/50 mix, white to black. And the other, entirely white.
Guess which one he went to?


You would think a guy of Mennonite roots, like Esper, would be averted to lying.


I think the only reason the MIC et al disagree with Trump is that his bragging is exposing more than they want people to know/think. If Trump kept his mouth shut and his hands in his pants instead of on twitter, they would be able to go a lot further quicker.

Even his obvious lies remind people that this is all shrouded in mystery and what little we are told makes no sense. And I am not sure Trump realizes he can’t just say the first brain fart that pops into his head and expect people (us) to believe it, or the MIC to be able to defend it.

His administration is/has been full of people killed by his friendly fire… look at the line that has gone through the revolving door with the word “Exit” above it.


"Disapprove?" He’s “Fucking Dangerous.” He’s going to wind up getting us all "Killed."


This movie is a rerun. We’ve all seen it several times before.

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Yeah, and now he has this bozo shooting off at the mouth.

Very dangerous indeed.

*Providing the lie sounds good … * .

When their government kills and then lies about it, “Americans disapprove of Trump’s handling…”

I read that in Iran people are taking to the streets to protest their government’s shooting down that passenger plane and then lied about it, or at least denied it. What would it take for Americans to hold the US government to the same standard as the Iranian people have for their government?


If this doesn’t make it into the Articles of Impeachment, there is something rotten in the Democratic leadership.


Wikipedia says his family was in the Maronite Church, which is essentially Catholic. Kinda clears that up for me. Hypocritical BS is as Catholic as communion.