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Deficit Hawk Myth Dead as GOP Unite Over Morally and Economically 'Obscene' Tax Bill


Deficit Hawk Myth Dead as GOP Unite Over Morally and Economically 'Obscene' Tax Bill

Jon Queally, staff writer

"Next year when Republicans propose deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid under the guise of deficit reduction, we will all remember that they increased the deficit by $1.5 trillion in order to give tax cuts to millionaires and big corporations."


Are there really people out there who still believe we live in a Democracy?


Boy Blunder Rubio was grandstanding because he still thinks he as a shot at 1600 Pennsylvania AVE.

On a separate note, this makes the 2018 election more challenging for the Democrats as the Republicans are giving their masters a plum making it more likely that their masters will give prunes back to them in 2018. And the beat(down) goes on…


Rubio is just posturing to get something for Florida in exchange for his vote to destroy what remains of Murka’s middle class. The same game Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson played with Obama before he voted in favor of the ACA.

The deficit hawk myth was always a farce…the alleged “deficit hawks” have always lead the pack increasing debts and deficits. Unfortunately myths and legends never die.

For example: Saint Ron continues to be a small gubmit legend even though he increased the gubmit’s debt and deficit more than all of his POTUS predecessors COMBINED, and there were more gubmit employees per capita when Ron left office than there had ever been.

Even Obama and Hillary compared themselves to Ron and praised Ron more than they ever mentioned any other POTUS.


From the article:

"The final bill will also abolish individual mandate provision from the Affordable Care Act, which…‘will decrease participation in Obamacare — and thus, decrease the amount the government spends on health insurance subsidies by roughly $300 billion over the next decade.’”

Please note that this was never a subsidy to the strugging 99%, but a pass-through gift to Big Insurance—yet another reason to despise the Orwellian-named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


Yes. The question of deficits never arises when “defense” spending is on the table.


The democratic process in the US has been and continues to be violated courtesy of the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Both documents are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution and were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats. Make no mistake: the fascist agenda is unfolding by the text book…



IMO: Those that support this administration ----and I would go further to say those that continue to support this oligarchic duopoly---- are in a deep state of denial at best or delusional/pathological at worst. This state of denial and/or delusion is dangerous to all life on this planet.

The latest today:




Only the most politically ignorant!


Kinda proves we haven’t had a real Democrat in power in decades, doesn’t it?


That would be the 95% of the voting electorate that voted for the Duopoly candidates in the 2016 presidential election.

None of them have a legitimate excuse in my opinion.



And exactly what is a “real” Democrat?

There are no Democrats in it for us.

They’re all taking care of themselves first, their donors second, and us last.

Democrats will not be the ones to lead us out of the desert to the promised land.


MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Since most Congressional representatives are multi-millionaires, this tax bill is a boon to them all. Anyone voting for it should be voted out and then thrown in jail on conspiracy to defraud the United States.


Obviously Republicans aren’t concerned about future election prospects. More like a coup or planned revolution.


" Next year when Republicans propose deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid…""

Next year the Republicans are not going to make any such proposals. They are just going to do it.


Obama raised taxes on the wealthy. It’s just simple fact.

The above being said, if Republicans are going to do this, I do not want to hear an iota about budget strictures when and if Democrats take the federal government in 2020. No more Kent Conrad-type budget-first healthcare bills. Reverse these taxes, tax estates fully, and go big. Fxck it.


The most ironic thing I’ve seen yet is the 1.5 trillion figure apparently roughly approximates the amount of outstanding student loan debt.
This all started in 1980 and there was absolutely no reason for it. Reagan, may he and his wife both burn in hell, created an American economy basically in permanent decline. All because he was a resentful B grade actor who could not do his job as the head of SAG. Unions were BAD. Education was BAD. Blacks were BAD. On and on. May they all suffer for eternity, every Republican who did not bail on the party then.


This religion of extremism, presented as centrism and the foundational rationality of the economy, smuggles two deadly poisons in through the trojan horse of authoritarian politics. Having existed since the birth of the nation, they have become invisible in plain sight.
Poison #1 The rich are entitled to rule 100s of millions and deserve almost ALL the money because, well, they just deserve it because they have power, are better, smarter, blah, blah blah. ( and they are the only ones who earned it!!)
Poison #2 The fraud of deficits and economic collapse based upon a commodity based currency and debt load. But we don’t have a commodity based currency. We have a fiat currency which allows the federal government to create money as needed. Deficits and surpluses only exist as writing on federal records, but have no substantial basis (gold does not back our currency). There is money to provide the necessities of life for all, but the horror of this religion is that is that this is unspeakable. The deficit argument is flat out false. But the robots march on unperturbed.
The result - a deadly religion founded on mimicry, lies, power, and authoritarian control rules the nation. Millions live brutally and suffer needlessly. The Inquisition has nothing on American politics for savage carnage of the innocent in the richest country on earth.


Those who support this Fascist pig administration are some of the most f-cked up assholes in history.


You’ve got that piece of shit Reagan PEGGED!