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Deficit Hawk Myth Dead as GOP Unite Over Morally and Economically 'Obscene' Tax Bill


If the purposefully misleading “trickle-down” has been reintroduced, why should the deficit myth be deemed dead?


We can only hope that the people who put the trash responsible for this tax travesty in office are the ones who suffer the most!


As I have often pointed out, when the Nazis came into power, they had their “911” when the SS burned the Reichstag building and blamed it on a Dutch carpenter who said he was a communist. Immediately thereafter, the “Enabling Acts” were signed into law, which removed the civil rights of the German People and allowed spying, phone tapping, searches, both personal and buildings, files, records, detainment, etc. From that point forward (for the duration of the emergency, which ended in the fuehrer bunker in Berlin) there were no civil rights in Germany.
*ON 11 September, 2001 the US had its Reichstag fire at the World Trade Center, followed almost immediately by the Illegal, unconstitutional, misnamed “Patriot Act,” which, along with a slew of other expansions of the PA removed the civil rights of the American People.
*The United States then morphed into the “Fourth Reich,” which has unleashed world wide war against any nation that did not agree with, or obey us. It has unleashed the most vicious terrorist acts in the world.
*Meanwhile, the Oligarchy, which has been buying the government piecemeal for many years, seems to have completed the purchase. They are now in the process of looting the nation of everything of value and reducing the former citizens of the United States of America into poor, powerless, hungry, homeless serfs of the new Nazi Empire.
*Almost every day, more “legislation” is approved, giving more power and wealth to the Oligarchy, while taking anything remaining, from We the People.
*Somehow, the billion$ they have “invested” in psych warfare have paid huge dividends, for apparently We the People are, for the most part, too cowed to resist.
*Note that virtually all of this new “legislation” is marked “permanent” while any tiny leftovers for the People are marked temporary. Note that such things as judicial appointments consist of unqualified shysters who are loyal to the masters. All of the various committees, agencies, etc., that were designed as watchdogs to protect us, and the world, from disastrous exploitation are now chaired by the CEOs of the companies the agencies were established to protect us from.
*Are We the People of the United States, and the World so intimidated that we cannot rise up and stop this nonsense. I hear people sniveling that, “Well, these are our elected representatives, so we have to go along until we can vote them out.” By the time that could happen, we will be on the outside, looking at locked doors.
*There are peaceful ways to attain our ends, if we would just get together.
*There are not so peaceful ways, but they will be bloody awful. Eventually, that may be all that is left to us.
*Wake up! Act! Wake up! Act! Wake up! Act! Wake up! Act!
*Or, just spend your time on your smart phone and watching the censured crap and propaganda on your wall sized TV.
*Eventually, Big Brother will probably come in and take those away from you as well.


Yours is an excellent analysis based on historical and current facts. There is an urgency to actively resist. Time is running out if we want to avoid being swallowed up in the abyss that is fascism…


It’s not difficult to do. A minimal amount of reading of his background, time in Hollywood, and subsequent decade of prostitution to GE in the 50’s etc,. Anyone with an open mind could figure it out. In 1980 a lot of people who damn well knew better gave him the benefit of the doubt, mostly because of his media crap persona. It was new, and enough people bought it to change the course of American history downward, It was the beginning of the Trump type Orwellian mind fuck, just more genial. His shallow idiot brain manifested Trump three decades later. It is totally connected in American dumbing down of consciousness.


Good question – I’ve been trying to come up with a ‘real’ Democrat that wasn’t anything more than a political whore; but in the years that I’ve been voting,i really can’t think of a congressman or senator that has been what I would consider a ‘real’ Democrat. The Clinton triangulating Democrats strangled the real Dems.


He could be burning in hell as we type, the problem is that since he had Alzheimer’s he wouldn’t even realize he was burning!


It is hard for me to think of the concept of a “duopoly” when I think of Barrack Obama. But Hillary was an insider running for election in 2016 and that simply was not enough to get elected. I voted for her because I knew Trump was going to be absolutely horrific. But I would have preferred voting for Bernie. Bernie is 76 and I don’t think he will run for president again. I am hoping for Elizabeth Warren to run for president. The 2016 election had the lowest turn out of voters in 70 years. We can’t let that happen again.


Corporate MSM is too busy talking about the Russiagate garbage and sexual harassment. Both political parties have sold out we the people.


The thing most absent from any discussion of jobs created by the fascist assholes in charge is what kind of jobs are being created. First of all, the fossil fuel industry is expecting huge profits, fracking, drilling, refining, shipping. Related industries in travel and transport expect profits. The auto industry won’t be building electric cars beyond 2% their total. The armament industry is lusting for blood and money, Boeing, Lockheed, Tomahawk missile WMD stocks. Steel pipelines, naval vessels, the southern border wall builders. What infrastructure is built (roads, bridges, water supply and waste treatment) will no doubt be predicated on the principles of privatization and profit first. Jobs jobs jobs mean little more to the republican party than wage slavery, disposable servants and canon fodder. Convincing rank-n-file republicans that their party leaders are criminals should include how they’re being screwed.


“Them with the gold makes the rules”.


And he would likely blame it all on “welfare queens” and all the other fabricated nothingness in his soul.


Well, if he didn’t blame the ‘welfare queens’ I know for damn sure Nancy would!


It WAS funny–when Nancy finally passed on, I kept a casual notation about how people on the boards on the internet wrote about her. Even on somewhat mainstream sites, there were negative comments. The nation was not completely upset, I read lots of posts that were like “ding dong, the witch is dead” tone. Apropos, I would say…


This is not going to change until the strong majority of the public gets up off of their dead butts on election day and actually votes. In 2016, we had the lowest voter turn out in 70 years, and that gave us Donald Trump as president. It is up to us to show up at the ballot boxes in 2018 in huge numbers to move the Republicans out of control of both houses of congress. Then in 2020, vote against a horrific Donald Trump in his predictable re election bid.


Not only was she a true harridan, she was a serious dumb sh*t besides – “Just say no” – who comes up with that level of idiocy concerning drug addiction?


It’s actually funny (as funny as her script allows). Daughter Patty was attending USC back in the day and got into some pill scene (uppers, God knows what else). She became a rich girl speed freak. Urban legend is something like the harridan slapping Patty around, drug use had visited her perfect world. During those years Patty was quite publicly shacking up in Topanga Canyon with one of the original Eagles (or some music guy, but I think it was a guy in the band). The coke flowed and Ronnie came to visit and all he could say was “the screens on the house need changing.” This was a circulating story in bars in California later on, the hilarity of it all, later Patty cleaned up and wrote about all (as if people wanted to know). Possibly the roots of “Just Say No” had to do with the failed ingenue Nancy and her shattered hopes for perfection. Both she and “Ronnie” were masters at projection-it was the SAG Union that did Ronnie wrong, not his incompetence at running it. America’s first truly fucked up First Family of our era. And they did not give a damn about anyone but themselves. All reports to the contrary are false…


As soon as the DNC gives us someone actually worth voting for sure instead of shafting the popular candidate in the primary.