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Deficit Scare Tactics Are What Citizens Should Really Be Afraid Of


Deficit Scare Tactics Are What Citizens Should Really Be Afraid Of

Dean Baker

The New York Times (5/23/17) ran a column by Maya MacGuineas, the president of the Peter Peterson–backed Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. The piece begins with the ominous announcement:


The GOP's track record of the past half century confirms that they ALWAYS increase the debt AND deficit despite serial claims to be small gubmit advocates.

The GOP simply shifts spending from "domestic" programs to corporate welfare programs, a majority of which falls in the war spending category. After they make the shift they further increase corporate welfare resulting in ever increasing debt and deficits.


Inept economic management? No, Mr. Baker,.it's very good political management of a rigged system, Where buying elections and administrative law courts is a great return on investment for Wall St. And, the patent example used in the article by the Pharmaceutical Industry, is the poster child. The bonus is, of course, using tax dollars for basic research and then privatizing much of the profit. The Public Option, in the ACA, was killed in the crib by a government giveaway to this same bunch.
Sadly, we can't get the MSM to give Mr. Baker and other voices the air time to explain the benefits of a different approach to economic management. The circle game continues.


The circle game AND the shell game !