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'Definition of a Rigged System' as GOP Candidate for Georgia Governor Commits Massive Purge of Registered Voters

'Definition of a Rigged System' as GOP Candidate for Georgia Governor Commits Massive Purge of Registered Voters

Julia Conley, staff writer

As Georgia's Democratic candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams, called for voters in her state to fight Republican efforts at voter suppression by showing up at polls in large numbers in next month's election, a national grassroots group reported Secretary of State Brian Kemp—also the GOP's gubernatorial candidate—to the Justice Department late Wednesday night for blatantly violating the Voting Rights Act in order to swing the upcoming election in his own favor.


Make that not new… but new, black voters.


While the South may no longer have separate restrooms, separate drinking fountains and separate railroad cars for the underclass, this IS who we are, AND who we have always been, AND will always want to be.


The “exact match” requirement really means an exact match to my white skin color and party. Period.

I’m sure Bart O’Kavanaugh will find it “OK” with his originalist interpretation of the Constitution.


True, the only difference between then and now is Jim Crow use to be overt, but now is covert.


THAT’S how it works. Or how they make it work.

The root goal of any democracy … is to attempt as best as possible to determine what the majority of people need and want (through true representatives) — while respecting those with differing opinions. Its numbers represent people.

BUT for some, democracy is a merely a numbers game, divorced from real, actual people. So the goal for THEM is to produce the right numbers, by manipulating WHO votes, nothing to do with WHAT voters might want.

The Right regularly tries to keep folks at home, or, in order NOT to SEE voters’ real intentions, they work quite hard to REDUCE the number of people voting … or allowed to vote. That can mean negating registrations, questioning qualifications … specifically of those they believe will vote against their goals. Gerrymandering also works to create false majorities. So does the outdated Electoral College.

Again, their goal is to GET the highest numbers, not to determine what the majority actually wants. They USE the system to distort and DEFEAT democracy, not enhance or validate it. And THESE are often our faux “patriots” who claim to adore anthems and ceremonies even as they send young people abroad to kill and die to “save democracy.” The democracy THEY work so hard to kill in America.


Get Jimmy Carter’s international group to monitor pre-election and election. He’s right there in Georgia.


The people of Georgia must kill off Kemp politically.

His corrupt acts define him as a White Supremacist.

The people of Georgia must speak loudly and clearly.


Of course, the fascist solution to uprisings for democracy is to create
new “purges” to change things in their favor -

What else would a fascist do?

Keep in mind, please – the GOP is complaining of “squishy” right wingers among
members already in office at all levels – evidently they’re not willing to actually go
all the way for corporate-fascism.

GOP is now seeking ULTRA right wingers - which I’m guess are basically going to
be the Brown Shirts of the GOP fascist war on us.

Mafia, anyone?


Just contacted this racist and you can too:

(844) 753-7825. option 2

My message was simple: Stop suppressing the vote of black people and that the age of white, male privilege is OVER. Get it Brian Kemp? OVER.


Unfortunately, there’s a good portion of “the people” that seem to like Kemp’s shenanigans.

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very true and our efforts right now can be to stop these immoral and even amoral–as they have NO conscience–from holding on to power.


In October of last year, Gallup polled 24% as Republicans, 31% as Democrats, and 42% as Independents.

That was for the United States in whole, however, to say, “there’s a good portion…” when describing Republican or Republican leaning voters, I would just remind you that the portion they represent, is the smaller of the two, and not by an insignificant amount either.


You’re assuming Trump/Kemp has little to no support among independents (and Democrats).

No I’m not. In the same Gallup poll only 39% identified as Republican leaning.

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Am guessing there are still a large number of Georgians who Kemp has not managed to remove from the voter rolls that want to recognize that Kemp is NOT the kind of person they want as governor AND need to get out and vote.

Overwhelm this jerk. Prevent him from cheating his way to power.


Yet Trump got 46% percent of the vote. With 4 others on the ballot. And a lot higher percentage in Georgia.

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I once watched Jimmy in a televised interview, saying most elections in the U.S. would not stand up to the criteria of his organization (to which you refer) in verifying the electoral process and outcomes


Yep, one prep academy grad looking out for another - Bart for Brian.

Brian Kemp attended the Athens Academy, a private, co-ed college prep school.


HI My_Name_does_not _matter------- remember that Kavanaugh is an originist like Scalia----so I’m sure hat Kavanaugh will work to take away the vote from women----since they could not originally vote.
I always thought that was funny about Justice Scalia—because being that he was Italian, I’m not sure if the Founding mostly English guys would have accepted him either.i