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'Definition of a Rigged System' as GOP Candidate for Georgia Governor Commits Massive Purge of Registered Voters


How is it ethically possible for him to campaign for the office of governor and have control of the state election system at the same time?


Yes, let’s do that. How exactly? Reinstate those moral principles among folks who don’t demonstrate an understanding of moral principles.


Best quote I’ve read since: Denial ain’t a river in Egypt.
Mark Twain


Your reply sums up clearly and effectively why voter suppression is so horribly wrong. Voter suppression thwarts the will of the voters. It undermines our most basic democratic right in the US. Those who say they are for these tactics to limit voter rights say its for the integrity of the voting process, I say what hypocrites. They are the ones diminishing and even destroying voting integrity I am a huge fan of "CommonCause.org


Thanks for the reminder. Hersh is a national gem and one of the few real journalists still working.


…The headline is NOT at all misleading because that’s what the 'G’reedy 'O’bnoxious 'P’ricks do on a constant basis, try to ‘illegally’ knock voters off the roles. 30 indictments, 2 convictions (both ReThugs) in the last billion Federal election votes. It’s just such a fucking problem, all because Reich Wing folks, like you, spread lies, every fucking chance you get. Some folks need jail time. Brian Kemp is just one of them…


I strongly agree about jail time. We treat election and voter tampering like a white collar crime. No real punishment. There should be a one year jail sentence for every voter disenfranchised. That would put an end to it.


Perhaps Atlanta needs to burn one more time.


Registrations of dead and moved away are used fraudulently.


This guy; “BRIAN KEMP” is the quintessential definition of slime.


I hear an awful lot of suggestions about laws that need to be passed to block criminal acts on the part of politicians. Politicians are the criminals in this case, (in most cases actually), so who’s going to vote for these laws?


Why aren’t people like Brian Kemp perp walked to the nearest jail cell.?