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Defrauded Students and DeVos

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/10/defrauded-students-and-devos


What I wouldn’t give to never again, see her sarcastically, entitled smile.


Second among Americans only to Gina Haspel, DeVos certainly deserves to be the target of the chant,  “Lock Her Up!   Lock Her Up!!   Lock Her Up!!!”     (Which, IIRC, Judge Kim justifiably threatened to do if DeVos continued to ignore her order to Cease and Desist from harassing defrauded students.)

IMHO, Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass (DWS) is running at a distant third place in this contest of contempt.


Betsy DeVos is exemplary of the societal equivalent of an addict committing suicide in slow motion on opiates after hiding behind an entire nation making them serve as her private human shields.The semiotics of the “security team” can also be read as an attempt to invert her constant business of fraud, D.B.A. Sec’y of Education. The monster masquerading as a woman makes me want to vomit.


Hi theoldgoat:
It must be a family trait as her brother, Eric Prince, is horrible too. Neither seems to have any ethics—so I suppose . for the right price, that Mr. Price would whack his own sister. : 0

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Betsy and Eric are heirs to the (sc)Amway fortune.

Is it any wonder she picked her advisors straight out of the for-profit, useless-degree-bestowing pyramid scheme-esque mold she came from? And Eric is a war profiteer. Literal blood money. Fuckin perfect.

Late stage capitalism is a grifter’s paradise.


To be clear, this didn’t start with DeVos, but I’m so sick of this shit. What dumbass judge decided it was a deterrent to fine someone for a criminal act, only to have the taxpayers pay the fine?
Wish I had thought of this when I was busted for growing weed, I’m sure my judge would have gone along with this ignorant practice.