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Defunding 'Justified' Murder

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/18/defunding-justified-murder

“If an officer is hit with that Taser, all of his muscles will be locked up, and he’ll have the inability to move and respond.” “This was a completely justified shooting.”

Nice try sheriff, but your statement does not meet the requirement for the use of deadly force in any situation, much less when another officer is present, and the suspect is running away.

Also lets recognize how rotten to the core the APD is, as this morning there’s a story about a “blue flu” going on in Atlanta, cops protesting murder charges against their fellow mafia member. It ran on MSN this morning.


From the article:

“…more than 16,000 military families on food stamps…”

Pardon my being slightly off-topic, but how does that statistic square up with the phrase “Support the troops?”

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About the same way as the need for a private “Wounded Warriors” organization, to raise private money to care for those military members who have been disabled for life doing the empires bidding. In todays world, they truly are cannon fodder, discarded after their usefulness has been extracted by TPTB.


Is there any truth to the rumor that officer Garrett Rolfe leaned in and whispered, “you’re going down just like George Floyd” and caused Rayshard Brooks to panic and start fighting for his life?

I have no idea, and haven’t seen this in print or on a vid, but in todays world that doesn’t make it un-true. I did read that Rolfe kicked Brooks after he was shot and his partner stood on his shoulders, according to authorities in Atlanta, and might be the final straw for the DA filing murder charges against Rolfe.

The word “defund” in your article is confusing. You should have made it clear whether you mean removing ALL of the funding, and therefore stop trying to control crime, or you mean reducing the funding by diverting some of it to programs to reduce the need for police. Otherwise expect many politicians to make long speeches accusing you of meaning the one you did NOT mean.

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First of all, Rayshard wasn’t sleeping…He was probably passed out from intoxication… He and the officers were polite and all went well until they decided to arrest him or at least take him to the station. It is really sad that he resisted because it might have worked out so differently. Were they waiting to see if he sobered up and when he didn’t, they decided to take him in? He punched the police officer. Why did he resist? He was on probation so he probably didn’t want to return to prison. But lots of people get arrested for Intoxication. He fired the tasor and you can see it hitting the police officer. So here is an intoxicated man who is violent who was on parole, who resisted arrest and stole an officer’s weapon and assaulted the officer and tasored the officer pursuing him. So the officer had no choice it seems. The one officer crumpled over the car trunk when he was hit. So the other other officer has a second to decide what to do. if he allows the man to flee armed with the tasor and the man assaults someone in the community the officers could be charged with not protecting the community. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. What I don’t understand is why they waited 40 minutes to take arrest him. Were they trying to see if he could get sober enough not to arrest him? Did they decide he was too impaired to release? He was definitely impaired. People released from prison have a difficult time integrating. This needs changing. Getting a job, etc, should be made easier. Rights, such as voting, need to be restored. This is tragic for both sides. But calling the police murderer is inexcusable.

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We are all “cannon fodder” now for the global elite and billionaire class. We were fed the narrative that if we worked hard, got an education, and kept our nose to the grid stone that we would succeed and have a pretty good/fair life and living standard. When just four arse holes have more wealth than 50% of the people on the lower rungs all put together, there is something fundamentally haywire. There is no Demos in this so called “democracy”… Ya know, all that of, by, and for the people stuff we’ve been fed since birth…


Not sure where you got your information, but not much of it lines up with what the authorities have said about the incident, after they reviewed all of the video footage. This wasn’t a “dammed if you do” moment IMO, they knew who he was, had his car, and home address. I have seen nothing so far, that confirms your claim that the cop was hit with the Taser. I am curious how you justify shooting a suspect in the back when they’re running away from you? If the cops were in fear for their lives at that point, it’s well past time for them to find a new line of work, they are not cut out to be police officers. And tasers are non-lethal right, at least that’s what police have been saying for years. I also noted you didn’t include the part where Rolfe kicked Brooks and his partner stood on his shoulders after Brooks was shot in your summary.

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Yes, I agree that there was wrong doing on both sides but the idea that this is justified as a lethal consequence is where this story goes very wrong. There are many different outcomes that could have changed this situation. We need alternatives to prevent this structural racism and violence.

“Defund” is a fairly new word, with an unambiguous definition, at least in my American Heritage:

To stop the flow of funds to: defund a federal program.

I was surprised by this definition. I had thought it connotes reducing, not stopping – I was wrong.


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Great link, here’s another who hasn’t yet come to terms with their destruction, like the ex-cop in your link has. Keep in mind this was put up after it was determined the 3 cops in NYC were not poisoned on purpose. She placed her order online, so the workers had know idea she was a cop. I agree with Dore, she has no business being in the field of policing.

“Snowflake Cop Cries Over McDonalds Order Delay”, Jimmy Dore Platform