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Defying Courts and Critics, Obama Moves to Resurrect NSA's Phone Dragnet


Defying Courts and Critics, Obama Moves to Resurrect NSA's Phone Dragnet

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A day after President Barack Obama signed the USA Freedom Act into law, the administration began efforts to re-start the government's domestic bulk phone records collection program, new accounts confirm.

The National Security Agency (NSA) was forced to end its collection of domestic phone data on Sunday night after key provisions of the Patriot Act expired, leaving the mass surveillance program without federal authorization.


O and the DNC are scared shitless of another 9/11 type of attack. Republicans will blame them for “not protecting us” and lose them the election. He will use every available means within the law to win, regardless of cost.

No politicians, no problems

Electronic Direct Democracy


"But the government now says it needs to restart the program in order to end it>’

Why am I thinking of the Vietnam War’s statement- “we had to destroy the village in order to save it?”


That only works if a) everybody had access to it b) it couldn’t be hacked c) folks were willing to spend a hell of a lot more time researching the ins and outs, cui bono, and the implications of all the proposals - than they do now … ain’t gonna happen - we can’t even get folks to pay attention as to the merits of the folks whom they are voting for … if they bother to vote at all …


“The public will hold President Obama and Congress accountable for turning on bulk collection and reinstituting mass surveillance …”

No they won’t - when they go to the polls they will vote for the duopoly, if they vote at all, as they always have …


natureboy: Mr. Obala certainly knows that 9/11 was an inside job requiring at least a couple
of weeks to set the cascade of thermite enhanced charges that exploded in perfectly timed
sequence to completely destroy the building. That requires a high level professional expert
to pull it off. GW knew about this before the fact, as did many others. He does as he’s told
to do; no questions asked.


In answer to your: a} Anyone can vote online, by snail mail, or by voting machine. b} Nothing is 100% safe, but Snowden recommends encryption for the safest communications. c) Scandinavians and Swiss have near 100% voter turnout and the best democracies. They do their research and stay informed because unlike in America, they know their vote counts.


Time to impeach.


But he would be too scared to do anything.


And do they vote on candidates or separately on every issue …


narureboy: I Austria and Ireland, you are fined if you do not vote, no matter
where in the world you may be. 100% voter turnout.


That’s why that sounded “familiar” – we have to restart it to stop it. Thanks for helping me draw the connection to “We had to destroy the village to save it.”


Coincidentally, I visited lovely Austria a few weeks ago. Wonderful people. Everything seems to work well there. Even got used to the smell of the organic manure fertilizer that makes the countryside so green and healthy. Had a delicious smoked trout there courtesy of an Austrian friend we made. Trout that could not live in Austria’s abundant streams, rivers and lakes if laden with chemical agriculture’s runoff. We witnessed how well 100% voter turnout works to keep the country beautiful.