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Defying Expectations, Young Sanders Activists Remain Engaged


Defying Expectations, Young Sanders Activists Remain Engaged

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)

Progressive Democrats of America, (PDA), announces a new partnership with progressive college leaders called Young Progressives Demanding Action, (YPDA). Donna Smith, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) says, "The Bernie Sanders-inspired Political Revolution astounded veteran political observers by mobilizing millions of Americans, including younger people."



A little lost (as even the writer was) in the alphabet soup. And I think the real "young Sanders activists" understand that they don't need to be organized under some "grownup" umbrella. They're engaged is making a revolution of their own, for their own future.


Except there's no evidence that any such thing happened. That's what the "young Sanders activists" know.



of the young Sanders activists. Watch and learn. They're not as easily talked out of their ideals as some of us oldies.


And you are not understanding that he never backed down. We don't need a single leader to follow. What some of us (even oldies) learned from Bernie is that WE will create the future, directly.


I agree. Bernie caved in the last lap. Never stood up to the voter fraud that
stole the nomination from him. Then he betrayed the ''Our Revolution'' staff
who resigned because Bernie put Jeff Weaver ahead of his devoted staffers.