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Defying Lawsuit, Tribal Activists Vow Continued Resistance Against Dakota Pipeline


Defying Lawsuit, Tribal Activists Vow Continued Resistance Against Dakota Pipeline

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

An epic battle over land rights is being waged in the Dakotas, as a local Indigenous community, facing arrests and litigation, is standing firm in its resistance to a massive Bakken crude pipeline project.


The statement made by the spokesperson for the tribe brought tears to my eyes. They are words of mind numbing beauty , wisdom and truth that leap from the page to the mind and to the heart.

Thank you to the First Nations peoples of North Dakota. I pray to the Creator both for you and with you.


In related news. Canada's Federal Court of Appeals quashed the $7.9 billion Northern Gateway Pipeline for now, which was to travel from Alberta's Tar Sands through First Nation Land ( Pristine Land ) to British Columbia's north coast.The Appeals Court ruled, that Ottawa failed in it's duty to consult with aboriginal people. ( London Free Press June 30, 2016 www.lf.com ).


What makes anyone think that President Obama would help? He is, after all, pushing through the TPP, which is also harmful to the common people of the USA. Corporations pull the strings and the political puppets dance.

Didn't the Supreme Court already determine that First Nation status on open land, treaty land, and reserves supersedes corporate intrusion?


A trail of tears

Leading to a road to resistance


Despite what industry spokespeople say, there is NO SUCH THING as a safe pipeline. When a truck carrying oil crashes, the potential disaster is limited to the amount of material the truck happened to be carrying at the time. When oil trains derail, the disaster is worse due to the number of train cars involved, but it is still limited to the amount of oil in tanker cars themselves. When a pipeline fails, (and they all do eventually), the potential disaster is many times worse than the above two examples. That's because the contents of the pipeline are kept under high pressure so that when a breach takes place, hundreds of thousands of gallons of poison can be released before automated systems can shut off the flow, which is the equivalent of when an oil super-tanker is breached in the middle of the ocean.

We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground. What we extract today should be dialed down as we transition to renewable energy. Pipelines are infrastructure that are designed to do the exact opposite! By more efficiently removing and transporting tar sands oil, we are assuring that this energy source will be with us for generations to come despite the immediate and the long term threat, and the only people who benefit are the oligarchs.


Exactly Bill, In April, 2016 in South Dakota, a Trans-Canada's Keystone Pipeline burst spilling 17,000 plus gallons of goop oil. It was first reported by a rancher who noticed oil percolating up through the ground on his property. Trans-Canada quickly sealed off the area with armed guards, and no fly zones created by the FAA. No photography what so ever of the spill area. That is a warning to us all, who runs this show. Problem, pipeline weld jobs are shoddy at best, pipeline bursts pumping thousands of gallons of goop oil into underground aquifers and may never be noticed. One of the worlds largest aquifers Ogallalla covering eight states in the Great Plains is in jeopardy. Final thought. you steal a steak at the supermarket you go to jail, you destroy an aquifer of fresh water, land, etc. you walk to do it again.


I know it sounds petty but if the person wearing Che Guevara could lose that visual, it might help.