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Degeneration Nation 2018: The Darkest Hour


Degeneration Nation 2018: The Darkest Hour

Ronnie Cummins

Welcome to Degeneration Nation 2018. The frightening truth is that our “profit-at-any-cost” economy and global empire, run by and for the one percent and multi-national corporations, aided and abetted by an out-of-control Congress and White House, is threatening our very survival.


Colonization of the “modern” mind / imagination is generally imagined as a lump or discreet entity. But it is much, much more. It is emotional: what should you feel, not feel; acknowledge/not acknowledge; what is “externalized” (another word for pathological denial imposed by a system. The latter indispensable to the abusive system because it is woven into rationalizations for one’s identity with society in terms of “enemy” . The puppet strings have from the start been identified and warned against - but that is where advertising comes in.

Stand back and take a look and the swamp is toxic. Trump simply slathers himself with the orange portion in some neotenizing (think peter pan) delusion that it makes him [appealing’? when he is beginning to just peel].

Fortunately the human imagination becomes virtually effervescent with creativity when love and interconnectedness are the premises for consideration, assessment and collaborative actions. The planet is an organism and we are synapses, microorganisms … the whole kit and kaboodle./ That is why we need each other - none of us is complete without countless others existing beyond what the system locks you down with.

Problem is, the system is dead; it is an ex-system, a late construct; obsolete as such. The glorious irony being that the components - us/ALL OF US - are the magic potion to rebuild utopia (note how it has been ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the abusive system to scorn, demonize and condemn the concept. The REAL question is why has that been accepted? Its one of th primary puppet strings.


“…Bernie Sanders, who will likely run and be elected President of the U.S. in 2020. Similarly polls indicate that Lopez Obrador, with politics similar to Sanders, will be elected President of Mexico in July 2018.”

“We’ve hit bottom here in the U.S., and in most of the countries of the world.”

Oh such very, very, very incorrect statements. The Duopoly’s power - and the power of their tens of millions of devoted cult followers who will never, ever stop voting for and supporting their “teams,” no matter what - is gargantuan. I see no reason to believe they will ever allow someone with a non-establishment agenda such as Bernie Sanders to ever be elected.

And as for the “bottom,” I’m afraid it is still a very long way away, although we are on a very steep, accelerating slope towards it. Fascism is here, and rising, as exemplified in Trump and the entire Republican machine that controls every lever of power in the federal government, now a brazenly and openly fascist organization intent on destroying the few remaining democratic institutions that could check their power. Once they have accomplished their goal and swept those away, they - with their tens of millions of Brownshirts-in-waiting/good German followers who walk among us - will then solidify their hold on power, and begin the process of silencing and eliminating all opposition.

THAT will be the bottom, when it arrives.


A positive article - belonging in the ‘solutions’ section I would think.

Yes - we are definitely somewhere near the bottom of the trough - or in the words of this article - at our darkest hour.

Of course, it could always get worse - but I think that is unimportant - it is dark enough to promote ‘regeneration’, as Ronnie Cummins suggests.

I find myself back reading Joseph Campbell & Bill Moyer’s “The Power of Myth” (1988).

Here is the hero’s journey - and we now need heros - or to become supporters of the heros in our midst.

Earth System focused patriots - and one level down - patriots in the nation-state sense - espousing our own values, because all authentic patriotism is indeed outward looking - and inherently recognizes the worth and integrity of diverse ways of living on Earth - and the equality and universality of the human condition.

I have always maintained that the plunge to the bottom, as seen in the election of Trump and his ilk - and the revelations of the now transparent evil infecting the national security state’s various and many agencies and organs, was a necessary and I think sufficient condition before real progress could emerge.

The murder of JFK, his brother, and possibly others, was covered up by the very same politics and security agencies and the Pentagon as are now in control of everything - except the will of freedom fighters everywhere.


“Regenerative farming and land use, coupled with 100-percent renewable energy, has the potential to mitigate and reverse global warming.” This sentiment does not address principle use of fossil fuel - luxury air travel and exotic freight, maniacal traffic especially rush hour, trans-oceanic shipping and cross-country trucking, energy consumption overall. There’s no 100% renewable energy source that can sustain this much waste nor mitigate the impact motorized travel has on economies, natural habitat and human culture. Land-use reforms would reduce fossil fuel use for transport and travel but the subject deserves more consideration than mere mention.


If 100% renewable is defined to exclude nuclear (though strictly speaking, all of our energy sources are ultimately finite), then this is probably true. But just because a source of energy isn’t 100% renewable doesn’t mean it can’t be sustainable on a scale as large as we need for as long as we need.


Not only is the 1% a problem but there are plenty of people in the 99% to blame as well. This is a democracy in which we vote. Can a person be said to be responsible citizen if their main source of news if Fox News. If citizens just listen to what they want to and do not care about whether what they are told is true is or not how can democracy function. How many people still don’t believe what scientists are saying about climate change? Why would they believe Senator James Inhofe rather then climate scientist James Hansen n the subject of global warming? The problems we have are very deep and the 99% shouldn’t get a free pass. Many people in the 1% are the solution and not the problem and many people in the 99% are the problem not solution. Maybe it is time to Occupy rhetoric aside and look at the reality.


Degeneration Nation or Idiot Nation the destruction of our Mother Earth is assured I believe, because NO political person/leader or current construct, has the education, will, or moral rational understanding to reach beyond their ignorance and total servitude to vulture capitalism. That mechanism and the dedication to it stands in the way of any real change in time to save us!
Common sense and knowledge diminished - degenerated - by vast wealth, political corruption and obscene self-interest by those who WILL NEVER relinquish their positions of advantage to save the Earth or Her creatures - the fateful decline and consequences will remain the same.

Many observers and scientists believe - “the point of no return could arrive as soon as 25 years from now” - is optimistic, as the rolling ever-increasing, cascading, series of consequences are not static - like radical change in ocean salinity and the Gulf Stream have enormous potentials.

Say bye-de-bye to the late, great Mother Earth’s ability to sustain life as we have known it…all for greed and short term “wealth”…


Maybe that’s how it works in the individual therapeutic sense, but in the historical sense I’ve never seen anything significant “hit bottom” in my time here. Everything just seems to keep on plunging, across the board.

Okay, I’ll admit the spirit and tenacity of the blm & metoo movements today bring me rare moments of hopefulness. But the closer an advocacy group gets to stuff I’ve researched, the less hopeful I am about their prospects. Cummins here keeps insisting we can reverse, reverse, reverse global warming, like a southern baptist preacher promising pie in the sky when you die. I’ll never understand how well-motivated folks like Cummins can imagine that impossible promises are what people need to hear. There seem to be folks all over the spectrum in the thrall of one serious delusion or another.

Thanks for your comment.


Incessant wars and overconsumption go hand in hand resulting in our dire condition of frying life on this planet. I already live in the desert and yet I insist on growing my vegetables, flowers shrubs and trees. Like Mr Cummings I do believe in regeneration. In fact just last year this not very cosmopolitan community started a community garden. We learn and teach by example. I admit changing people’s habits and ideas does make me feel like banging my head against the wall but I refuse to give up.


I applaud Mr. Cummins’ practical
optimism in a time when it is all too easy to give way to despair.


This is the darkest hour?

Just wait until the Pence Administration.


That’s the human condition that I see too Aleph.

Our lives are so short though, in comparison to the sweep of history.

Which is why I am reacquainting myself with the archetypes of Joseph Campbell just now.

Simply to fight back - that’s key.

Necessary & sufficient - even in the absence of any realistic probability of victory - and it ‘feels’ right, and good.


As if either side is worth voting for. Sanders voted for the wars, another wolf in sheeps clothing. Nothing would change if Clinton had been elected. So healthcare for all would pacify the voters? That’s sick, while the wars rage on. Look at the huge dark saddlebags under the Mattis eyes. Scheming evil 24/7/365.


All anyone has to say now is this: “Every baby born on this world today faces a life of crisis and urgency. Any that survive into adulthood will spit on our graves. The biosphere is going to collapse. Whoever you are, you have not done enough.”


Might as well face it:

“We must make our choice. We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”… Justice Louis D. Brandeis


I’ve been reading and studying Campbell for many years.
*We’ve had such good teachers over the years, but few students to absorb them, then use their precepts and study their references.
*But, we’ve gotta keep trying to the best of our ability.


Bernie, I’m afraid, is just another “Sock Puppet” in the pocket of the MIC.

He talked the talk, until the going got tougher, but he didn’t walk the walk. He walked right into the endorsing of the corrupt corporate candidate.

How can anyone forget this?

We need representatives in our government who will “not” compromise their integrity, who will never stop fighting for the masses to get the lion share of everything this country has to offer.

The parties of the Duopoly will never agree to this.


“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within out innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”

  • Joseph Campbell, “The Power of Myth” (1988), (page 1).

Steve - I went mountaineering for seven years for exactly the reason cited above (Campbell).

I can imagine that you went to sea for similar reasons, and that some men go to war - at least in part - for this very same feeling - to be truly alive, which can only be experienced in the presence of danger.


"Will the Imperial American Republic suffer the same fate as the Imperial Athenian Democracy? Will World War 3 be far behind? Will humanity suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs? Will the Planet Earth become a radioactive wasteland?

The present danger is Hobbesian power politics. The only known antidote is international law, international organizations, and the peaceful settlement of international disputes. Otherwise the future of humankind will be left to the brutal and bloody hands of geopolitical Hobbists such as the realists, the neo-realists, and the neoconservatives.

There will be no International War Crimes Tribunal like Nuremberg after World War 3. Only humankind’s deafening silence for all of eternity."

  • Francis A. Boyle, “Destroying Libya and World Order” (2013), (page 36, Chapter 1)


Apparently the Imperium is after the big prize - Iran, and in Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere, this fight, this war, is now underway.

For all that, progress of a kind is also ongoing - Musk and his rocket, science in general.

We need a golden horseshoe - methinks, as well as resistance !