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'Degrading' and 'Unconstitutional': Trump Reviewing Rule That Would Allow Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/12/degrading-and-unconstitutional-trump-reviewing-rule-would-allow-drug-testing

This kind of idea gets floated frequently by the GOP. And, of course, no one questions employers doing it.

But no one ever thinks it’s odd that if you work as a cashier, you have to take a drug test, a credit check and sometimes even a basic skills and knowledge test. . .

but if you want to be President, no drug test, no civil service exam, and you can do all the shady dealings you want and they can’t even look at your tax records.


This is only the first part of the end game plan my friends. This is merely the next step in process to completely eliminate any and all remnants of the new deal and great society.
There must be nothing left that serves as a reminder of the success of Collectivism. If this nation doesn’t change course soon we will talk about things like Social security, Medicare and unemployment insurance the same way we now speak of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.
“Yeah, I’ve heard of those, but they were never real, right?”


Quid pro quo, Mr. President and all the others who support this draconian rule. Everyone who runs for an elective office must pass a drug test. Also, every CEO, CFO, and Wall Street flunky must piss in the cup. It’s about time we realize most of the drug use is by the rich. Cocaine fueled the 80’s romp.


Well, lets one up that, make trump , require trump to take, and pass, a polygraph test for his salary, and for anything he comes up with! If it’s good for the goose, it’s gotta be good for the orange demon!


Then anyone that benefits from taxpayer money should also be tested.


The purpose of this measure - jsut like the “no fault of your own” provision which many states enforce strictly and employers exploit, is just to keep the working class down, allowing the capitlaist’s to extract more value tfrom their bodies and sweat…

And then they claim that Marx’s Capital is discredited - even as every move they make validates Marx with a vengence.

Unemployment benefits don’t come from tax revenue - they come from a separate state-run insurance program that emloyers pay into - similar to workman’s comp.

But yes, some states do drug-test SNAP, Section 8 and other tax revenue supported welfare benefits, so your comment is valid.


Next – DNA testing prior to health insurance coverage to determine pricing for those who “show” a higher potential for diseases as a pre-existing condition.

Then your DNA will go into the government database and will not be owned any longer by you as a private citizen.


Every day it is another insult, everyday another assault, the country is being run by someone considered to be by many, insane and dangerous and yet here we are stuck with another turn of the evil screw. WTF, nancy.

I like everyone of the demo candidates for one reason or another, a great group of folk’s. The best we have seen in a very long time…but…no one is directly speaking to the emergency we have sitting in the Oval Office. The dem’s have Walter Middy in the boxing ring with Ken Norton, the only boxer to hurt Ali.

I saw a piece on some out of country news site, which I didn’t read but should have. The headline begged the question: What happened to America? We have normalized the insanity that is Trump. Lots more to say, why bother?

The implication of such testing is that one is personally reponsible for being unemployed. To suggest otherwise is to suggest that capitalism itself is at fault, because a certain percentage of unemployment is required for the system to function as intended.

Repeat after me: The Free Market Does Not Pick Winners And Losers.

Keep saying it until it starts to sound plausible.


This is what they call “welfare” for the common folks. When are we going to discuss the corporate state welfare system? Yearly subsidies for multimillion/billion $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ profitable corporation, tax loopholes written by lobbyist and enacted by republicans with help from corporate democrats, tax breaks totaling trillions since Reagan. When will the dems provide the people with that kind of information expecially to GOP supporters who thinks it is the rest of us coming after their jobs and…


Next Nazi trick is capital punishment for drug use. And executions are now approved.

Another example of Murka continuing to refine the art of blaming victims while rewarding perpetrators.

Of course the POTUS will only be required to drug test if his Senate enablers require him to…NOT.

In the GOP’s case psychopaths don’t need to do drugs to be a danger to the rest of us.

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Drug test Trump and all government employees. That would truly be an eye opener.


…Just GFY!!!..

The US drug tests train engineers to protect the relatively low percentage of the US population who ride the train —

BUT does not drug test a President (with a mysterious sniff) who can incinerate millions of innocent people with nuclear weapons at the drop of a hat.

Truly WTF.

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The operative idea here is “illiberal democracy” - governments with voting, but highly restricted rights.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, following is an excerpt from a recent email from one of my brothers, who argues that Israel is a model of the growth of “illiberal democracy” in other countries as well.

Here I will post only my brother’s overview; quotations from the articles and links for them follow in a second post:

“…the roots of what is being called an “illiberal democracy” are much older in Israel, but this analysis is useful for showing how liberal democracy declines without becoming fascist. This analysis is put forward by supporters of the liberal democratic status quo, so is in someways operating within its own ideology, yet it seems more accurate than a radical position that can see the pit we are being pulled toward, but not the depressed plateaus, the little basins, along the way that are likely stopping points where, like liberal democracy itself, it is possible that we will roll around inside of for years. Israel, unfortunately, remains the at the forefront of democratic decline, the bad example of where western democracies are heading, with its security state, emphasis on the ethnic origins of nations, decline of civil rights, clandestine action abroad, strategic limits on opposition, hyperbolic accusations, narrowed debate, etc. etc.”


Quotes from the article on “illiberal democracy” discussed above, and two links - to the article referred to, and to a shorter article on the same topic of the growth of “illiberal democracy” if you don’t want to read the longer one:

Quotes from longer article:

“The government is not stripping democratic norms or basic human rights from its citizens by force, and so making accusations of “fascism” and “authoritarianism” are inappropriate. Instead, on close examination, it is more accurate to characterize the changes as a conscious, concerted redesign of democracy, in specific ways that contribute to a much longer-term political goal.”

“Supporters of the illiberal direction thus take pride in Israel’s permissive democratic discourse, while developing a worldview that supports eroding specific aspects of liberal democracy.”

“The analysis presented in this report does not claim that a decade of democratic erosion was plotted solely to advance annexation. However, much of the undermining of democratic institutions has emerged as Israel’s answer to disputes about its own occupation policies. The answer is that if occupation contradicts liberal democratic norms, Israel chooses the former. And annexation is only the natural extension of occupation, requiring even weaker democratic institutions and a redefinition of democracy itself.”

“Next, the transformation of democracy in Israel should be characterized accurately. Accusations of fascism attract attention but are too easily dismissed; but illiberal democracy is a justifiable and more accurate label for the political system. While the term is now commonly used for places with more severe and threatening practices against democracy, the same general trends apply to Israel’s law and institutions: undermining and weakening the judiciary, adopting the language of existential threat to the ethno-national identity, suspicion of outside interference, attempted government oversight of the press, and weakening ethnic and political minority rights as well as civil society. In fact, even the countries generally considered to be illiberal democracies (Hungary, Poland, Turkey, or others in which elections are the main feature of democracy but civil liberties are stifled) generally do not control large populations who do not even enjoy equal rights as citizens. When including everyone who lies under Israeli control, the description is more like an illiberal, ethnocratic, selective democracy regime.”


With the military and Wallstreet gobbling up every last tax dollar between them, they will increasingly have to come up with new ways to deny citizens access to the few tax founded programs that have not yet been discontinued.
That said, i suspect this has less to do with drug testing than in does with finalizing the DNA database they have been working overtime on these past few years.

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