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'Degrading' and 'Unconstitutional': Trump Reviewing Rule That Would Allow Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits

Many states are still trying (even after federal courts have struck down attempts by other states,) to institute a work requirement for medicaid.

How long before somebody comes up with the idea to have a work requirement for receiving unemployment benefits?

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The end game, it seems to me, is to demonize us progressives as the enemies of the State and UN-AMERICAN! Trump has already planted the seeds by demonizing the four brave women progressives in the House; thereby, crushing any future dissent when all hell breaks loose when he and his fellow fascists cut Social Security and Medicare

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I always said that the Stop & Frisk program should have been applied to those executives leaving their buildings on Wall Street, there would have been hundreds of arrests for Cocaine Possession.

But Giuliani chose to apply this ruthless tyrannical policy uptown in Harlem where he could arrest Hundreds of young Black kids for possession of a Joint or 2.

With regard to Drug testing for Unemployment Insurance, this is a Major Assault on FDR and his “Socialist” Programs.

W. Bush tried and failed to Privatize Social Security thanks to Nancy being Speaker.

But the Trumpster will begin the elimination of “Socialist” programs through Executive Order, especially since his Attorney General Barr has told everyone that the President has Dictatorial Powers and is Immune from prosecution.

It should be fun to see how Emperor Trump can enrich himself and his cronies with further Tax Cuts and pay for it by cutting “Entitlement” programs like Food Stamps, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

The 1 Percent are Gloating while the 99 Percent are Suffering.

America what type of sadistic Capitalist Monster have we Wrought???

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If the corporation lays you off in order to enhance their greedy bottom line profits…that is your fault? And you need to be tested for drugs in order to claim your unemployment, benefits which are a pittance!

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If tests are required, Trump must be required to pass a Mental Health and Ethics & Morals test.

His refusal to be tested would be proof positive of his own recognition of being unfit for anything other than a men’s room attendant.

At a KKK event.

Talk about your “Nanny State”! I thought republicans were opposed to that.

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Private employers pay a tax to finance the unemployment benefits paid to their former employees. For most employers, this tax rate goes up or down depending upon how much their former workers collect. Some organizations (usually non-profit or government agencies) reimburse the state, dollar for dollar, for any unemployment benefits paid by the state, in lieu of paying the tax.

The US Government wants to censor the internet so you can only read what they feel you should be allowed to read… They want to subject citizens to random drug tests in order to qualify for benefits. They are rounding up people of a specific ethnic origin en masse with the threat to deport the same even as individuals are placed in Concentration camps. . 90 percent of its 2 million plus prisoners have never had a trial.Here an article indicating that who you meet with and conferences you attend might well get you arrested

It is a Fascist POLICE state.


“With the military and Wallstreet gobbling up every last tax dollar between them, they will increasingly have to come up with new ways to deny citizens access to the few tax founded programs that have not yet been discontinued.”

The economic side of “illiberal democracy”:

So low income and middle class Republicans don’t care if reducing civil rights/liberties means they have to undergo drug testing - so long as their party restricts immigrant rights even more; and upper middle class and rich Republicans and corporations don’t care if rights are axed - so long as they get their tax breaks…What a marriage.

When the state realize how much drug tests costs, even the easy pee in the cup variety, they will realize it is not worth it. Especially when they will then have to cough up money to fight the ACLU. So stupid.

The wealthy and powerful of this country go out of their way to beat up on people down on their luck.

May take a generation or more, and I likely will not see that day. But the tables WILL turn over on these fucking jerks.


Don’t give it a second thought. Trump will never submit to any form of revealing any untruth that he is guilty of.

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Lets keep this consistent: all stock holders of any company receiving subsidies from the gov’t has to be piss tested. All farmers receiving subsidies must be piss tested. All those bank ceos who got bailed out should be piss tested.


Corporate State Democrats will of course line up enthusiastically to endorse some “moderate” version of such authoritarian push for censorship and to make more effective propaganda leveled against mainly those on the left who want the masses to be at the tables of power.

Just like ultimately codifying mass surveillance, and protecting torturers from any legal consequence, they will be there right with every other right winger blazing the way to the right, while Corporate State Democrats nudge to the right along with them, ostensibly keeping their eye on the all important “swing voter”, “moderate”, et al.

This country is fucking toast.

Corporate State Democrats of course are of course fixing the “fight”. With every “blow” to Trump/GOP Pelosi is in the shadows ready with the bottle of water and a towel.

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In a sense there is a work requirement for receiving unemployment benefits. Specific rules vary somewhat from state-to-state, but generally in order to receive benefits must one find themselves unemployed through no fault of their own (i.e. not fired for fault), have worked and earned a minimum amount prior to becoming unemployed, and prove weekly that one is actively seeking employment.

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Will you do me a favor P/C? Will you kindly refrain from capitalizing those names? Do they deserve such politeness?

Since the phrase is a noun, I’m capitalizing such as a proper noun. Think it carries more impact and has nothing to do with politeness. Politeness doesn’t even enter my chicken brain as it is undeserved.

Sorry…I’m a bit slow sometimes. If you’re talking about trump/gop and pelosi…no problem. I’ll try to remember.

giggle giggle yes I was and Thanks :)))

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