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Degrading Newspapers’ Business Sections

Degrading Newspapers’ Business Sections

Ralph Nader

It’s alarming that there are far fewer media outlets for consumer protection news and features than there were thirty years ago. Recall the huge Phil Donahue Show, the regional radio show and TV news shows, the television networks and syndicated radio shows that would report and interview consumer advocates about the injustice, rip-offs, and harms done to the consumer by unscrupulous corporations. These shows are largely gone now. Shows marked by fluff, narcissism, trivia, and sensationalist, frenetic news bits are their replacements.


Media shrinking this coverage works in concert with a reality TV oval office occupant providing a 24/7 smoke screen to distract us from Congress’ serial looting of the US Treasury into the hands of the 1%.

“News that doesn’t upset somebody is not news, its public relations (PR)” - Edward R. Murrow

There is very little news today but a lot of parroting press releases and other forms of PR masquerading as news, not to mention an ever growing percentage of media output being outright fake news, with Trump, the GOP and their faux news network originating more fake news than other sources combined.


The American public has been slow walked to Fascism since WWII, although lately it looks more like a sprint. It’s not much of a surprise to learn that our 4th estate, beholden to advertising dollars, has followed this march. It’s not just the major newspapers, but the smaller ones have followed also. I call mine a “mullet wrapper” (mullet being a local fish), providing little if any important news. Is it any wonder why those of us who want to know what’s going on have resorted to sites like this one for our information ? Few people realize that our first “intelligence agency”, the CIA, came to be for this reason. Their reason for existing was sold to the President and the public later on, that they were to assemble and interpret intelligence from other sources and brief the President on this information. People inside the agency probably still believe this today. The insiders knew the real reason was to protect American business interests abroad. This is the reason the leadership of the agency usually comes from Wall Street, or has ties to it. It’s also the reason they have been involved in so many regime changes (including our own in Nov.1963) around the world. Protect those US corp. interests at all cost.


Newspapers and television are mostly propaganda outlets.

Chinese, Russian and independent internet news helps one to understand rank US atrocities corporate propaganda covers up with b… s… on the evening news

So from newspapers I get a real understanding of foreign affairs,the homeless situation, and local corruption----most of which is never covered on tv and one has to really dig to find it online if you even know about these issues. Yes 10 ,15 yrs ago the LA Times was an excellent paper—it was a joy to read—and it WAS making a profit----but the whole mantra is that these papers are the past and we must move to the future----so now the newspapers sold numerous times are in debt up to their eyeballs. Its just like online shopping -we are told this is the way of the future—yet we fail to see how the ruling elite are pushing us in these directions with little choice. For example how much will all this driver tech cost???----Just like privacy,people seem unaware of what they have given up-------there is something wonderful about privacy.

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Still calling us citizens “consumers”. Once forgiven. Ten times scolded. Many tens of times, now - Shame on you Mr. Nader. You have consumed the sickeningly sweet propaganda waaaaaay too much. Sorry to be the one to tell you, “Wake Up!” From all of us citizens that say, “Enough is enough!”

This culture is dangerous. But it is not just the media’s contributions to the corruption. Remember that private enterprise is ‘entitled’ with rights to secrecy (gifted as it were). And governments are not far behind with either outright denial or brutal obstruction to releasing accurate and complete information. Media can’t get the needed info. But this doesn’t excuse media’s contributions to augmenting extremist politics and perpetuating this authoritarian culture.
Having media and governments cultured to block accurate information reaching the public means we are living fully in an authoritarian society. The public is effectively denied its democratic rights to participate in governance. Many of the debates about the media of the day are carnival side shows distracting us from the fact that we really don’t know what the hell is going on. This is the status quo, and we have been there for many years. Information has been replaced with ideological fabrications of our corporate culture. Lies have become truth.
The corruptions of culture continue to pile up. The odor of this tradition is undeniable. But please pick the target carefully - the tendrils of corruption have infiltrated much of our society. Aiming at the essential cause of the problem - government secrecy, is the primary path to hitting the target and killing the weed.
If we ever get to the point where real information is available from the government, the Wall St. Journal will likely become a museum piece in the history of corporate corruption.