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Déjà Vu All Over Again: America Makes Torture Great Again, and Arrests Those Who Oppose It


Déjà Vu All Over Again: America Makes Torture Great Again, and Arrests Those Who Oppose It

It's been macabre enough to see the psychopaths and war criminals of our past come crawling out of their caves: Oliver North (Parkland kids = "civil terrorists"), Dick 'Voldemort' Cheney (Torture Is Us) and, like a creepy hologram, lickspittle Mike Pence channeling Nixon. More disturbing was the sight of Capitol cops mauling and arresting CIA whistleblower Ray McGovern, 78, for denouncing Gina Haspel's torturous history. So now two people have been jailed for this country's unconscionable torture program. Neither was Cheney.


Couple from TJ

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.


I saw the photo of Ray and was in instant dismay. If there ever was a true blue American, it is Ray. To be man-handled in such a manner, in such a place and time is a big warning for us all. This is Ugly and this Not normal folks. If you can, flee, run for your lives to somewhere sane.


If there is someplace sane, it is in the USA’s crosshairs. A good groundwork for my argument is laid in Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. (http://www.historyisaweapon.com/indextrue.html# see “What is this America” tab.)


About the only people who served prison time during the Vietnam Aggression-and-Bloodbath were those who went to prison for refusing to take part. The perpe-traitors, who usually got rich in the USA’s (until then) Most Profitable War all walked free. Ditto for Iraq: The guys who ordered the waterboarding and other war crimes like dropping depleted uranium and cluster bombs upon innocent children only got wealthier. Back in school I was told a bunch of bullshit by my teachers about what a wonderful and fair country the USA was/is, so I know that even the teachers in this place are mostly Government propagandists. I am very proud of Ray McGovern and the tiny few like him. It COULD HAVE BEEN such a wonderful country, but the people chose instead to support the abusive war-mongering crooks and thugs.


“Imagine if you will, a world run by psychopaths.”

We don’t have to imagine it: “Don’t bother, they’re here.” (Stephen Sondheim, “Send In the Clowns,” from A Little Night Music.)


There are places that practice enlightened democratic governance, have good social services and a peaceful populace who defend their rights with votes not guns. New Zealand is one although hard to emigrate to. Easier are several European countries with great public education, universal healthcare, low crime and lenient immigration policy, including, Norway, Denmark, Slovenia, Finland, Spain. In Central America Costa Rica has no standing army, has low cost health services, great public schools and many paths to legal immigration status with a SS or other pension. Same for Panama. In S.America Ecuador, Uruguay and even Colombia are clean, inexpensive and quite safe despite the erroneous and overblown reports of unrest in those countries. Rapes and murders are much higher per capita in the US. Starting a business as well as retiring on a fixed income is very doable there.
Things are likely to get worse in the proximate future in the US. Gaining permanent legal residency in any of the countries mentioned does not alter your legal status in the US. If you are not yet ready to run it still makes sense to have somewhere to run to if and when that becomes necessary. Have a plan B. Better safe than sorry.


And on the side of supposed reason we have Joe Manchin? Political cowardice on full display and the extent that politicians will go to get elected. I hope the Republican wins. Rewarding, Gina Haspel for torture, clearly guilty of, by nomination, is rewarding stupidity instead of intelligence that the traditional CIA was known for and for Democrats hoping for a mid-term backlash are just as guilty.


If that is true, why are thousands of people from Central America coming here?


“Land of the free” should apply to everyone, but was that ever really true? Seems we have a two-Nazi-party system.


Personally, I like Denmark. There are others.


Because it’s worse there, at least for now but not for long at this rate


Just ‘en passant’…‘deja vu’ means ‘all over again’. When I came to this country over 40 years ago, after 3 months I noticed that the education level up to high school was pretty poor compared to Europe. So, my remark is not so out of subject as it would appear. One journalist one day said ‘All over again’ and now we see it again and again…Deja vu :stuck_out_tongue:


This is what happens when you don’t hold traitors accountable. The Dims had their chances to hold The Bush Administration accountable, they chose not to do so.


True, but American, traitors and war criminals have not been held accountable long before Obama said: " we need to look forward" ( even though Bush was a war criminal). And to me, Trump is just the transparent result of many years of the treason of US war criminals not being held accountable.


The political system is rigged to allow sociopaths and psychopaths to rise to the top, so that’s what we got. Anyone who gets as far as Washington DC is likely to be a sociopath because they don’t play by the rules and they don’t care about anyone but themselves. They are not like the rest of us.


Understandable impulse—but what good does running do?

Human violence and cruelty are everywhere.

To run from them just says, “I prefer that ‘others’ suffer from the expression of brutality.”

It says, “I prefer to pretend I can have a good life while allowing ‘others’ to suffer rather than find the courage to say “NO!” and mean it.

“I prefer not to live and if necessary die within and for Truth; I prefer the lie that says I can be free while others are enslaved.”

And anyway, where can anyone escape these conditions now? Looks to me like Mother Earth is now leaving us nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide.

What Will we choose? Love, or fear?

Now that we all see so vividly the consequences of choosing the latter, Will we continue to do what we’ve been doing, and expecting different results?

Or Will we choose the path of sanity, Common Sense, and peace, for a change?


“This revolution will not
protect your investment.
This revolution will not let you save
a little something for retirement!

This revolution is for those coming after.
This revolution will have it all.”

(From “This Revolution Is Not Being Televised”, by Lisa G. Nash.)

Give it up, kids. It’s not going to work. Don’t you get it yet? This time, there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

“This revolution
has a take-no-prisoners approach
to surrender—
and this revolution is not being televised.”

Wherever we go, there we are, right?

Oh yeah, go on and eke out a nice cozy retirement for “me and mine” as the Sixth Mass Extinction exponentially accelerates! That’s bound to bring True peace of mind! Sound mind in sound body, and all of that!

Oh yeah, go on and make some “other”, “better” place worse by moving there imagining you have a “right” to evade confrontation with the dynamics that made your last home unbearable. Look how well that strategy’s been working so far!

Oh yeah, keep on pretending that Mother Earth isn’t saying “Time’s Up!” on your whole “nice” privileged materialist lifestyle. Keep on pretending that that “nice” lifestyle doesn’t inevitably entail suffering and death for so many “others”, every single day.

Good luck with that.

Or—Dream Deeper…


Well for example, there was a coup in Honduras in 2009 while Ms. Clinton was Sec of State. Under US law, the US cannot give military aid to the government that has overthrown a democratically elected government. Hillary certified as Sec of State that there had not been a coup, thereby allowing the US government to give aid to the new illegal government. They used the military aid to start up the good old death squads. Many in Honduras have fled north since then as Honduras has become one of the most violent countries on earth. Neoliberal heaven.


That blame can be laid squarely at the feet of that fraud and coward Obama, whom I fell for in his 1st election; but for the first time in my life, I did not vote for any Presidential candidate in his 2nd. “Fool me once…”