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'Deja Vu' of Iraq War Lies as Mike Pompeo Blames Iran for Tanker Attack Without Single Shred of Evidence

No, the real left is not brainwashed. The corporate media, which is anything but of the left, is paid to tell establishment lies.

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Nice one. LOL.

He certainly makes me laugh. I had the pleasure of meeting him once in a bar in berkley square, london. This is for you:

When it comes to wars of aggression, Amerika has a cabal of Congressional, stooges.


Trump is the Hitler of our time. Manipulated by business oligarchs around the world, he and they are planning WWIII for the purpose of genocidal extermination of the poor and people of color. He has no concern for the USA outside his associates in the casino mob boss underworld and the filthy rich. All others are no more than consumers, wage slaves and cannon fodder. Catastrophic climate change will force fleeing refugees into the gun sites of belligerent neighboring nations likewise struggling to keep their people fed and housed. We are in a time like no other. Trump is a traitor.

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Japan and Iran are in talks. Why would either bomb each other?

Sounds like “False Flag” and everyone knows who those experts are. “Lavon Affair”. And Israel is the only one to gain by war with Iran.

Also 9/11 can be attributed to Israel according to Osama bin Laden.

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I have a bunch of buttons, which almost everybody that reads it asks for one, or more.
It says on the top, (white over blue):
(Next lines, yellow over orange-red)
*Its amazing how many people agree, and want copies.

I am one of the relatively few survivors of our nuclear testing. I was exposed to seven H-Bombs in 1956, two of which were classified as “Dirty Bombs.” They still haunt me as I live through our expanding war government. You never forget the feeling of standing close to the open door of a blast furnace right behind you, looking at the bones in your arms, tightly pressed over your eyes. You remember the fear and shock you felt as you combed or brushed your hair and found clots of hair in the brush. Brushed your teeth and rinsed blood out of your mouth, felt sickness in your body and your energy gone.
*Eventually, I healed, only occasionally having flare-ups. Thousands of us have died over the years.
*The clown show that currently runs the US Fourth Reich have no idea of what they are dealing with. To them it is just one of the many computer games played while growing up. “Blew up a city, three hundred thousand casualties. 240 points.” None of them have seen the real thing, up close and too personal.

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An honor to communicate with someone having served in such a dangerous mission. I am glad you are still amongst the living! I can’t imagine the horrors of witnessing a nuclear blast firsthand. We are on the edge of the abyss when it comes to global calamity… be it war or (more dire and importantly) Climate Change. I’m more ashamed of being an American than ever before. Peace.


What better way to start a war than to blame those “Others” on something that was probably initiated by the Trump-Pompeo-Bolton Satanic trio. God help us all!


Mike Pompeo is the new! improved! Colin Powell. A new! improved! false flag event is about to occur!
Buy War Bonds. Support endless errorism. Re-elect the same-old shit.

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Don’t give up on Tulsi, just yet. She’s going up against Warren in the first debate, and if allowed to talk about foreign policy, will provide a stark contrast that Warren won’t like.


The reason Iran is still under attack is that they had the audacity to throw out the brutal Western Puppet kingdom (the Shaw) and return to self rule. “Saudi Arabia” should do the same.


By Double-Secret Executive Order, all of Trump’s body doubles are pardoned for imitating a clown.
Reality is not Reality Television. This war is sponsored by affiliates of TRUMP Jewelry, TRUMP Airline, TRUMP Resorts & Casinos, TRUMP Great Golf Courses, Satan and The New World Order.

“attacks on shipping or ships” - frequently, it seems, either fictional attacks dreamed up by and spurious ‘evidence’ created by the usual suspects or, in some cases, (allegedly) ‘false flag’ attacks carried out by the US itself.

“This is the first time dangatang has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!”

Oh, let’s not.

No evidence of this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire is sufficient to WakeTF-up the majority of the ill-informed Americans.

Just commented on this dangerous and cancerous situation in the NY “Times”:

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First, some sarcastic response to previous comments.

But they have plenty of reason to attack us. If the USA were charged before the Nuremberg Intl. Military Tribunal, judge Noam Chomsky presiding, the USA would be convicted of all four charges, ‘Crimes Against Peace’, ‘Conspiracy to Commit Crimes Against Peace’, ‘War Crimes’, and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’. What punishment shall be imposed?

With reference to each of the above, but particularly to itchyvet1,
Wall Street Journal Friday 5-31-2019 page A6 ‘Tehran Brings Guerilla Tactics to Gulf’ Excerpt “Iran has a conventional navy, but it is the parallel navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps that makes waters off Iran… Such tactics, which Iran has honed for decades, seeks to tilt the scales in favor of a combatant that is nimble and willing to absorb losses. Each individual vessel is expendable. Losing one makes little difference [to them], but each one punches above its weight. Iran can take actions that don’t cause enough damage or casualties to warrant military retaliation, but reminds its adversaries of its reach and capacity…”

What we see from Medea Benjamin, from Code Pink and et al. is doublethink. They cheer, as doing the right thing, everyone who #Resist-s and attacks and pushes back against the imperial USA and its imperial government, and then when there are signs that the USA might do in response, might retaliate, they doublethink switch to accusing the USA (and Israel) of another Gleiwitz incident false flag operation that started WWII, opposing the US doing anything in response. (Iran counts on such ‘help’ in its war against the ‘Great Satan’)

The most important part of this is that the USA shall do nothing to ‘opponents’ in the Middle East. The next most important thing is that everything that happens ultimately forces the US out.

Now morbid humor strongly intended, eh…

If there are any nuclear weapons used, hopefully all of them fall on Washington DC, the Financial District of New York City, Mar-a-Lago in Florida and on Mitch McConnell’s hometown in Ohio. :slight_smile:
(/ extreme morbid humor)

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I heard once that the Soviet Union’s military leaders took new Supreme Leader Nikita Khrushchev to witness a nuclear bomb test. They wanted to impress on him how horrible a weapon it was. And Khrushchev already had experience seeing what WWI, the Russian Civil War, and WWII had done to the USSR. … Do you think he learned something about avoiding war? Do you think our leaders could benefit from similarly witnessing what modern weapons can do?

News bit,

Russians have already stated that,in a confrontation with the US, they will be targeting command and control centers. Lets hope it is not with nukes.