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'DeJoy Is the Real Life Grinch': Postmaster General's Cost-Cutting Effort Fuels Christmas Delivery Delays

These days; the rallying cry from these neocons, and libertarians has been: less government, less government, less government. This leaves us at the mercy of crooked corporations. They should all be run out of town on a rail.


Sounds par for rhe course, whrn the nan Trump put in charge has NEVER even carried the mail…not even out to his own mailbox, I’m sure!
And like the idiot who appointed him in charge of USPS, DeJoy GOT RID OF those who KNEW HOW to do the job, thinking he could do it better!
Ha! We know how that turns out!

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Thank you very much.
About 6 pounds were still available when your
terrific package arrived onto my porch. Providing
holy week vodka to our postal workers gains me
lots of packages with ship to; addresses crossed
out and bar code blurred.

For your next shipment, please add hershey bars,
peanut M&M’s, and more cookies. Thank you
in advance.

Have a happy and safe Christmas.

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If trump can turn every position in government upside down, Biden should be able to do the same. Then the other side can call BIDEN the tyrant.

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:joy: Glad you are enjoying them! Someone should.

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Apparently only the US AG and the DOJ are charged with the responsibility of prosecuting/removing him from his position. How can this be?

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Any attorneys out there? Can anyone answer specifically the requirements for DeJoy to be indicted?
I’m guessing we need an attorney general to convene a grand jury as a first step. Is that correct?
So what’s in the works with the Biden administration for this process. Anyone know? Get DeJoy’s ass in jail!

The distribution center in my city has over one month’s volume of delayed packages staged in tents outside the facility.

So? What are our options here? Can Congress remove him or what? If they can why haven’t they? This jackass needs to leave and the sooner the better but we need to at least understand what our options are and improve them so next time we don’t end up getting sabotaged again because the Post Office that we all love is hatd by the politicians because they want kick backs from FEDEX and UPS and that means destroying the Post Office and both sides have been involved in defunding the Post Office to make it ineffective