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'DeJoy Should Still Be Fired,' Says Progressive Caucus Co-Chair as Postmaster General Vows to Suspend—But Not Undo—USPS Sabotage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/19/dejoy-should-still-be-fired-says-progressive-caucus-co-chair-postmaster-general-vows


Fear not progressives, Nancy and Steny are on the case!
They told their bully that he really needs to stop kicking their asses or they’ll tell their moms. The bully told them that he would indeed take a break from kicking their asses, until November 4th. Then he’ll put on his big boot and start kicking again.
See, problem solved. Thanks Nancy. Oh, and don’t forget to give the other bullies corporate immunity in exchange for the promise that maybe they won’t come back in November and set your hair on fire.
Are democrats dumb or naive?

There are dozens of electronic sorting machines in the weather behind the Cleveland main post office. They are ruined.
Seen on local TV twice at least.


Not only should he be fired… he should be jailed along with the rest of the Trump Toadies.


Fired. Hell, he should be "Joan Of Arc’d."


This is beyond just stealing the election. We’re also watching the Post Office utterly, permanently destroyed at the same time. Our system allows vandals like DeJoy free reign, apparently.


Only under the current Fascist Foolery.


DeJoy has committed two crimes that we know of, when will these charges be filed?


I expect milksops pelosi & co to agree to the BS story that dejoy will stop efforts to sabotage the USPS and elections. The same old MO of starting from a position of weakness (and collusion) with marginal demands, then caving before negotiations even begin! THAT is the MO of craven stooges, complicit to the crime they pretend to oppose!

ALL dejoy/trump/R’Con sabotageof the USPS must be reversed - restored - in every respect as the sabotage goes much farther than just the election, to the health and viability of the Service and nation - and still dejoy be fired and prostituted!

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With the overall inaction by any democratic overseeing committees, we wonder where any oversight is. If a president is allowed to ride roughshod over us for four years what is the point of having committee power? Who’ll stop the rain (reign)?
Trump keeps drilling test wells to see how much he can get away with. This time he ran into something even a cowardly public won’t stand for with the USPS.
Are we ready for the assault on SSI and medicare? ie. payroll tax elimination.

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So much for destroying federal property as in racist statues. What you describe is deliberate destruction and De Joy should be made to pay for them.

This is what GATS requires, none of the privatization in any area can be reversed, only sped up or slowed down. A bit like a noose.

For similar reasons Neither Dems nor GOP can do anything that isnt more deregulation. Promises to do anything therefore must be deregulation, no matter what they are represented as, for example, expanding Medicare will be more deregulation because it will eliminate the government subsidized aspect of it, read the fine print on the ruling document, the Annex on Financial Services on the WTO site.