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Delay Could Sink Fast Track, But Corporate 'Arm-Twisting' Not Over Yet



Lawmakers need also to ask themselves:

Does this model serve to strengthen INFORMED CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED ?

I think not.


Hi, i don't really understand how, as the Republicans have a majority in the House, it could be that this article and the big unions don't mention that some of the Republicans, who must have voted against Fast Track too, also deserve the same amount of thanks for opposing this corporate power grab.
Am i missing something?


It's complex. The thing that many Republicans voted against, that caused Fast Track to "fail" in the House even though the House passed Fast Track, was the Trade Adjustment Assistance amendment that is tied to the Senate version of Fast Track. At this point in the procedural process, the House and Senate versions have to be identical to move forward to Obama.

TAA helps some people and communities adjust to devastating losses under "free" (read, corporatist) trade. So the Republicans who stalled Fast Track in the House, did so because they couldn't stomach any assistance to communities devastated by "free" trade deals like TPP and NAFTA. Not because of their alliance with House "progressives."

There are a handful of principled Republicans who voted directly against Fast Track because it undermines US national sovereignty and democracy... but not most of them. And that was not what stalled Fast Track.

You can read Lori Wallach's article (copied today at Common Dreams) for a detailed breakdown of the abstruse and somewhat idiotic procedural maneuvering that was used to stall Fast Track.


Larry Summers who supports TPP stated on CNBC that workers in this country have been left behind by both political parties.
What's even more amazing is that Obama has not used TPP to get some concessions out of the republicans. And Nancy Pelosi raised this as an issue. Obama should be seeking an increase in the minimum wage and a major transportation bill. Or how about adopting Bernie Sanders 1 trillion for infrastructure.
But of course money for war is never questioned?
The TPP really shows how Obama has failed to fight for working people.
And the ACA, I can't believe the subsidies that are going to these so called healthcare companies.
And today the FDA said we need to eliminate hydrogenated fats in food by 2018 because they are poison. I stopped eating this stuff ten years years ago,but grew up eating gobs of it because it was "healthier than butter".


Hi, thanks, the bit i missed was the one you nailed for me here. i didn't realize before now that the TAA was an add on inserted by the Senate snakes and/or why Repubs, most anyway, voted against it.


Ellison's "questions" - easily answered by the Admin - first two "Of course it does" last one, "OK, we'll 'ask' them to do this" (but we won't make it enforceable and lack of progress in these areas won't be grounds for sanctions) "Next"

C'mon Keith, you've been around the block a few times, you, and hopefully many of us, know how this works - get some meaningless concessions from the Admin so you can go home to your constituents and say "See what I did!"

Beware any rep who thinks this piece of garbage can be tweaked to make it anything other than what it is ... Hate to quote Nancy Reagan, but it really is time to "Just say NO!"