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Deleting Alex Jones


Deleting Alex Jones

Small good news. Every big tech company but Twitter has finally banned conspiracy crank Alex Jones and his loathsome Infowars rants about anchor babies and Sandy Hook actors and gay juice in the water. Jones says globalists are removing "outlets of liberty and truth" because "inbred child molesters in Hollywood had some psychotic dream they wanted to kill everybody." The techies say he's spewing bonkers hate and it's not okay.


He does a good job of causing all conspiracy theories and theorists (expecially 9/11 truth advocates) to be lumped in, “tarred with the same brush” that paints them as crazy- even if some theories might be valid, or at least worth investigating.

-In the U.s., the prevailing attitude directed towards anyone who mentions the possibility of any conspiracy is something like
…"Oh, shut up. You’re just like that Alex Jones character. I suppose you believe that Hillary eats babies at her top-secrte FEMAle torture camp. Yeah yeah, i know what you’re gonna say: ‘but only when she’s in reptilian form.’ "


Jones is nuts, but that does not make control over media access by a handful of rich monkeys good news, large or small.


This is not good news in the long term at all. In fact it is likely a sign of the coming complete clampdown on free speech. People cheering this on is the equivalent of cheering when a man hangs during the gallows, forgetting you are at the other end with a rope around your neck too.


It always begins with shutting down odious and unlikable expression. I have no respect for either the unwelcome speech or those who would shut it down. Free speech has to mean free for the obnoxious not just free for the pleasant and easily acceptable. Otherwise, ‘free speech’ is an empty slogan meaning nothing.


Remember, when they can shut down anyone, they can shut down you.


Alex Jones is crazy but deserves free speech. It is an example of Greed by advert’s that enabled his platform. They bought the hate and ugliness. They are the one’s who paid for his ability to broadcast. Greed, free speech, Citizens United, do you see the connection(s). I say let the crazy-man speak and let me discern his worth in my world. Greed pays for many ugly things in my world, this is but one example His soap-box on the public square is a bit modernized. Electricity is an amazing tool, isn’t it?


Only a matter of time they shut out Commondreams.org


Alex Jones may be a conspiracy nut, but he certainly has the right to his opinions. This is very dangerous and ugly.

[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:54183”]
Small good news.
No! Extremely bad news. Who will be next?


Free speech should be for everyone, even if they’re a vile dope. The problem with free speech is that people often don’t understand, or even consider, the source. If we can’t defend the speech we don’t like, we can’t defend speech we do like. And then, who will defend OUR speech?


Just look at the recent Supreme Court decisions respecting free speech. Conservatives on it are utilizing arguments developed by Ralph Nader et al. in the 60s and 70s to invalidate laws respecting commercial regulation they don’t like on free speech grounds in ways never intended. It’s a tricky thing.


And when the video of some one pointing out the “conspiracy” to hack the vote for W in 2004 is taken down by YouTube will Common Dreams object?

What about the “conspiracy” that the votes of at least 12 states’ 2016 Democratic Primaries were hacked so Hillary would “win”? Haven’t checked but there probably are videos on this election theft posted on YouTube.

Jones spews hate filled garbage. But how many times have the likes of Sean Hannity tried out the phrase “the violent left”?

So careful what you celebrate.


Why do you think they got rid of Net Neutrality? Only a matter of time now


Jones doesn’t get the credit for discrediting conspiracy theories where he merely joins the ranks of the already-crazy among those conspiracy groups. There was a plausible case to be made for a conspiracy of facilitation to help 9/11 happen and to shape the narrative afterwards, but then the ranks swelled with nutjobs ranting about drones, missiles, and controlled precision demolitions with “nano-thermite”, and any attempt at a plausible conspiracy theory was quickly overwhelmed, squelched, and unfairly discredited by association–even though the crazies would more typically attack the people trying to be voices of reason. Jones also is not the reason the chemtrail conspiracy has no credibility. Nor the reason the claims that Fukushima fried the Pacific and killed 98% of sea life also has no credibility. They lack credibility simply on their own lack of merits, and Jones latching onto them for his crazy rants, if anything, performed a service in lending disrepute to bad ideas that deserved it. And if you should ever find Jones saying things that you happen to believe, maybe it would not be the worst idea to take stock and reexamine those beliefs to make sure they actually do have some solid basis in fact and reason.


The loss of Jones, who trucks in outrageous defamation on a routine basis and has inspired at least one shooting, does not mean control of media access by a handful of rich monkeys. There are hundreds of other non-mainstream media sources on the web, left and right, to choose from. For example, the majority report (left) or ben shapiro (right). But people like you need to patronize them.


Thanks for actually implying that the First Amendment should apply to the “private sector.” (Which it legally doesn’t of course).


Exactly. But defending any kind of speech requires the ability and desire to think/speak/act critically – and we can’t have any of that in the “marketplace of ideas,” can we?


Nah. CD is so filled with censorship of things it doesn’t like it will roll over when ordered.


Support Free Speech not corporate censorship. Many reasonable people question the JFK assassination, 9/11 and other conspiracies that we found out the US government perpetrated.


Jones didn’t used to be this nuts…but his commenters always were full-blown crazy.