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Deleting Alex Jones


Its NOT a tricky thing--------I must be getting old-------You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire. You can’t be inciting violence against innocent people which is what Jones was doing. I love all the different conspiracy theories out there ----it makes people think-but if your on a platform inciting violence against innocent people -yes you should be taken down.

Here’s another old fashioned idea-----RESPECT FOR THE DEAD-how could anyone call these kids actors --these kids killed in Sandy Hook. And what’s even more outrageous is how all the zombies let this stuff slide-------Jimmy Dore said it was “unfortunate what happened to the parents of Sandy Hook” These parents loose their kids and then the gun nuts continue their harassment.


People need to understand the genie is out of the bottle. UTUBE or the idea of UTUBE is one of the greatest things on earth. People with very little means can communicate around the globe. And those who call for violence against other human beings should be SHAMED. Just as there should be outrage over a president who says he will destroy a whole country. SUPPORT INIVIDUAL FREEDOM-SUPPORT THE COMMONS.


The only way to curb the influence of the Alex Jonses of the world is to thoroughly educate oneself and champion the unbiased education for all.


Indeed. The cure for wrong information is the teaching of different views of information, not the censorship of information.


CORRECTION: Here’s the full link to actual article: https://www.blackagendareport.com/martial-law-other-means-corporate-strangulation-dissent


You’re right. The marketplace of ideas has it’s share of participants on both sides. Keeping the general population as dumb as possible, the marketplace will always be a sloppy place. And it will also likely become dangerous.


If the whole of the editors believe as Abby does then maybe commondreams SHOULD BE shut down. Abby is campaigning against free speech. She has forgotten that the very purpose of the first amendment is to protect unpopular speech.


So you would censor “hate speech”. Afterward how would you know who the haters are?


Isn’t there supposed to be another “o” between the “m” and the “s”?