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'Deliberately Distorting' Reasoning for Limiting Large Religious Gatherings, SCOTUS Rules Against New York State's Restrictions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/26/deliberately-distorting-reasoning-limiting-large-religious-gatherings-scotus-rules


So religion gets us killed again.

Cult of death? Cult of death? Cult of death?

Where? Where?


We’ve known for years that republicans want to put church ahead of state. Religion ahead of commuunity or the head of community and humanity when our history tells us most wars are started and continue are about religion gaining more control over our lives and women.


The thing is that the founders were not particularly religious men, the constitution also provides for freedom from religion. The Supreme Court has become a religious suicide cult. They did attempt to make a separation from the inbred rulers and religious fanatics of their time.

Is Barrett the Rasputin of our time?


People of absolute faith reject science because they do not believe in it. What they do not understand is that it is not a belief system. It is a trust system. I am a pretty damn good scientist/engineer, yet I do not understand it all, so I place my trust, not my faith, in the vetted experts to inform me. Are there charlatans out there. You bet, and I am pretty good at spotting them absent the “help” of the likes of the Alex Jones types. It really boils down to use of the frontal cortex versus the amygdala, which is really a hard thing to change in person over the age of twenty-five or so.


Amy Covid Bearer is pro life, but only if you’re a fetus.


Oh hallelujah! Bring on the choir.

COVID is airborne. It is spread by talking, singing, laughing, yelling, sneezing, coughing, etc. This is why after church gatherings, funerals, parties, etc so many become infected with COVID-19.

When we speak droplets enter the air and travel throughout the room. When we sneeze, yell, sing these droplets are aerosol-ed even further across the room. Thus the reason restaurants and bars, churches and sporting events are super-spreaders. Keep in mind too, being in the presence of someone infected with COVID (and they may not have symptoms) for 15 minutes, and this can be divided among a 24 hour period, substantially increases the likelihood one will become infected.

Going indoors for the winter has caused a spike in cases. Keep your windows open (warmer climates) and home well-ventilated, especially if someone not in the immediate household is visiting, which should in fact be shunned at this time anyway.


So our Supreme Court has been turned into little more than the American Taliban? To compare an hour or more religious service with preaching, singing, socializing, hugging, and large crowds in very close contact, to us running into a store, mask on, grabbing a sanitized cart, and then playing Dodge Em with other shoppers and exiting as soon as possible, is ludicrous and just shows the rot of Religion that has control of our Supreme Court.

The entire issue is that these so called Christians put their own wants and beliefs above the well being of any and all others, no matter if it causes death or not. If it were not for all the innocents who will be infected and possibly die and the toll on our care givers, I would let these Math and Science denying fools do total French Kissing of the entire congregation.


These conservative boneheads on the court are at a philosophical war with secular society. They disdain democracy because they are controlling people. Somehow, they must be stopped, but I’m not sure how. We will all pay the price of their upcoming rulings.


I despair for the intelligence of my fellow Americans. How is trying to stop a pandemic an infringement upon religious rights?
Hold your services outside if you must, maintaining distancing and wearing masks too. God helps those who help themselves


Good news travels fast!

On a drive across town this morning, I saw new hand-lettered signs in the windows of three restaurants and five taverns. The signs read “Welcome to the Church of the Holy Spirits, Wine, and Beer! Worship here! Happy Hour Services from 4 to 7 pm”

A sixth tavern’s sign claimed that the tavern was the “Church of St. Ethyl [sic!] of Alcohol”.

Now that every business can reopen by claiming to be a religious enterprise, everyone can go back to work, and the Senate won’t have to pass a relief bill.


Wait! There’s more!

Both local synagogues have changed their names to “Mogen David Synagogue”!


Does that mean they don’t have to pay taxes either?


They already don’t pay taxes. But unlike houses of sky daddy worship, most small businesses and proprietorships simple claim they operate at a loss, thus they pay no taxes either.
I have a client that runs a successful restaurant. His taxes show that his business operates at a loss, and he collects a mere $10 thousand dollar salary.
Only in America


That’s right! I forgot to add it!


Thanks to BigB and Mr_Peabody!! That is pretty sneaky.



I think that fern meant real property taxes, not income taxes.

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What we just saw at the SCOTUS was the cherry on top of Citizens United, McCutcheon, and Hobby Lobby cake. Any corporation or individual already had the right to discriminate against any one they chose, so long as they claimed religious liberty. However, with this decision the SCOTUS has now given carte blanche to those same entities to harm people at will (how long will it now be that someone claims the right to run every red light and stop sign on his way to church, claiming that those “secular” traffic signals were impeding his way to a religious service?)
Of course, what is to stop any one now from shooting someone who doesn’t share their faith, claiming of course that their belief in something other than their god constitutes a danger to them and their family?
We will look back on this decision in a few years and say that this was the moment that the republic died, and America became Christo-fascist country.


SCOTUS has lost all credibility and is mired in the politics they are supposed to disdain. SCOTUS is, to me, a dead, failed institution. Their recent rulings have shown the bare partisanship of slamming appointments through a broken Senate. Frankly, none of our government institutions work any longer. Corruption IS the rule of law.


I think I meant revenue but now that you mention it? There is a stipulation that depending on use, they can be audited by the IRS. Just like the vow of poverty was once a life long decision can now be changed.


Fine, Let the suicide cults do a slow Jim Jones. Phuck 'em
The sooner they get themselves ‘raptured’ up the sooner the rest of us can start fixing the problems they’ve caused.