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'Delivered From the Heart!': Trump Lies About Historic Viewing of Gross SOTU

'Delivered From the Heart!': Trump Lies About Historic Viewing of Gross SOTU

Jon Queally, staff writer

President Donald Trump lied in a tweet Thursday morning when he bragged that his State of the Union was watched by the "highest number [of people] in history"—a demonstrably false claim.

Citing Neilsen ratings released Wednesday which said that 45.6 million watch his speech, that number falls well short of the number of people who watched President Barack Obama's first SOTU and isn't even as many people as watch Trump's first joint statement to Congress last year.

I find it impossible to sit through ‘captive’ audience set-ups. Why waste the time? Even Scallia was said to have characterized the SOTU as ‘childish spectacle’.

The errata as documented by a plethora of publications of record are, however, read, downloaded, compared on veracity and filed for future reference.

If a person (to use the term very loosely) like trump is going to so consistently demand the compilation of destructive materials in the form of lies, it is the responsibility of the public to do so and Constitutionally clear the way for their removal along with the machine generating them.

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FWIW, there are some who refused to attend on principle, but they’re the best of a sorry lot for sure.

The pathological liar that just can’t help himself - and he has no fuckin “heart”! His entire being and actions are based on astonishing ignorance and fantasy! He is not interested in truth or fact or anything other than his ego and malignant narcissism! A stupid man, dangerous and destructive to everything his uneducated tiny mind and hands touch - and now he holds our nation, environment, and people in those hands…


So when does the Trump backlash officially really start? We need to jump start it for the 2018 congressional elections. All legislators supporting Trump need to get voted out of office in the 2018 elections. I would hate to offend trained seals by calling legislators trained seals. My only issue with seals is fish breath. In contrast to our legislators in congress.


Trump lies his ass off. We get it.

Meanwhile, he’s about to steamroll the Dems on immigration. That wave election we’re supposed to witness in November? Looks like black and Latino voter turn out is going to be a little harder to build:

It started on Inauguration Day 2017. Your overriding concern with getting more Ds elected must have blinded you to the daily acts of non-electoral backlash. Sorry you missed it.

I did not watch, I read the transcript.

While it is expected that journalists, political scientists, psychologists and others would watch the SOTU as part of their jobs, they are a small percentage of the 45.6 million.

Which leaves tens of millions of supporters and those who watched out of morbid fascination.

Skeptic liked the NYT headline so much he linked to the article without reading it.


The trained seals would no doubt give Trump a standing ovation!

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Pretty much what he did.

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Puppets the lot of them.

“Money is the string with which a sardonic destiny directs the motions of it’s puppets.”
~W. Somerset Maugham~

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Money can’t buy you love, but enough of it can buy you an election.

Read “Dark Money” and realize that these Money Monsters have been planning this exact scenario for at least 60 years.

The MSM keeps spreading the Lie that 63 million Americans voted for him.

I’ll never believe it.

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My concern is getting quality Democrats and independents elected instead of Democrats that are one hiccup away from being Republicans. Such as the Democrats on the committee that is undermining regulation of Wall Street right now. But I am not the stereotypical Common Dreams duopolist or Republican. Believe it or not the current Republican legislators control of congress is absolutely horrific. Then it is the Republicans that elected the absolutely beyond horrific Donald Trump. I support Bernie and Elizabeth and a few other progressive Democrats.

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And what is the population of this country? Certainly many more than trump’s 45M That goes without saying quite a MAJORITY did NOT watch nor listen to his state of the union speech. Me included! I turn off the channel anytime he comes on, cannot stand to look at him nor hear his voice & lies.

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Excellent book!

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Scary and depressing book.