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Delivering 'Catastrophic Message in a Moment of Great Urgency,' Trump Formally Begins Ditching Paris Climate Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/04/delivering-catastrophic-message-moment-great-urgency-trump-formally-begins-ditching

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One of the largest constituencies of people that still believe in “A Flat Earth” live in the United States of America. They cite the bible and claim we are being duped by scientists and that the Earth in fact flat and surrounded by a dome which God created for us when he created the world. To them there no such thing as space , the sun and moon only a few hundred miles away and they circle the Earth.

I implore these people. Please please pray to your God and ask him to put an impenetrable dome over the United States of America.


The Paris Accord was never a serious attempt to stop anthropogenic mass extinction or even anthropogenic climate change.
Its timelines and goals were way too timid, based on ludicrous, unjustified optimism.
Of course, we already know that Trump, Pompeo, Bolsonaro, Morrison and the other earth-haters have openly declared war on the environment and those of is who defend it.
I recall going to clandestine Earth First! meetings decades ago before the feds infiltrated the group and busted its leaders.
There were two sayings that resonated there: “No compromise in defense of mother earth,” and “One day the ultimate war will be between the earth tribe and the earth killers.”


The right wing has put the USA on a climate suicide mission.


Hi SuspiraDeProfundis;

My goddess is Mother Nature, and I bet she will send a lighting strike down onto Mar-A-Largo to get his attention. And if he doesn’t get the message, maybe the Trump Tower will be zapped----and if he still doesn’t get it, I bet she zaps him!


This is more proof that the republican brain is a suicide machine. They are a clear and present danger to themselves and the planet


This withdrawal has no practical consequences since the Paris Accord is too little, too late–and that there are no consequences to violating it. It does have symbolic effect, though, in that the US is openly thumbing its nose at the rest of the world. That can have far-reaching and long-lasting effects.


“The U.S. is proud of our record as a world leader in reducing all emissions, fostering resilience, growing our economy, and ensuring energy for our citizens. Ours is a realistic and pragmatic model.”
In realspeak Pompusass is declaring that the environmental safeguard reductions are fake news and the reduction in manufacturing is just a natural adjustment. This is something we can do without annoying and upsetting the corporate energy sectors. I spose that his rendition is more reassuring to those who just don’t understand why we now have tornadoes in the winter.


But the music is hilarious. Tube up some Flat Earth Man. Comedy Gold.

Hell we can already see those effects in such places such as the Amazon. This will just further justify Bolsanaro’s government in burning down the “lungs of the Earth”. Hell at this point the U.S. has all but endorsed him doing such a thing.


Accords with the U.S. are more useless than used toilet paper.


Mind blowing that he can make such a decision unilaterally!! Does Congress no longer have any input? Has Drumpf actually declared himself as king or is he the dictator now? Apparently “We the people” really means nothing anymore! Sad indeed.


As the collective future of our species can now be measured in years rather than centuries, i am not sure they actually care about any long lasting effects.
They seem intent in grabbing as much as they can while there is still anything left to steal.
Whoever dies with the most toys wins i guess.


No, the catastrophe in this moment of great urgency is that after decades of talking and COP meeting after COP meeting, the world can’t do better than the all voluntary, non-binding Paris Accord. Greta is right. The world’s leaders are all talk and useless for action. As for the United States abandoning its leadership rule under Trump, what leadership role? Even under Obama, the US has played the role of obstructionist in COP talks, sending represntatives to insure any agreements are non-binding.


Correct. The two biggest emitters of CO2 are China and the U.S. Neither country has shown any serious intention to limit emissions and those emissions continue to rise every year followed by other increasingly industrialized countries. The CO2 count from Hawaii is 415 ppm and rising - 65 ppm higher than 350.org says is necessary to begin to bring climate change under control.
The Earth doesn’t give a crap about our pathetic politicians and their obfuscating bullshit. It will continue to change in a manner that will threaten the lives of millions of species all because one of them, who has the gall to call itself Homo sapiens (“Wise man”) will not stop in its appalling exploitation and consumption of “resources”. Our idiot Secretary of State, Pompeo, was saying just recently that the disappearance of sea ice in the Arctic means that whole new areas will become available for oil, gas and mineral exploration. The insanity continues. Our grandchildren will curse us because of the damaged world that they will have to live in because of our greed and inaction.


Met Leo in '77 and true to form he was using his sabbatical to find a soul mate… or so I was told.

In Canada[edit]

Flat Earth Society of Canada was established on 8 November 1970 by philosopher Leo Ferrari, writer Raymond Fraser and poet Alden Nowlan;[31] and was active until 1984.[32] Its archives are held at the University of New Brunswick.[33]

Calling themselves “planoterrestrialists”,[34] their aims were quite different from other flat Earth societies. They claimed a prevailing problem of the new technological age was the willingness of people to accept theories “on blind faith and to reject the evidence of their own senses.”[32] The parodic intention of the Society appeared in the writings of Ferrari, as he attributed everything from gender to racial inequality on the globularist and the spherical Earth model.[35] Ferrari even claimed to have nearly fallen off “the Edge” of the Earth at Brimstone Head on Fogo Island.[36]

Ferrari was interviewed as an “expert” in the 1990 flat Earth mockumentary In Search of the Edge by Pancake Productions (a reference to the expression “as flat as a pancake”).[37] In the accompanying study guide, Ferrari is outed as a “globularist,” a nonce word for someone who believes the Earth is spherical.[38] The real intent of the film, which was part-funded by the Ontario Arts Council and National Film Board of Canada,[37] was to promote schoolchildren’s critical thinking and media literacy by “[attempting] to prove in convincing fashion, something everyone knew to be false.”[39]

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It is something that the U.S. is very good at. I read once that the U.S. government made over 400 treaties with various Native peoples down through the many years and broke every one of them. When gold was discovered in the Black Hills the treaty that proclaimed that it was Indian land was worthless.


How high a tariff should most of the countries of the world start charging on fossil fuels imported from any country not in the Paris Climate Deal?


Is the impenetrable dome to keep any pollution generated inside the United States of America from reaching the rest of the world?


Somebody clue Ms. Peloser that she needs to add crimes against humanity to the list of articles of impeachment…

And of course the majority above are correct that a small step forward is no better than a step backward.

It’s always invigorating to see all the nihilists and nay-sayers in action. In that department the forums on CD have all the rest beat.

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