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Delivering 'Catastrophic Message in a Moment of Great Urgency,' Trump Formally Begins Ditching Paris Climate Deal

I think we’ve known there was a problem, but the solutions - I think we are inventing them as we speak.

No more affluence - no more enthrallment with GDP Growth ? Where was that ever proposed in the first World Climate Summit in 1979 ?

No - these proposals in their collective - they are new, and that’s a big step into the future.

Recall that Pres. Obama never submitted the Paris Accord to the Senate for ratification. He never sought or obtained implementing legislation from Congress. The Paris Accord is not the law of the land.

Question: ¿Do you want a dictator of America to enact all this climate and planet saving measures by decree?? Without formal affirmation by the people of it?

The leaders propose to lead, but the people are not following. That is the “tragedy” of the age. True public servants do what the people want, and also raise consciousness and awareness of what needs to be done. Nothing can or ought to be done until the people agree that it be done.

Yup. Death is Mother Nature’s suggestion that you slow down.