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Dem Lawmaker Warns That Whether You Call it a Fence or a Wall, Trump is Winning on the Border

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/08/dem-lawmaker-warns-whether-you-call-it-fence-or-wall-trump-winning-border

‘Those who build walls are their own prisoners’ (Ursula K. Le Guin, “The Dispossed”)
I don’t care if you call it a fence or a wall. In both cases it is a symbol of shame. The Wall of Shame…


Photo only:

I don’t need the five guys watching one work.
An engineer or welder can make a door way through the steel in about 20 minutes.
Add hinges and door latch, about another 15 minutes.
The mobile Caterpillar worker positioner - I want one.

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With Trump continuing to provide the distractions Moscow Mitch’s Senate needs to stack federal courts with fascist judges it doesn’t matter what is happening with Trump’s wall. Stacked courts will assure that the GOP and their 1% paymasters will get everything they want at our expense for at least the next half century.


Thank you congressman Grijalva for pointing this out.


I agree, it is a wall of shame. But it is an idea that appeals to people desperate to protect themselves from threatening international forces that were deliberately engineered by the neoliberal elite. As Noam Chomsky points out, they even said it out loud back in the '70s. The fact that Trump exploits this natural defensive impulse to ram through even more exploitative policies is horrifying. But most cannot see what’s going on because there is no fourth estate any longer–just corporate propagandists. There is no way to expose the truth.


Walls are for prisons, fortresses, armed enclaves, torture chambers, etc.
And notice how nobody even mentions that Trump promised Mexico would pay for this debacle?


rump took the money for the wall without involving Congress. Told the friend/private contractor to take the land without involving the owners of the land and legalities. Same week he sent the hurricane to Alabama and demanded the government support him. He had a meeting with the Taliban at Camp David planned just before 9/11 to sign papers that would surrender the US from any involvement and remove everything of the US from Afghanistan leaving the Taliban with total victory and control. He says fine for military planes to land near his hotel in Irelance at a cost so far of $11M that goes into Trump’s pocket. Is that enough for one week? King Trump is a happy man. I hope he loses that smile quickly.


Winning? Not in any sane world! Not in any moral sense! The odious idiot of orange is showing America and the world he is beyond unprincipled, without any sense of decency or concern for other people’s lives or the environment and wildlife affected by his ego jack-off wall! - he has no understanding or respect, no empathy for our planet or people, or for the least among us, as he is incapable of such feelings - a person of zero moral compass without ordinary human values or consciousness - ignorant of the truth of The Golden Rule!

Building his horizontal erection is NOT “winning” it is demonstrating his total absence of ordinary human values, regardless that his corrupt machinations and diverting resources and truth to his mental pathology and arrogant ego, is erecting a “wall”.

The values and teachings of the so-called “Christians” that support such evil and contempt for life violate all teaching of their savior; a contradiction I find reprehensible…

His is a world of destruction and death in everything his malignant mind touches; a person warranting nothing but contempt, and that is not “winning”!

The words: “A civilization is measured by how it treats its weakest members” or “The greatness of a nation can be judged by how it treats its weakest member” Apparently miss-attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, but are nonetheless very meaningful.

The words:: “The moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.” represent the best of humankind. Words off Hubert Humphrey

None of the meaning of those and other such words ever even enter the malignant, depraved mind of the hideous creature now inhabiting the WH, and that is not “winning”!.


‘Propaganda is a form of truth reshaped through the lens of regime intentions.’ (Aristotle Kallis, British historian)
‘We made the Reich by propaganda.’ (Joseph Goebbels)
Yes, it will get harder still to expose the truth as we are inching closer to the abyss that is fascism…


Wonderful post, Emphyrio. Trump shall from here on out be known as the first Fascist with a Horizontal Erection…

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Grijalva sez:
“The idea that this doesn’t count as ‘new wall,’ and therefore there’s nothing to see here, is dangerous and leads to complacency. Thumbing our noses at Trump is no substitute for on-the-ground reporting.”

Reporters seeking a good dose of (alternative) reality should visit his next Nuremberg rally and ask the disciples exactly what they believe Chump is and is not accomplishing.
They just might find it an illuminating glimpse into how much “winning” is actually going on.

“I’m not in favor of abolishing the government. I just want to shrink it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.” Not just Trump, but the Republicans are winning. Their intent all along has been to make the 'murikan people view the government as toxic and they have accomplished their goal with the Democrats playing right along with them. We’re still getting chuckles out of Trump’s Spaceforce but this has been a dream of Republicans since Raygun. The cash involved in this boondoggle is huge and not something the Raytheons and Boeings of the world can pass up. It will make the corruption of the F35 look like crumbs.


Sure let them in if they have a profitable skill or bankroll, but “f” them “huddled masses yearning to be free”.

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I think at least some would like to see that for America. Turned into a prison to lock the country away from the world. Shame our military will do anything but.

Or until climate change kills us. Whatever first.

Okay so Trump’s folly is replacing current fencing. I wonder what will happen when he tries to steal land from Americans and eliminate access to the Rio Grande for ranchers, farmers, and wildlife? This part is easy, but try taking land from Texans for a stupid wall that will be a massive waste of money and won’t make us safer.


Whether You Call it a Fence or a Wall, Voters Who Chose Democrats to Represent them are Losing, Again.

Just remember that walls work two ways. To keep people out, and to keep people in.

Trump increased the military budget much more than what was requested. It is his private slush fund. Uses to build wall, provide for private comfort, pay Midwest farmers, reinforce private army of brown shirts-ICE ( maybe,I wouldn’t doubt it), etc, etc, etc.

And Mitch McConnell is the destroyer of democracy. Death incarnate.

And while I am on a roll with depressive banter, how come we have not seen any recent reporting ( in past week) by CD on Greta Thunberg? Her mission is vital to all of us.

I found this recent event, a discussion with Naomi Klein, Greta, and several other social and climate justice leaders:


The Intercept

WOW! Nothing on Trump taking money from other areas for his wall??? The Republican controlled Supreme Court has allowed Trump to get away with this------THIS IS UNCONSITUTIONAL!!! The stupid MEDIA should be all over this. CONGRESS and not just democrats----republicans have refused to fund the wall. Yet the Supreme Court is allowing Trump to steal money for his wall against the will of Congress. These Supreme Court Judges who acted against the Constitution should be impeached. And now Trump is doing it again???

So when a democrat becomes president they can declare a healthcare emergency—because so many people die every day from this corrupt healthcare system- they should then take half the pentagon budget and put it to a national healthcare system—healthcare centers in every neighborhood.

Of course the current democrats have given Trump 5 billion for immigration with no demands on helping those caught up in this nightmare. Democrats could pay a price for NOT holding Trump responsible for all the BS he is doing.

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