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Chris Hedges

For Donald Trump, the presidency will be a vast stage for accommodating his megalomania and insatiable appetite for money. Those who mock, defy or anger him will feel the wrath of the state. Those who are not obsequious will be cast aside. He will invest most of his energy in his brand. Self-promotion is the only real talent he possesses. Corruption, already rife within the political system, will explode into a full-blown kleptocracy.


Thank you Mr Hedges. Another slam-dunk. I wanted to pull a favorite quote from it, but too many to choose.


Thank you Chris Hedges for telling it the way it is. One can only hope that your predictions aren’t as horrifying as you say, but that’ll depend on the rest of us to not allow it to happen.


Fortunately our federal government is set up with checks and balances and presidents have been impeached, and we have 50 state governments. This isn’t Iraq. Among the blizzard of bad news that comes each day there was some good news today that it appears the Republicans in the Senate will not simply roll over but intend to assert themselves. This was demonstrated by a bipartisan agreement to investigate the CIA allegations that Russia interfered with the US election even though Trump claims there is nothing to it. The Senate can play a big role in keeping Trump in check. Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Susan Collins will probably often vote with the Democrats giving anti-Trump forces 51 votes on certain issues. States like California and New York are taking measure measures to thwart Trump on rounding up undocumented workers and instituting stop and frisk nationally. Organizations like the ACLU are making plans to take on Trump in he legal system. The resistance is building within governments and without.


One of the best articles I have read about Trump.

When a Fox News icon like Megan Kelly, makes the following statement: Kelly was unequivocal. “They will come after you, she said, ( the alt-right figures gathered around Trump ) they will target you. And be relentless about it.” You have to know, America is no longer an inverted totalitarian regime, or a covertly, fascist, Republic posing as a democracy, it has now happened here!


Why do we continue to have this conversation w/o mention that the corrupt Clinton Democrats caused it? I voted Jill Stein. Didn’t Obama deport more people than any other President. Didn’t Obama prosecute more “whistleblowers” than any other President. Didn’t Obama kill more people, American citizens included, than any other President by use of that cowardly drone.


If we’re gonna go after the robber barons, let’s be fair. Andrew Carnegie became the largest manufacturer of steel in the world with a fortune equal to hundreds of billions, second only to Rockefeller. One chapter usually not written in this success story is his workers. That up to 40% were retired with permanent disabilities, never to work again. With no compensation for them or their families. 11% were killed on the job. No compensation for them or their families. If you didn’t have to pay 40% of your personnel expenses every year, you could probably run a pretty profitable business. These fortunes are built on the backs of millions of uncompensated hours and injuries. That’s just cheating, not genius.


On several websites the comments from people have been pretty depressing. One said that he felt that some kind of switch had been thrown in the country and that we would never be the same again. Another said that he had lost all faith in he U.S. I just emailed a long-term friend who worked at the State Dept for more then 30 years and said I could imagine his feelings about ExxonMobil CEO Tillerson being the new Secretary of State. I also said that the Trump Regime feels like it will be a metastasizing cancer in the government and the country at large. It would be appalling enough if the Orange Anus has actually been elected by a majority but to lose to Clinton by the best part of 3 million votes makes this a staggering thing to try and deal with.
I’d be willing to bet that a record number of Americans are seriously considering emigrating from what looks more and more like an empire in deep decline. Rather than his slogan to “Make America Great Again” Trump and his accomplices will do the opposite.


Terrible, and often hidden in our history. Some “kings” and “queens” conveniently forget about the workers and the consumers. They could not have businesses with them or us. Also, let’s think about the equivalent in today’s world- outsourcing workers jobs like they are worth nothing, and our country is known for that more than some others.


They will try to do that. What they seem to forget is that they need the rest of us- they are still human. I think that many people are scared and have become irrational. The key is this: With each experience we change. We said that after Kennedy was assasinated. We said that after Nixon was elected, and he was “pardoned”. We said that after 911. We said that after the US was involved ( and still is), in unending war. We said that after the ongoing depression of 08 et al. As we get older it gets scarier and more bizarre that is for sure. It seems that over the last thirty years or so , society has emphasized individual rights ( or those of a small circle) versus having a common purpose . I think what we need is required community service for all, period.


Also, cheating not genius- banksters and real estate agencies and not one high level Ceo was brought to trial after the crash of 08. In the early 80s , bankers committed fraud, but they ultimitely went to jail. What happened that was different this time, and why would the richest need to have one million more when they were making one hundred million? No devotion to community, family, fellow humans, nothing just the almighty dollar. Some did not even care if their own families got hurt, and thousands committed suicide.


We should all be terrified, even the minority of people who voted for Trump.
Please consider stopping this disaster by asking electors to vote their conscience, as that is explicitly what Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote at the founding of the Constitution.* The electoral college was designed to ensure that a demagogue did not fool enough of the people enough of the time and lead America into oblivion. Already, eight electors are so-called “Hamilton Electors,” meaning they intend to vote their conscience and one, a Texas evangelical, has resigned rather than vote for Trump.
Since electors are more conscious than most of us, they probably know of, for example, Trump’s conflicts of interest, his Foundation and University scams, and his background in screwing union workers with foreign labor he failed to pay and recognize that his refusal to listen to good advice has already led America into foreign policy difficulties. If electors have the sense that Americans support them voting their conscience and fear leaving the nuclear codes under the sole control of a potentially sociopathic man, they are more likely to vote intelligently Dec. 19.
In these two petitions there are already some 5 million voters asking electors to do what’s right:



Progressives are often accused of living in an echo chamber. I suppose that’s true of all political passionates. Whenever I doubt my own conclusions, Chris comes through with inescapable truisms and a mastery of presentation. THANK YOU CHRIS!


While “progressives are accused of living in echo chambers”, FOX and talk radio in general are nothing more than echo chambers that repeat the same lies so frequently and without being challenged that those lies become facts for the listeners.


Ah Chris, you never disappoint. Thank you for this thorough break down of our new leader.
He reminds me of the movie “The Shinning” and the phrase Jack Nicholson said, in this case “Here comes Donney”!
The type of pathology Trump has eventually self destructs. They are also vulnerable and secretly paranoid. They can be stopped though and now is the time.


I know what you say about whistleblowers is true. BUT, I also know that Noam Chomsky, whom I have read for years and for whom great respect, said it was critical to vote for Hillary. I trust him far more than you, whoever you are.


Your trust is your trust. I read, and respect, Chomsky, too. It was just my recollection of another man I trusted, Obama, and voted for, once. It’s a cruel emotion, trust.


Demagogue or sociopath take your pick. Witness the rotting corpse of an an already rotten nation. If this prediction becomes reality, I’m outta here. Canada perhaps?


The problem is that the checks and balances may not work if the Republican Party controls all three branches of the government, as it may well do. The Republican Party also controls a significant amount of state legislatures (68 out of 98 state houses, according to Real Clear Politics). So, it is a real threat to democracy. And maybe the Republicans in the Senate will assert themselves, but I wouldn’t trust Mitch (“Jabba the Hut”) McConnell as far as I could throw a bottle of Kentucky moonshine.


Chris Hedges is great, and this is an excellent article, but I have to take issue with him, to some degree, about Muammar Ghadafy’s irrigation project, the “Great Manmade River.” While it is true that it is large, the fact is that it brought water to people who live in a desert.
I say “brought” because it was one of the first Libyan infrastructure targets of the NATO bombing, and was bombed in the summer. It had NO MILITARY VALUE whatsoever, and the only purpose in bombing it seems to have been to cause civilians to suffer. How shameful! In fact, its bombing was a WAR CRIME, and I wish Mr. Hedges could have seen fit to mention that.