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'Demand Accountability': As Federal Secret Police Deploy Across Country, AOC Introduces Bill Requiring Identification

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/20/demand-accountability-federal-secret-police-deploy-across-country-aoc-introduces


“FEARS of an authoritarian crackdown” implies future tense.

The US gubmit has been doing this at least since the Viet Nam demonstrations during the 60s, so lets make it past, present, and future tense.


Secret police ordered to mess with protesters. What a damn waste of tax dollars.
If Portland wants to be the heavy on protesters they have their own police force to engage with them. Hopefully with more sense than the Minneapolis police did with the detention and killing of George Floyd.


These thugs already operate outside the law. There is very little left to stop them from escalating.


The damn Democrats need to impeach the fucker once again immediately and force the Senate Republicans to vote for outright fascism if they refuse to convict him yet again. But then the damn Democrats will not step up and use the power they do have at their disposal. Their answer is to try and vote Trump out and replace him with:
Either way the two corporate parties are dead set on killing us all in the end. But in the meantime for god’s sake, let’s make sure the secret police have names on their uniforms. Hey, hey AOC, it is going to take a bit more than that wonderful response to thugs kidnapping citizens. How about demanding another round of impeachment instead. Pretty please AOC.


This is the extent “progressives” in congress can do in the face of a rapidly rising fascist threat? Seems we really are on our own.

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What happened to posse comitatus?

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Democrats passed all the authorizing legislation, and Biden helped write it, they’re not about to reverse themselves now.

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I agree we shouldn’t have SP
But this is DOA in the Senate (assuming it gets past Pelosi)

AOC disgusts me with this empty, virtue signalling proposal.

Why not propose repealing the NDAA clause that allows indefinite detention of USA citizens without trial or probably cause if the President determines they’re a terrorist? Why not propose repealing the Patriot Act that allows such things?

Oh, I know. It’s because Obama and Biden were behind those powers being given to the President that Trump’s administration is now using.

But shallow, disgusting AOC uses it for her own advancement that all we need before two thugs in camo from the border patrol come along and disappear us into Gitmo is for them to flash a badge.


I think what we need is an overhaul in how we elect Congress and how Congress runs and how people hold their representatives accountable. I’d like to see all those things you mentioned proposed by progressive politicians who aren’t afraid of anybody (I know I’m getting my hopes up but I expect Bowman to be one of these. Nobody helped him get elected - true with AOC too I realize) and I think he’s willing to make waves. Then I want to see every piece of legislation in a big database that allows voters to easily see where a progressive rep is or appears to be falling down on the job. Now I know it
everything isn’t cut and dry so I expect every representative to give a simple or a detailed explanation on their government website explaining why they are sponsoring or not sponsoring a piece of legislation. And I don’t see a point of being in the middle on any bill. If you sponsor it you are saying you will vote for it if it comes up for a vote and if you don’t sponsor it you are saying you won’t vote for it. Fuck the horse trading. Maybe this necessitates amendment reform as you don’t want in my scheme inconsistent amendments added to bills you have made your mind up on.

All I know is the way we are doing it now isn’t working for most of us (and here I mean us = everyone including Trump voters).

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…Name me someone you think is taking care of the ship, who is steering in the right direction, rather than demoting one of the better progressives we have going here. Unless you’ve got someone better suited, your blame holds no water…just another circular firing squad attempt…pffffttt!!..


Thank you Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Eleanor Holmes Norton for introducing a bill that requires identification badges and accountability to Congress. Can’t wait to have a bill name/number to follow as this bill will fly to the floor for votes. Thank you for representing a very grave concern.

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This will be DOA as the GOP will never advance this, and DT will veto it if it reached him. The ACLU has filed a lawsuit to halt these "Federal Police, and that will go nowhere either. DT will ignore it if the ruling is against him as he has done with all those losses in court. The Amendment one of the senators has advanced will also die on the vine as he has no one who matters to back it and DT will stop that one if it lands on his desk. One thing for certain, Agent Orange has evolved into a very much alive Mad Hatter.

Pelosi has stated DT will be “fumigated” out of the White House. Funneee. They have absolutely no power to remove him if he refuses to do so. I don’t believe law enforcement will revolt against that power grab, nor will the military. DT wants a revolution and intends to get it one way or the other in order to remain in office. FDR had a plan for remaining in office, but DT wants to burn it all to the ground like Nero and Caligula.

Federal law enforcement agents should wear some form of identification when on duty so that citizens can easily identify who it is that is violating their civil rights; a local agent, a state agent or a Federal agent. Again AOC offers common sense legislation.


Just the fact that AOC and others even have to say “we shouldn’t have secret police” is a statement of how far gone America is from its ideals and constitution.

It’s the equivalent of having to make a statement that sexual abuse is criminal behavior. Having to make the statement is, by itself, and indication of a failure of a society’s justice system.


Gestapo. Welcome to Nazi Germany.

You can bet Trump’s bromance with his buddy Putin, was the inspiration behind the Secret Police action.

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An advocate for non-violent revolution, for peace, and for justice.

Just not for "Stormtroopers Identification."

Does their anonymity sound like “they” are for non-violence, peace, and justice?

Y’know, its all the same to me, whether we make the PoPo (of whatever sort) wear ID’s, or just SHOOT them when they do Capital Offenses like KIDNAPPING PEOPLE who don’t know them from Adam…

So I wish AOC luck AND SUCCESS in this, but now I’m kinda thinkin’ that them wearing badges while they assault us isn’t enough, and GUNS may be required for our DEFENSE…