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Demand Critical Congressional Hearings—Long Overdue, Avoided or Blocked


Demand Critical Congressional Hearings—Long Overdue, Avoided or Blocked

Ralph Nader

Earlier this month I wrote a column listing twelve major redirections or reforms that most people want for our country (see: “It’s Your Congress, People!” Make it work for you!). All of which require action by Congress—the gate-keeper. Now Congress must hold informative and investigative public hearings to inform the media and to alert and empower the people.

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) explains a Congressional Hearing as follows:




I’m not sure how you can disagree with any of the recommendations Ralph has made here as I believe they all have some merit, until which time they either prove unproductive or are completely shunned by the establishment politicians.

At which time, your suggestion would then become one of our best options.



The 1st “Hearing” we need to have is one to IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT. The rest is later.



I’ll second that motion.

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I’m happy to see the mention of electoral reform, and he listed the specifics which was appropriate. Viva the revolution, nothing else has enough support.



We can impeach the current President with the election of 2020. We can impeach our totally corrupt government and the spy agencies within it by 1) having the courage and taking the time to get in the streets and demand real change and a new Political party with which to create that change; and, 2) demanding criminal trials to put the many war criminals and economic fraudsters in prison for their embezzlement of our Treasury and our stolen futures. Time is running out for life on Earth.



SHOCKINGLY loooong list of hearings avoided/blocked! (so THAT’S where all those brave bills went to Die!).

AND, please don’t leave out the nearly 100 yearold EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT that makes sex discrimination (against male and female) a violation of our US Constitution, finally–it just needs only ONE more state to say Yes! Think rape adjudicated as the soul-searing crime it IS and equal treatment of the sexes, a human and civil right. Appreciate this opportunity to sound the alarm.