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Demand for Medicare-for-All, Medical Students Rise Up Nationwide


Demand for Medicare-for-All, Medical Students Rise Up Nationwide

Jon Queally, staff writer

Taking a stand for the future of their profession and the healthcare needs of the nation, medical students across the U.S. are holding rallies and demonstration on Thursday as they demand the creation of a non-profit, publicly financed, single-payer system—a solution, they say, long overdue.


ACA allows us to choose any qualified provider except Medicare....dumb

Let the patient choose.
Let us choose....afraid of the response


good point!


These are the doctors we can all use. Time to reactivate our fight for single-payer. Thanks to all these future physicians with soul!


This is amazinglywelcome wonderful news. And the only Presidential candidate who shouts to his overflow, huge crowds as part of his stump speech, is BERNIE SANDERS. The confluence of his saying ":singlepayer healthcare for all our citizens" and this demand from medical students just might be the turning of the tide. Why should we Americans suffer so so-called "healthcare" CEOs can live in mansions and drive limousines? Healthcare is a human right and ought to be treated as such instead of a pasture for greed-mad CEOs to graze in. Go BERNIE!
To help elect this progressive man who wants what is best for us all, call the DemocraticNationalCommittee [202]683-8000 & leave a voice mail for DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, "I demand that you schedule MORE DEMOCRATIC DEBATES [so Bernie's msg can be heard nationwide!" Next, go to www.revoltagainstplutocracy.org & pledge to WRITE IN BERNIE SANDERS FOR PRESIDENT should the DNC try to shove HRC down our throats. She is a corporate shill while Bernie is a true patriot, raised poor, who cares about the Middle Class.


HRC has never wavered in her zealous support of the individual mandate, first introduced by the GOP two decades ago that requires Americans to purchase private insurance irrespective of whether that insurance provides needed medical coverage.

All college students should be pushing for single payer since so many older workers are delaying retirement solely to keep their employer sponsored medical insurance, thereby preventing their good jobs from becoming available to young Americans.


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The medical students need to put pressure on MDs. I speak with my physicians about joining PNHP. Mostly, they understand and agree that we need to get rid of the insurance company middlemen, but they don't take action.


These medical students are a shining light on what healthcare should be ... caring for people.

My only comment is that the current medical coverage under Medicare is not adequate. As seniors on medicare will tell you, they need to purchase a Medicare Gap Policy from a private insurer to fill in the "gaps" in coverage. As a result, Medicare coverage needs to be expanded so separate private insurance policy is not needed.

The Socialist Party - USA addresses the healthcare issue as follows:

Health Care
The Socialist Party stands for a socialized health care system based on universal coverage, salaried doctors and health care workers, and revenues derived from a steeply graduated income tax.
• We give critical support to the demand for the immediate abolition of all private health insurance companies through the creation of a single-payer health system. We see single-payer as an important step in the direction of a fully socialized national health program with full standard and alternative medical, dental, vision, and mental health coverage for all. This system would be publicly funded through progressive taxation and controlled by democratically elected assemblies of health care workers and patients. The National Health Program should improve, and replace, Medicare and Medicaid.
• We call for a health care system that emphasizes preventive care, respects patients' privacy, gives special attention to the needs of the physically and mentally disabled, and conducts treatment and research unimpaired by sexism, racism, or homophobia.
• We call for full funding for AIDS research, prevention, and treatment. We demand full civil rights for people living with AIDS.
• We call for public ownership and worker and community control of the pharmaceutical industry.
• We call for educational programs to help prevent drug addiction; for voluntary treatment programs for addicts and alcoholics; and for the availability of free, sterile needles for those still using IV drugs.
• We call for the reinstatement of funding to community mental health services so that low-cost or no-cost treatment is available on a voluntary basis, with clients' rights respected. We oppose involuntary incarceration for treatment without due process.
• We support the right to choose or refuse medical treatment, the right to die, and the right to assisted suicide.
• We call for full community decision-making regarding the creation, organization or elimination of public health care facilities.

Democracy and capitalism are not compatible.


Good to see young medical doctors with a social conscience. Aneurin Bevan would have been proud of them.


I continue to say one should vote the primary for Sanders, and if he looses with the likes of that Zionist Debbie Wasserman Schultz shoving " HRC down our throats", ram the Queen of Darkness back up Debbie's ass and vote for Jill Stein. It's all quite simple.


It's good to see these future croakers realizing the damages caused by the relentless pursuit of profits by the insurance companies. Now if only they would realize the drug companies are just as bad.