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Demand for Probe as Arkansas Killing Spree Concludes With 'Shaking and Convulsions'

Demand for Probe as Arkansas Killing Spree Concludes With 'Shaking and Convulsions'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The government of Arkansas concluded its controversial and unprecedented killing spree Thursday night with what many are calling the botched execution of Kenneth Williams, which has prompted demands for an investigation into whether he was unlawfully "tortured" by the state before his death.

Republican’s believe in Jesus! yeah right!!

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This is where the really UGLY side of many Americans shows through. repulsive, hate driven, callous and cruel. The governor of Arkansas lives in infamy and should be recalled. What a monster.


Democrats too. Clinton said she would not touch the death penalty. What a f**ked up country America is.


I think they are trying to botch as many executions as they can, so no matter how cruel they are proven to be, they can’t be called cruel AND unusual. Cruelty is just business as usual in the empire of capitalism. Like with civilians slaughtered in war, and animals tortured to death in slaughterhouses by the billions, it’s just standard practice for the industry.


Hey, it was just 2016 where Virginia’s state government passed a vote to bring back the electric chair to murder people with electricity; because, pharma companies would not sell them ( Virginia’s government ) murder drugs. Governor McAuliffe(D) vetoed the electric chair bill, but Governor McAuliffe passed another bill instead that would allow Virginia’s government to hire a pharmacy to secretly make batches of murder drugs to murder via drugs. So in the end, Virginia’s government is back in the murder business.


This is a national disgrace! Why are we - in the 21st century - still allowing State-sponsored killings? I cannot imagine attending an execution and doubt that I ever will. Still, I do believe that any/all state-sponsored executions should be broadcast on local, public television. You probably think that is a horrific idea, right? Actually, I do too. But here’s the deal; if the state is executing a person, that execution should be available for everyone to see. Why do I believe this? Because we in America have grown numb to the reality of death - whether by gun, accident, natural disaster or anything else. The government has purposefully and deliberately shielded us from death-related events - IE: Some time after the war in Iraq President George W. Bush ordered that no pictures be taken of the caskets of soldiers when their bodies were returned to the United States. He did this because he did not want people to see those caskets and, potentially, acquire a negative attitude toward/about the war. He also put the kibosh on TV networks showing gruesome scenes from the war.

Personally, I wish we would do away with the death penalty altogether. Personally, I wish we would stop fighting wars that never end. Personally, I wish there was never anymore carnage, period, as a result of war. Tragically, there is nothing I can do to get my wishes fulfilled. But here is the deal - if we are going to do these things, then we should do them openly and transparently. The carnage from wars and executions should be available to everyone. And maybe - just maybe - if we were forced to see the results of our actions, we would not be so apathetic about them.

Perhaps we should make it mandatory for anyone working in the government and/or the human services field, to witness one execution in real time. If we were faced with the stark reality of our choices, maybe we would make more informed and humane choices.

The death penalty needs to be abolished NOW!! If even ONE person is wrongly put to death by a state, that state is guilty of first degree murder. Of course, the state would never be charged. Still, it is NOT worth the risk of even one person being wrongly put to death.

I have never fully understood some people’s apparent need to get revenge or ‘justice’ by killing another person. Killing the person doesn’t bring their relative back to life. The death penalty does not serve as a significant deterrence to committing crimes either - contrary to popular belief.


Yet another reason why the death penalty needs to be prohibited.


One more example of American barbarism.


The world watches in horror as the USA slides back in time once a leader now barely a follower it has become an outlier in the civilized world.

Aww the convicted murder gasped for 5 seconds. Truly bizarre how the left weeps for murderers but have no problem ripping an 8 month old baby out of the womb. I’m sure his victims (yeah, plural) suffered much worse.

Good riddance and I hope it hurt like hell.

Following in Bill’s Precedent Setting Footsteps.

(Had a mentally deficient prisoner murdered, to goose his first Campaign.)

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I hate being a citizen of a country that sponsors fist degree murder. God forbid that any of these poor souls are later found innocent. “WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS!.” yup…so is every other barbaric nation on the globe.

Yup and that’s why I couldn’t vote for the duo.


Your knuckles are dragging on the floor Neanderthal. The human race has moved on.

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“The true, unacknowledged purpose of capital punishment is to inspire fear and awe-----fear and awe of the State.”
–Edward Abbey

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