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Demand Grows for Biden to Address Tara Reade Allegations as Democrats Wrestle With #MeToo Hypocrisy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/28/demand-grows-biden-address-tara-reade-allegations-democrats-wrestle-metoo-hypocrisy


I saw a blue-no-matter-who themed tweet that stated that the writer would vote for Biden if he had raped 100 women at gunpoint – it didn’t seem to be snark.

As for d-party hypocrisy, we already know how boundless that is.

As for the death of the #metoo movement, it’s being led by women like Nancy Pelosi.


“Republicans call for investigation into Biden”.
This is what we have to look forward to on day one of Biden’s term.
Biden is the best the democrats can come up with?
No wonder this country is in trouble.


The corruption of the DNC may be handy here; they can get rid of him at the convention and run a half decent human being. Sanders never should have quit.

Of course, they’d rather have a sexual predator than Sanders, who would ruin their pay to play business model; but they have other mediocrities available that would be an improvement over Joe with his very poor boundary issues and dementia.


Biden is NOT the best the democrats can come up with. He was the last man standing among the Great White Wall Street Hopes after they vanquished the FDR Democrats (Bernie/Elizabeth). Their victory over the progressives was much more important to the Corporate Dems than beating tRump this fall.


"Our pervert is not as bad as your pervert!"


Well…at least 100 rapes at gun point isnt as bad as killing someone on 5th ave.


No, Senator Sanders was the best the D electorate could come up with - but then the DNC de-frauded the system (and probably the votes - looking at the evidence), and in collusion with a corporate-owned and tinted press took out Sanders. But the dissembling, demented, doddering Biden is the best the DNC could fraudulently manipulate into the position when Sanders was poised to take the nomination.


Thanks CD for finally reporting about Tara Reade.

Biden should certainly step down. Franken resigned for far milder behaviors, not that i necessarily agree he should have.

And, the ugly machinations of the DNC – to defraud the voters and avert Sanders – come back to haunt us all. Not that i think Sanders should have dropped out and endorsed Biden, either…


Bernie would probably agree, since Bernie endorsed Biden. We cannot allow the bad pervert another term we must elect our… not as bad pervert!


Make that the best that the corrupt, corporate, democrats can come up with.


Every once in a while we get a real sore thumb of a truth about our dear leaders. Here they tell us how hypocritical they are and how stupid they think we are by ignoring Reade’s credible allegations. Any Dem or Dem supporter burying their head in the sand on this deserves all of the scorn and criticism that may come.
This is but one disgusting result of the complete politicization of…everything. That the Dems and their believers are willing to ignore, slut-shame, cast doubt upon and red-bait a woman who has more credible claims to make against Biden (furthered by today’s reporting) than even Dr. Ford had against Kavanaugh - credible claims by any account - is deeply disturbing. Ignore it all you want, MSM. This story is going to be told. And you will look like the partisan hacks you are when you have to start speaking about it, yourselves.
Stepping away from the death-cult marketing scheme Dems is feeling more and more sane with each passing day. Hope I live long enough to see them move past the current appetizer phase of their crony cannibalism and on to the main course.


get back in Bernie! Biden=4 more of trump


And today on HP I was accused of being a traitor from a middle aged male dimocrat who state vociferously that the dims were always the party of the people (sure were, a lifetime ago) that shumer and nancy were his heroes (echoed by 35 dims) and that i needed to get my a $$ to china where I belong with the rest of the communists. Honestly, it does not do one bit of good to point out anything to those people, they are so deluded and stuck. Facts, articles with their own WORDS and they still deny it all. As frustrating as dealing with deplorables.


We shall see how that victory REALLY plays out at the convention and beyond. Dims are in for a fight.At least i hope so.


Sorry to hear that, but that goes with the territory of the Huff Puff; glad you are reading CD and may I recommend Consortiumnews, the Intercept , Grayzone , Truthdig among others.

I should have added in my original post that Biden, way back when, torpedoed Anita Hill’s sexual harassment charges against Clarence Thomas by refusing her witnesses. Though he didn’t touch Anita, I can say he sexually abused her psychologically as well as causing her humiliation. Obviously this is a big long term issue with him. He needs to drop out; which would be the first time he showed any integrity-I am not holding my breath-so he’ll have to be pushed out.


Wonder if the DNC has worked up contingency plans in case this gains more traction.
Would bet that none involve Sanders.


My guess is the contingency plan of Cuomo.


Google Peter Dauo.

Bernie where are you! get this shithead off the ticket. no way in hell do I vote for a sexual predator republithug or damn democrat.