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Demand Grows for Trump to Drop Fake-News Peddling, Islamophobic Flynn


Demand Grows for Trump to Drop Fake-News Peddling, Islamophobic Flynn

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as national security advisor "is a frightening prospect for anyone who values America's national security," more than 50 organizations wrote to President-elect Donald Trump on Monday demanding he rescind the appointment "immediately."


Lt. General Flynn is indeed a " frightening prospect" but PRESIDENT Trump AND ALL his choices for his new Administration are to me, FRIGHTENING PROSPECTS!

To quote Harry Belafonte: "WELCOME TO THE FOURTH REICH!"


"This is the least experienced president in American history,"

And to think, many that voted for this clown for that exact reason.

"I can bust down the dressing room door and stare at the chicks' ta-tas because I own the joint. But I'm a very classy ogler, believe me." PE (you asked for it you got it) Drumpf


Such is the reality of the Trump carny showman and his Cabinet of Horrors.
"the least experienced president in American history" is accurate but incomplete; Trump is the most ignorant, immoral, greed/ego driven, shallow, and corrupt president in American history - certainly in modern times - including Nixon who I would far prefer in the WH to the malignant and pathological Trump.


Used to be; B C (before Christ) & A D (after the birth of Christ). Now days it's B T (before Trump) & A T (after the election of Trump). Is anyone still wondering if this Presidency is likely to be about the wildest ride ever.


Warning: This is not Fake News.
"In Emotional Outburst, Russia Just Accused the US of Murdering Its Doctors in Aleppo" (Videos)


I posted this yesterday in resonse to an older article, but it's just right for this one.

Flynn's son is apparently part of the transition team, and he's not only into conspiracies like his father, but also white nationalism:

There's a theme to many of these appointments that is very disturbing. These people are seroius and they mean what they say.


Seems hospitals have become targets following the israeli model - kill the survivors and eliminate news sources - the US attacks on MSF hospitals and all the others are war crimes - the Pentagon says "no war crime was committed because the attack was a "mistake" - too bad there is no agency or leaders apparently anywhere who will step-up and say it was so. we are living in an age of violence and brutality beyond all bounds of "modern" enlightenment or moral compass......................


This is all smoke and mirrors because the establishment is worried Flynn might change their regime-change agenda and make peace with Russia. Anyone who invokes "fake news" in this context is not to be trusted.


Flynn and Flynn Jr are simply following the lead of their emperor, T-dump who takes news from "InfoWars" website (created by Alex Jones, a huge conspiracy theorist and wack-job) and tweets them word-for-word and a prime example is the China BS T-Dump recently tweeted figuratively firing a shot over China's bow. So, not surprised. What is equally as frightening is the anointing of KT McFarland as deputy NS Adviser (FOX prepared her for this new posting...fake, sensationalist, fear-mongering news reporting her specialty).

I do not give a damn how loudly T-dump avows not being a racist, he is one and all his anointees reflect his racism, fascism, narcissism, misogyny, nationalism, homophobia, and bigotry. They all embody these major character flaws in one way or another and consider themselves to be above all the riff-raff on whose backs they have risen in all their ignominy. All, like the jackals they are, will turn on their pack leader when they are provoked by him. And he will be all to happy to reciprocate. He is a lunatic who will never "normalize" as touted by MSM that also spouts a "wait and see" or "give him a chance" drek.

Sickening at best.


"The Donald" loves fake news - and fake facts make the man and his policies, like the fake man-made global warming crisis caused by burning fossil-fuels being a fabrication of fact created by the Chinese for economic advantage. As a demonstrated pathological liar we are in for a very rough ride - Is it even legal - forget moral - for a president to be a proven liar? Isn't that cause to impeach?

"The global warming crisis seems to get worse and worse, faster and faster. Now brand-new shocking research of a spine-chilling development -a meltdown of a significant part of Antarctica, like West Antarctica, has the potential, according to new research, to submerge Miami and New York during current lifetimes. This is the first time scientific observation has officially come to the conclusion that such a horrendous meltdown is probable so soon!"

Those damn Chinese, trying to scare us into shifting to other than burning fossil fuels! Better make the bucks before Miami and NY (ah, to Hell with NY) goe under water.....................



I agree. I thought that the racists/white supremacists, who probably did not bother to vote in either election in which President Obama won, continued to feed their hatred and fuel their erupting anger at having an African-American with the name Barack Obama (xenophobia, too) for eight years and swore to themselves and their gang mates to not allow this to ever happen again. Along came Evil Incarnate (who was all to happy to tap into that cauldron of smoldering angst), their savior and they probably registered to vote for the first time ever throwing their hate-filled, xenophobic, homophobic, nationalist, bigoted support behind their new-found messiah with all their malevolent might. All the while wearing their stupidity and ignorance as medallions.


Obama just had to go ahead and be Black, didn't he? So selfish.


Nope. Lying is not an impeachable offense. Clearly it is not a disqualifier in a candidate.


A follow-up to my last post about Flynn's son.

HE RESIGNED! :smiley:

Pressure works, people. Keeping stuff like this going helps.


Now, can Flynn be forced out for his support of disinformation, too?


Human trafficking is certainly true -- so someone is doing it.
A woman connected to a children's organization was trying to move 34 children out of Haiti illegally --
actually children who had families and who were temporarily left in her care -- had connections to Hillary.
More than connections, it looks like the CF and/or Clintons oversaw providing her with a lawyer. The
lawyer, himself, had questionable background.
Additionally, one of the central figures in Hampstead case -- Ricky Dearman -- pedophile and trafficker
of children -- is connected to Haiti having done a narration for a Haiti video/YouTube -- with connections
to Ching Hai who is believed to work for the CIA.
If you actually have an interest in this subject -- check the WikiLeaks emails for John Podesta and you
will find him using many of the code words which the FBI list connects to pedophile rings.
You'll also find that info on internet.
There are many sources for the Tony Podesta pedophile artwork -- and you can usually find that info on
YouTube or on the pizzagate links.
Despite the fact that our free press exists not only to inform the masses, but to challenge the powerful...
we see that the internet is under attack over these challenges raised by those looking closely at the
emails and other connecting information.
Again -- if you are curious you will find the info, but here's a link to the investigation which has been moved
to two new locations -- http:www.voat.co/V/pizzagate
and https://www.corbettreport.com/reddit-bans-pizzagate-investigation-the-corbett-report-continues-it/
Keep in mind, a search will make clear to you that large pedophile rings are regularly being broken up in
just about every nation, only to very quickly re-establish themselves.
There are on-going investigations in Norway, Belgium, Australia, UK.
But you also have to understand that the underlying evil in this is the CIA'sMKULTRA-Monarch Program.
Read something about those programs.
Pizzagate is specifically looking at connections of Podesta to pedophilia rings. A catchy name, but it is
specific to the DC connection and if true parallels the workings of these rings in other nations.
If you've never looked at any of this before -- and it is a difficult subject because of the "Satanic" overlay
which certainly exists to keep people from looking at the issue -- then I'd begin with Ted Gunderson/YouTube.
The Franklin Scandal which connected to the Reagan/Bush White House.
That is NOT to say that these people aren't using violent rituals to frighten and control their victims.
As you look at MKULTRA you realize that their program for mind control included torture, sexual abuse in
order to create split personalities. Many do not understand that these new personalities can then be
programed -- that permits the victims to go about their daily lives unaware of what else they are doing in
other identities. Young children programmed in this manner were used as homosexual prostitutes, as
drug runners and for Espionage/spying.
Pizzagate takes you into the story -- but the story is global -- with routes through the US.
We have huge numbers, as well, of children kidnapped in the US every year.
Human trafficking and sexual abuse of children is real. Kidnapping of children is real.
CIA's/MKULTRA-Monarch is real.


Trump attended Epstein parties. My guess us that the allegation of rape of that 13 year old girl is true.


Agree on that -- evidently threats.


"Fake News" I heard Amy Goodman use this phrase without comment this morning in regard to high level pedophilia in the Democratic Party Podesta, Clinton, Obama... This is the most Orwellian situation yet, and it makes me choke. "Fake News" is all we get from the mainstream and now the alternative media is being branded as "fake"; with the 'left' following the lead of the bankers again, always....


It's dispiriting to see comments taking online right-wng conspiracy lunacy seriously here.

#Pizzagate is the new Satanic Panic


This essay puts the current hysteria into a continuum with other such events. Fake news is fake, and this Comet Ping Pong story didn't even start out as news, just as bizarre speculation on a pro-Trump subreddit.

Don't follow them down the rabbit hole.