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Demanding 2020 Democrats Pick a Side on Climate Emergency, Greenpeace Climbers Shut Down Busiest Fossil Fuel Transportation Hub Route in US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/12/demanding-2020-democrats-pick-side-climate-emergency-greenpeace-climbers-shut-down


It’s possible authorities could panic and come down like a ton of bricks on the Greenpeace crew, and I mean soon. In my opinion, this would be a plus for our side: to strenuously suppress such a protest makes the wrong kind of example of it (“wrong” for the authorities, we might hope). The state would be stating loud and clear “We’re not having any of this!” Just try to shut us up in the aftermath.

We can also play this “loud and clear” game.


just a little history.
USA had policy that we would use up middle east oil and save ours for future generations.
The economic crash of 2008 changed that.

  1. We had to up our production to slow down balance of trade deficit.
  2. more important, to gain income from export sales that helps support about 100 million american peoples.
  3. The alberta tar sands now flows all the way south to Houston area. I do not know if foreign refineries can handle this high sulfur, dirty crude. Or are we using this here and exporting the west texas quality to other nations.

Our compressed natural gas contract with China got canceled and they are purchasing from Russia. As an example of our sales efforts.

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Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, Water Protectors, Earth First!, and a few other groups do the direct non-violent monkey-wrenching civil disobedience that will have to be done by hundreds of thousands of good people if we want to slow down the industrial earth-killing juggernaut.
Read the book The Monkey Wrench Gang as a how-to, not a fictional novel, and act accordingly.


The Alberta tar sands project is one of the most ruinous in human history, not just for ecology and native species, but also for indigenous peoples and others who live in the vast region that this project is destroying.
Alberta is “Little Texas,” a petroindustrial wasteland, except for two national parks.
The oil industry is ecocidal.


Until wealth and greed that now control the direction of society and the wider world, are destroyed and truth, wisdom, science - the Common Good, replace pursuit of wealth as how and why a direction is taken, we will continue to be slaves to the depravity, arrogance, exploitation, destruction, and blind ambition of the rule of money and those who worship it above all else. Those corrupting, self-serving, greed-driven models must be smashed - a very tall-order that will take all of us to effect.


Environmentalists Want To Know The Position Of Each Democrat:

"Will you champion a Green New Deal and ensure a just transition away from fossil fuels? Or will you side with the corrupt billionaires trying to wreck the planet for their profit?

Unfortunately The Majority of Democrats will side with the Fossil Fuel Industry, the Bribes/Donations they receive are just too Fantastic to give up. Next Question.

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Well, that… and Katrina* taking out Mars and the other deep-water TLPs and messing up Gulf gas infrastructure, set off speculation of Marcellus plays, then exploitable due to slick-water fracking/ directional drilling. But, yeah… you right. I’m surprised, the powers that be don’t have poor Latino workers bussed-out to bust hippy tree-hugger heads (but, that would likely draw media attention, right as the DNC’s about to finally silence Bernie) Who’s turn is tonight’s reality infomercial cage match, WWE or Walt Disney? Care to bet: NO mention of this? * bitter irony alert!

And the Canadian Boreal Forest is being clear cut by the millions of acres and not being reforested the way it needs to be.
There is only one side for dems to pick. Not a choice at all.


This is what patriotism looks like. Thanks to those shutting down this fossil fuel facility at the heart of Mordor.


Every Texan knows and understands the adage: “the only things you find in the middle of the road are yellow stripes and dead armadillos”.


I am not promoting the alberta tar sands oil.
Simply letting readers know that this foul now goes south all the way to Houston refineries.
From the hub in Oklahoma, it also comes east to Pontiac, Illinois then to Griffith, Indiana and then on to Sarnia, Ontario. Used in three Chicago region refineries that I know of. Eight in Michigan. I do not know if it goes to Toledo and Lima, Ohio.

This is really low cost crude. 2.8 years ago, a Canadian business news site provided a price of $13.00 a barrel paid. The Whiting BP refinery spent about $4 billion dollars on new refinery to process this crude for aircraft jet fuel and diesel fuel.

I disagree with chemical / water pressure fracking for environment because our water table will be ruined - forever. Using high pressure steam only is the way to go. This would probably require skilled human operators at well site which would go agin current hands off manufacturing, driving cars, robot surgery, etc.

This morning the NYT committed yet another spectacular self-own. Their main article framing the debate didn’t even mention Bernie Sanders, setting it up as a Biden-Warren contest. Then on their op-ed page Gail Collins wrote that anyone who fails to talk about Bernie Sanders is incompetent.

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well written by Hudson.
suggest we all should seriously consider that 2020 will be an evil Trump victory.

Refurbishing the democratic party requires good solid candidates at county and state levels, NOW, which are long lost seats to republicans. I blame the lazy fat cat boomers. Or give up while waiting for boomers to expire and the next generation fix the mess.

From the article:
“It would not help much to take over the Democratic Party as long as its rules cede control to Wall Street donors. For the party to be reconstituted, the coterie that has imposed Rubinomics, Hillary’s neocon military empire, and is threatening to balance the budget by cutting Social Security needs to be isolated.”

Hillary hates military from the bottom depth of her soul.
Social Security is not at risk financially. The boomers are covered. And they may deplete at an earlier age than their parents did.

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I’d intended no snark, and just LOVE Hudson; but posted it as evidence of radicalization of life-long Keynesian Democrats? Lots of folks, who’d ended up on the Prop R Not blacklisted sites like Yves’ had been unceremoniously kicked off of the Big Time Librul blog-aggregators by David Brock’s CTR trolls (& moderators) for voicing this exact line of blasphemy, way before RussiaRussiaRussia, Susan Sarandon or Ralph, Noam & Naomi turned us all into jihadist sexbot trolls, or whatever?

It was the GREAT down-ticket candidates, who suffered the most (and DCCC is going nutz playing whack-a-mole, after the Squad’s popularity with real working class Democrats in '18)

And so the vain dragon “Smaug” was slain when its vulnerable weak spot ‘missing scale’ was revealed as it gloated on its hoard of golden objects. I think sometimes I’m close to discovering that vulnerable weak spot. The closer I get the less I can accept a simple arrow shot to the heart through a hole in scaly armor can slay ‘our’ dragon. Vengefully cruel entities realize their weakness one way, so the story goes.

I am pretty sure my understanding of both the Canadian tar sands and the heavy crude in Venezuela is all refined at a facility in Texas owned by the Koch brothers. This facility is the only one that can refine this type of crude. Probably the reason they (trump) are trying to overthrow Maduro
The Koch brothers are winners for both dems and republicans. Koch bros support both parties. Numerous moderate dems get Koch donations.


as I wrote above and you did not read.
The alberta tar sands oil is refined at three in chicago
eight in Michigan
Then pipeline continues to Sarnia Ontario.

A solution is needed that not only reduces fossil fuel usage drastically, but simultaneously makes our country significantly less of a SHITHOLE!! Why aren’t you green people interested in moving our crappy society in the direction of Europe?

If enough people demand a Green New Deal, all the bait-and-switch Democrats will claim to have one. Hilary Clinton even called herself a progressive when it became popular. Greenpeace should know that better than anyone. What if they put this much effort into telling people there is a candidate with a real Green New Deal, from a party that does not take corporate money? A party that does not bait-and-switch voters into wasting our last hours begging for crumbs from Democrats?

Mike Gravel sent out an email asking his supporters to donate to Howie Hawkins’ campaign:

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