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Demanding Ban on Deadly Pesticides, Advocates Drop Millions of Dead Bees on EPA Doorstep


Demanding Ban on Deadly Pesticides, Advocates Drop Millions of Dead Bees on EPA Doorstep

Nika Knight, staff writer

Advocating for a ban on toxic pesticides that have led to massive bee die-offs nationwide, a truck filled with millions of the dead pollinators has trundled across the country to reach its final destination on Wednesday afternoon: the front steps of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters in Washington, D.C.

"If we stop keeping bees, who's going to pollinate your fruits and vegetables? This can't go on."
—Roger Williams,
Central Maryland Beekeepers Association


OK, you rewrote the press release (somewhat). But I still don't know what size truck it was or what "filled with" means. And that makes the evocation of a truck useless. Please, I want to be able to share and support this story.


The article said the truck was filled with millions of dead bees.


Pickup truck? 20-ft box truck? ?? Anyway, what are you, my editor?


Just like all the other critical issues that confront humankind, this very critical issue will be given lip-service from our corrupt to the core politicians, while the poison chemical conglomerate continue to poison the Earth and all life on Her! Government and the bought-and-paid-for will do nothing but stall, prevaricate, lie and whatever else they must to serve big-money and profits uber alles, regardless the consequences - even if doing so will continue to contribute to the eradication and/or decimation of all life on Earth.......MoFo politicians are owned, lock, stock and barrel by corporate pirates and are little but greed-driven corrupt swine!


I answered your question. What the hell is your problem?

Since you are attacking me, perhaps I'll actually do what you accuse me of. I'll pick at your posts, just for fun. I'll become that "editor" you accuse me of.

Let's review this discourse shall we?

Your initial post…

uh, actually you have now changed your initial post.

Well dear reader, her initial post asked the what the truck was filled with. I simply pointed out that it was filled with millions of bees as the article had stated.

A simple answer to a question.

The article said the truck was filled with millions of dead bees.

What do I get from bkswrites as a retort to answering her question?

This is what I get…

Pickup truck? 20-ft box truck? ?? Anyway, what are you, my editor?

Good grief.


Short-sighted practices are the hallmark of capitalism. The fate of the remarkable bee and ourselves depends on uprooting this disease.


They were lucky to find the dead bees. The neonics affect affect survival behavior, often bees out foraging become disoriented and never return.
We used to keep bees, and had great success with it, too. That is until about ten years ago when the miles of woods, forage, and pasture land about us were decimated into massive GMO corn/soy plantations. It is now impossible to maintain a hive through a season. We spent a small fortune attempting to restock our few humble hives, but to no avail. For the past ten years we've been witness to the slow, but inexorable ecocide of our region.


Absolutely. We need to work to dis-empower these corporations that have taken over not just "the economy" but also the political system.

Each "issue" is of great importance, and obviously the poisoning of the ecology by the agro-chemical companies has massive implications for life on Earth.

But at the same time that we fight against neonicotinoid pesticides, we need to keep our eyes on larger strategic work to end the rampant power of these artificial economic organizations, corporations, which tirelessly work to own everything, including us.


Stupidity is rampant..........


Good grief indeed. I haven't changed a thing. You can tell because there's no little edit pencil next to the time I posted. But let's talk about the issue instead of how we talk about it. I asked a question of the OP because I want to share this concern. Join me or leave me alone, but please drop the ad hominem waste of everybody's energy.


Sorry for your — and our — loss.


Good grief indeed. I haven't changed a thing. You can tell because there's no little edit pencil next to the time I posted.

You are a bald faced liar. Let me repeat. You are a bald faced liar and I'm not going to allow you to make me out for being one.

You can edit a post within the first 5 minutes without any indication that it was edited. Clearly that is what happened here. There was nothing in parenthesis in your original post.

I answered a question. And what did I get? An attack.

What is ironic about this whole thing, is I was actually being very nice in simply answering your question making a generous assumption that perhaps you hadn't actually read the article, but was relying on the synapse that appears at the top of the comment section (where in this case there was not a specific reference to bees, but rather "dead pollinators".

I was actually trying to be courteous.

On another thread, I specifically made a point to tell you that my cynicism regarding the "sit in" was not directed at you personally.

But, that wasn't enough for you. On that thread you make a personal attack against me in the form of an insult.

And, typical of a disingenuous person willing to openly lie about another person's behavior to "win" an argument, here you are accusing me of engaging in ad hominem attacks.

How rich.

Oh, and by the way, I think you have convinced me now to become your "personal editor". I look forward to many edits, at no charge whatsoever. I'm trying to build a portfolio.


Psy-Chick - my old Da used to say: "Son, anyone that argues with a fool, is a fool". that lesson evaded me back when, but makes perfect sense today.....I only hope I may keep the lesson fresh and not succumb to arguing with idiots.........keep the faith!


I appreciate that, but I'm not that evolved yet.

I refuse to allow such bullshit to go unchallenged. Thanks for the support however.


Well, maybe you will enlighten me where the onus belongs - I take big-ag to task at every opportunity, Monsatan as well. So where does the fault lie?


So, are you saying the workers Monsatan hires are guilty, or those they sell their proprietary seeds to are guilty? C'mon, out with it! A premise worth its salt is worthy of more than a few words.......who is big-ag anyway? Who does "plant the crops"? Where might my criticism "do some good"?

From another post you seem to be aware of pollinators - I suggest you plant to attract and nourish bees and butterfly's, and hummingbirds as I do. You will find honeybees (probably from neighboring keepers) bumblebees, solitary bee species, and many others if your land isn't already poisoned by - corporate pirates pushing their damn deadly poisons.


Here in SW MO where we keep bees, the electric company in all their wisdom despite complaint is spraying their right of ways with herbicides as I write. This during prime flower/honey season. There's no arguing with these people, if it is FDA approved, it is safe. With a fox in charge of the hen house, we are screwed as are the bees.

You might ask what's so important about those right of ways.......well, forage has become a thing of the past for bees. Healthy forage at least when forage is available. What I see here is field after field of fescue for cattle which is useless for bees, or woodlands also useless most of the year. Or GMO soy and corn, worse than useless as they are sprayed typically with Roundup which is a bee killer. If the roadside flowers aren't being sprayed, and this is during prime honey flow/flower season, they are being cut. All this despite even the guy on street knowing that bees are in peril.

Yes, the EPA, the FDA and anyone who is a decision maker down the line including the guy on the street needs to act on this as they can. If nothing else, quit buying bedding plants grown with systemic pesticides i.e. those who's cells are loaded with neonics which kill bees. As a species, we have backed ourselves in a corner with this thing and it's not just killing domestic honey bees. Think ALL pollinatores including butterflies, bats, herps, birds......

What's it gonna take?


You said it - the truth really hurts, a lot.


Wish you and the bees well - thanks for sharing.