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Demanding 'Bold Climate Action,' Youth Rally in Washington State Capitol


Demanding 'Bold Climate Action,' Youth Rally in Washington State Capitol

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Demanding "bold climate action now," young people from across Washington state are rallying in Olympia on Monday—another manifestation of youth being powerful voices for legislative action.


That is the problem, Trump is old and Trump has the time to " wait around" and for him, climate change, no matter how devastating is a Chinese hoax!


I would say calling for action to get below 350 ppm is getting ahead of things. First things first and that is to stop the level of carbon dioxide from rising. Getting below 350 ppm means removing vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a least if the goal is within the next 100 years, but right now the main task is to reduce emissions. However, the long-term goal should be to get below 350 ppm in order to stop sea level rise and stabilize the climate.


“There isn’t time anymore to wait around”

More specifics on why this is a fact:



Excellent link, thank you!

" The situation is so dire that it requires a world wide Marshall Plan effort, plus kneeling in prayer."
James G. Anderson.


Whoever survives the coming climate holocaust will truly hate the memory of almost all of us alive today. Bold action is difficult for lazy humans. Turning the system around now is going to be harder than any war ever fought. It’s like we just landed on Omaha Beach in our underpants, armed with butter knives.


In 1962 I read a panel about energy from dead carbon killing the future of human civilization. As a child I was really scared and wondered if there were alternatives to this grim future. After a lifetime of study I found many technical alternatives developed by scientists and engineers. The only barriers were political – the organization of civilization. The corruption of politicians could kill the future of civilization. Olympia is ground zero. Good luck!


As commendable as 350 PPM is, that ship left the port years ago. So we must start where we are and that’s industrial capitalism has and is poisoning Earth. Connecting say the entire electric power grid to 0 carbon renewable energy only solves about 35-40% of the total problem. Using oil for transport in all its forms is a much bigger source of gasses and toxic pollution, Then there’s food production that accounts for around 30% also. Stopping meat and dairy production cuts that in half in short order. So the problem is the entire system that civilization is built on and that’s what has to change. The US military accounts for almost have of the gasses the US produces and, as much as I’d like to see it happen, that doesn’t even enter into serious discussions. That should be the first thing to go all the military’s of the world. Then meat production. Then the pervasive consumerism. Air travel. See a big problem that won’t be solved by clean energy alone. I wish there was an easier way to go but these along with many other contingencies have to be dealt with for long term survival and I don’t see that happening, during my final days anyway.


That’s an absolutely ridiculous statement. What is your source?


We can walk and chew gum at the same time. Yes, we must immediately reduce our carbon emissions. At the same time, these kids want to plant thousands of trees to pull the carbon out of the air. The next thing we could do to reduce carbon is to step away from industrial agriculture and convert back to regenerative farming that reinvigorates living soils that will also sequester carbon as it did before. We can move toward all of these actions NOW!


And by the time the worst effects of climate change are felt he will have long have had his fatal heart attack or stroke.