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Demanding Clemency for Lisa Montgomery, UN Experts Warn US on Verge of 'Arbitrary Execution'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/04/demanding-clemency-lisa-montgomery-un-experts-warn-us-verge-arbitrary-execution

In our system mental nor physical abuses and seriously dealt with. The angry that have issues are not sought out for counseling or treatment.
The same with gun violence.
We don’t advertise that there is help available, and sometimes give none when it is requested.
Executions don’t resolve the root causes.
Guns don’t solve the root causes.


What we’re seeing here is behavior, a rush to judgement before January 20th, on the part of drumpf and republicans only because they can.


Executions - just one of the many metrics that keeps the ‘D.S.A.’ (Disunited Shitholes of America) way down any list measuring a decent society.

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The movie “The Spitfire Grill” tells a wonderful story about a 15-year old girl who received clemency for murdering her cruelly abusive stepdad.


It is indeed ironic to contemplate the satisfaction that one mentally ill person, DJT, will get from murdering another mentally ill person.


. Trump wants to bring back death by poison gas, electrocution, or a firing squad.I’m surprised that Trump overlooked, “Off with her head.”
Oh and yet another horror as Lisa’s parents built a separate room off their house where as a young girI------and apparently, from an early age---- she was sexually bartered for plumbing work, etc. etc. and had no childhood as she was raped and abused by many. A total life of abuse by her parents and many, many men and so for his final flourish of inhumanity ,Trump wants her to be sent to a mens prison until her death. A death in a prison filled with men… her abusers ----- I cannot imagine what the life of that poor child was like- and what a horror Trump has now planned for her as an adult---- and then to have a president who is also a rapist decide Lisa’s fate------Trump truly is evil incarnate.


It appears that the execution of Lisa Montgomery fits into the legal category of “arbitrary.” I do not believe that her conviction was in fact arbitrary, but rather, targeted. Who wants to admit that our nation has come to this? It is BECAUSE OF, not in spite of, her lifelong abasement and disability that they want to put her away, like a mad dog.


“On the verge” of arbitrary execution"? On the verge? I thought that, if the events of the past 7 months have taught anyone anything, it would be that arbitrary execution is such a factor of life in the United States it should become part of the nation’s motto, engraved above the doors to government institutions and printed on our money.

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Where are the “Right to Life” mobs now? It is all about power over women.


If a dog’s owners mistreat it so badly that the dog tries to fend off further mistreatment by biting anyone who comes near it, then most decide the dog must be killed because nobody can go near it safely. Poor Lisa has been mistreated like such a dog. Now she is such a nervous wreck that Trump claims she needs to be put down like such a mistreated dog.

They have to stay bad so Biden remains the lesser evil, they demand a sacrifice of her life.

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No, its about selling the babies of unmarried mothers, by presenting them with astronomical bills if they dare to try to keep their child. The bills are issued in both the child and parents name. The right wing churches get low six figure sums for facilitating these adoptions. they have a monopoly on the industry.

Understand what they are telling us. Arbitrary executions are crimes against all humanity and have no statute of limitations.

Our real life Slobodans and Goerings can expect to be tried before a jury of their peers. Even if it takes decades to catch them.

If they execute poor innocent people who would certainly have been killed if they didn’t defend themselves - they can expect to be prosecuted as murderers.

Well if he does it and knows she’s innocent I would say he’s going to be tracked down and imprisoned for a real murder, of her. If she is innocent, he has an affimative obligation to pardon her.

Also Assange and Snowden.