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Demanding Decentralized System, Wikipedia Co-Founder Calls for #SocialMediaStrike

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/01/demanding-decentralized-system-wikipedia-co-founder-calls-socialmediastrike


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New poll (RT!)
Will you participate in the July 4/5 #SocialMediaStrike, posting only that you’re on strike—and taking a stand to #DecentralizeSocialMedia and taking back control of your own data?

Read: https://larrysanger.org/2019/06/social-media-strike/
Declaration (sign!): https://larrysanger.org/2019/06/social-media-strike/

You in?

I’m in – like the idea very much!


Larry, glad you’ve finely caught up to those of us who have been “striking” social media since it’s inception.

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Zuckerberg 's laughing. Agreeing to strike for two days means you aren’t giving up social media and you certainly aren’t about to delete your account.


Maybe The Zuck, and you, should remember that, " he who laughs least, laughs last. "

"The declaration also accuses big tech companies of requiring “agreement to terms of service that are impossible for ordinary users to understand, and which are objectionably vague in ways that permit them to legally defend their exploitative practices.”

Exactly!!! And how would we know if new practices are being implemented??? (Even if they were agreed upon)

It might be worth bearing in mind that Disqus is a social medium…

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Greenwich, I recently deleted Facebook from my life. I must admit to some feelings of withdrawal; but, being free of that pusher man, Zuckerberg, is a relief. His censorship of users words and his use of our/my private data were the last straw for me. He sold us out to our corporate run government. Now it is time for all free thinking people to turn our backs on that little twit.


I deleted my account a week ago. Anyone can kick the Facebook addiction. Just do it!

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Does Disqus come with all the Zuckerberg baggage?

Great question, just what does social media include and where do you draw the line? I hate windows 10 as it makes it hard to avoid.

Don’t know, probably not all, but there are privacy concerns. See the Wikipedia article here and scroll down to ‘Criticism, privacy, and security concerns’. They do archive all your posts, if that’s of concern.

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Isn’t it “he who laughs last laughs longest”?

I abhor having to use a third-party service to communicate with others on websites. It is widely used however, because creating a comments section with users, authentication, data and security is difficult and time-consuming. However, it is absolutely do-able and if I had the chance to give my opinion on the websites I visit, I would always suggest to them to create a self-run user system.

Not only that but Disqus is just way too slow.

According to Mr. Heywood there were many variations on the original guote from 1546. So many in fact, Mr. Heywood’s heirs were laughing all the way to the bank, sort of like The Zuck does right now.