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Demanding End to 'Failed Billionaire-Backed' Policies, 200+ Teachers and Activists Urge Biden to Go Bold on Public Education

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/26/demanding-end-failed-billionaire-backed-policies-200-teachers-and-activists-urge


Remember this?
A republican running against a Democrat in Michigan (in 2019) paid Biden $200,000 to endorse him (the Republican). Biden DID and the Democrat lost

Joe Biden’s Paid Speech Buoyed the G.O.P. in Midwest Battleground


Ya think Uncle Joe gives a rats ass unless you pay him?


Don’t hold your collective breath.


It isn’t possible to nominate a worse candidate, given the structural changes we need immediately. I hope the Democratic Party burns to the ground. The rank and file that voted for this rotten candidate and the party that created a joke, disastrous and questionable primary deserve as much.


Uncle Joe Biden: “IF you don’t know to vote for me over Trump, you are not black, progressive, activist, intelligent, whatever… I will pursue as very aggressive a progressive agenda as Wall Street approves of.”


Nice list. But I expect more Arne Duncanism. And BTW re

A ban on for-profit charter schools and for-profit colleges and universities;

Most charter schools are nonprofit shell companies run by for-profit corporations. Big loophole.


I’ve never really associated the word “bold” with Joe Biden, unless it come sin the same sentence with “a lie”.


For Joe Biden to credibly change course from the PRIVATIZING continuity that spans the Post WW II Cold War administrations of both of our Duopoly political parties who represent Wall Street disproportionately to Main Street, he would have to use his malfunctioning mouth to brain synaptic express to refute the Obama-Biden 8 years of devastating public education and entire Chicago and coast to coast neighborhoods. Via the policies that Obama hoopster and Biden chum, their Secretary of Education who never punched a clock or crafted a lesson plan as a teacher in his life, Arne “SLAM DUNK” Duncan represented in passing his baton to Trump appointee Betsy de Vos (see the Erik Prince toxicity of rural Michigan and its Flint drinking water policies dating back to Dow Chemical’s Midland pools of poison that were threatened with this past week’s Michigan flood plain of the Tittabawassee River).

We would all have to enter into a long-deferred public discussion via local Town Hall meetings with our legislators on the role Hedge Funds played in fulfilling the Neo-Liberal Doctrine of Public\Private Partnerships that socialize the costs\risks of national development, while privatizing the profits through tax-payer funded and yet cherry-picking Voucher-driven Public Charter Schools.

Former VP Biden would then as Presidential candidate Biden have to face questions (likely not televised via our corporate-captured broadcast system) about the wisdom of using their White House bully pulpit to preach and sell such Privatization of Public Schools, k-12, colleges and universities while denigrating Liberal Arts private schools.

Recall Ivy League humanities major and Constitutional Lawyer turned Chicago Community Organizer turned U.S. Senator turned Wall Street Investment Bank Cartel Bail-Out inheritor President Obama selling from that bully pulpit the sorts of Hedge Fund investments in Corinthian College Trade School degrees and ITT tech vocational degrees that House of Clinton son-in-law and now corporate bankruptcy protection-seeking Marc Mezvinsky was in the bid-net of selling through his Eaglevale Partners LLP.

Also recall that on the way out the door of the White House neither Obama nor his sidekick Biden cleaned up the corporate bankruptcies of the 150 campus ITT tech school collapse or the 70+ Heald College collapses of the Corinthian trade school colleges.

Here’s what I wrote in the newshound reader online periodical well-named THE LAYOFF in real time: ttps://www.thelayoff.com/t/JgkTqHD
“Chalk up another triumph for the Neo-Liberal Economic model that both parties of our political Duopoly must swear allegiance to. What is this doctrine that we he hear so little about? To gloss Canadian, Euro and online indy journalists like Naomi Klein whose 2007 book SHOCK DOCTRINE explained to those of us beyond the reach of MBA indoctrination how it works: PRIVILEGE PRIVATE INTERESTS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE PUBLIC INTEREST. Now, for its effect on Public Education and the growth of Private Education which through vouchers and federally-guaranteed student loans enrich the business speculators whose corporate bankruptcy protection shields them (like the Boss of TRUMP U.) from creditors while student borrowers will be on the hook for their meaningless paper mill college degree for life!”

Like Casey Stengel channeled through Yogi Berra were fond of saying “It’s Deja Vu all over again!” Or, Groundhog Day as we wake up 4 years after the election of T-Rump-Pence over Candidate Madame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the prospect of Biden-Pritzker and policy continuity of privileging the Private Interests over the Public Interest with the same White House Chief E-CON Advisor and Gate-Keeper Larry Summers harking back as contractor to Status Quo Joe (Biden) and reprising his role in bringing up Reagan-Bush’s Voo Doo E-CON MORNING IN AMERICA sunshine along with the Go-Go House of Clinton and Greenspan Iraqi Invasion Bush-Cheney House of Halliburton, LLC for the 1/10th of 1% for whom this last decade hasn’t been a dive into desperation :

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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As you can see from this forum, our middle class friends don’t feel the same burning need for change that many of us near the bottom do.

So they’ll keep voting LOTE until the day they wake up on the discard pile and wonder where all the help went.


Love of learning makes good teachers.
Fear of educated workers culls the above.
Progress demands vigilance.
Now and forever.


Demanding Biden spit in the face of his bosses, his party, and act on behalf of them? Why - they always voted for him when he didn’t!


Joe Biden looks at demands and the 200+ Teachers and activists that signed it. Joe Biden compares it to the hundreds of thousands of dollars he can get in donations from the for profit education system.

Joe realizes he can get the support of those 200+ activists by simply stating he “open to the idea” even as he realizes that “They have no where else to go as they sure are not going to vote for Trump”.

He gets the money from the for profit education lobbyists, he gets the support of these “activists” and he does not have to change a thing.

See how that works?


Your point is logical, lucid, and readily apparent, but obviously the majority of voters just don’t get it - can’t get it. Herein lies the whole reason we are in the mess we are in. Even Noam Chomsky is on board with Biden.


And meanwhile lots of them (Diane Ravitch) were busy trashing Bernie Sanders during the primary. Now they’re crying. Wash rinse repeat.


I’m not “near the bottom.” At least I don’t think I am.

But I am with you 100%.


Hi Phred_Pharkel:
Hmm, and I guess Joe’s son is out of the Gas job, in Ukraine-----so I guess if he winds he’ll have to find a job for his son…LOL, Dept. of Education ----that’s the ticket!
And American under Biden falls just as fast as one led by Trump. : (


This is great that they are doing this, but we would need to modify our GATS committmets to do virtually all of these things, unfortunately. if only we could go back in time to before the URAA (the enabling act to join the WTO ) and GATS was signed (December 8, 1994) Until then a President could simply have worked with Congtress and Senate as we used to to re-regulate as well as de-regulate. healthcare too. If it was still the 1980s or early we could just fix both education and healthcare.

See ~http://policyspace.xyz/collections/keywords/?Subject=education&collectionfilter=1

for lots of stuff.

Time to reinvent time traveling and go back to the era of democracy in politics.

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Yep. For those who missed the memo: It’s not ask what Biden can do for you. It’s ask what you can do for Biden.


you have to ask ‘how much’ also…apparently


In my Education Methods course were three teachers re-upping their teaching certificates. (This was 1977.) Years of teaching experience among them was something like 35 years. The rest of us were working on our first certificate, so what came from the mouths of experience was–and remains for me yet–telling.

What they wanted to know most was whether there was a key to student motivation. They were certain that one thing would open up their teaching success. Alas, even the professor had no answer for them.

As far as I’m concerned, billionaires backing their “do it the way I did it” systems are self-centered dilettantes. They don’t have the answers. And I couldn’t tell you who does.

But there is no joy like seeing the magic when a student catches the fire. Lighting the fire just kind of happens (Longinus would be a good reference here). A teacher can be involved in the process but nothing much happens until the student decides it will or must happen.