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Demanding End to 'Rotten' Opposition to Medicare for All, Doctors and Nurses to March on American Medical Association's Annual Meeting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/07/demanding-end-rotten-opposition-medicare-all-doctors-and-nurses-march-american


‘noting that 13 of the Democrats on the powerful committee have not signed onto the Medicare for All Act’ … As that great mathematician Jethro Bodine said, I might not can figure but I can cipher: There is a lot more campaign loot to be garnered by not signing on.


All those who kneel and pray to capitalist institutions as revised Hippocratic Oath.


“In a 2017 survey, physician recruitment firm Merritt Hawkins found that 56 percent of doctors either strongly or somewhat support a single-payer system”

Merritt Hawkins is part of AMN Healthcare, a 2.2 billion dollar company.

So I take it, you are a supporter of Single Payer.

I’m undecided.

A pyramid scheme is where, if it works, one person at the top of the pyramid gets seriously rich, the people near the top get somewhat rich and the vast majority of the people at the bottom of the pyramid get poor.

I see medical personnel acting with integrity, saying that they want to earn their living by being good at their work, by being diligent in their study and practice, that basic honesty is part and parcel of their commitment to their patients, and they can’t in good conscience suport any system where many of their patients will be out on the street and will sometimes die.


The article quotes, ‘the AMA has opposed every major effort to expand health access since 1917.’

Why the heck would anyone expect them not to? Limiting the supply of service ups the price, don’t you know. And that is not even considering the stethoscope and monogrammed leather bag E.I. Lilly provides new medical school graduates, followed by a careers-long sack of goodies handed out by winsome young women urging old doctors to try new drugs.

The system stinks, and direct action like this one is precisely what is needed, and long over-due. Bully for youse guys.


Medicare for All

Health care is a human right. Healthy people produce more and live better lives. A strong nation cares for all the people just like good farmers care for all of the farm. Medicare for all now at 100% coverage from birth is good. Tax all income the same to fund medicare. Improve medicare after everyone is covered. First things first.

Medicare for All

Three words.

Open medicare law;

  1. Edit age of eligibility to birth.
  2. Edit 80% limit to 100%.
  3. Edit funding to all incomes.

Close medicare for all law.


I salute and wish them success, but wish they hadn’t tipped their hand, with the AMA’s history, they will most likely be locked out of the meeting.

I would hope that if the holdouts sat down and thought about it----if everyone is covered, then for sure there is more money going to the doctors! Besides that, if everyone was covered, then maybe people wouldn’t put off shots like those for the measles or for other childhood diseases. And too, if you were REAL AMERICANS : ) —then the entire nation would be healthier, more people could afford to take the drugs they needed.
The only thing we would have to fear, is the possible return of the Pandemic of 1918—which no one really solved as to where it came from and then where it went. You should be happy about that, you rich doctors, because that flu of 1918 was not a respecter of position or wealth----so if everyone is covered for everything----then more people would be healthier and you worrying rich doctors would probably be a lot better off economically -----unless you rich doctors only feel good when you feel that you are somehow elevated to a higher social position when the People are needy----of course, if that’s your mantra—that’s scary----and if you’re that awful----then an angry patient might just run you over in the parking lot! Being nice and fair would no doubt give you a longer and happier life . : )

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A lot of doctors act like self-serving rich assholes.

Dave Janda is a smart guy. Health is a losing business plan. Medicine controls the drip, drip, drip of money from patient to treating physicians in approved group practices. Exercise yourself to health. Eat

Bingalero!!! This is the very reason ol “Honest Nancy” is working so hard to come up with excuses as to why single payer is just simply not possible. Excuse: It’s too expensive and will cause taxes to sky rocket!!! Translation: I get millions from the health insurance and big pharma. Taxes on rich people like me will be increased and besides, I have the best health insurance money can buy already that’s paid for by you dumb taxpayers. Suckers! Reality: Yeah taxes will go up but not by much, any increase in taxes will be more than offset by the saving every taxpayer in the nation will receiver by not having to pay healthcare insurance premiums. A national healthcare program does not have a CEO’s salary to pay (the CEO of United Healthcare for example had a recent annual income of $52,000,000 + that came to $7 out of every premium collected) or need to make a profit to further enrich shareholders. MfA will SAVE taxpayers $5,000,000,000,000 over the first five years after implementation. Source: Koch Brothers sponsored study. Aussi’s personal analysis: Nancy Pelosi along with the other establishment democrats are not only more full of crap than a Christmas goose, they are looking out for their own greedy, selfish interests which obviously do not include you. Remedy: Vote them the fuck out next election!!! They have already made far too much money screwing you while enriching themselves!!! Note: Selling you out by not backing single payer ain’t the only way they’re selling you out in order to benefit themselves. Keep that in mind. Any congressmotherfucker that will sell you out on something as beneficial to their constituents as single payer healthcare coverage won’t think twice about selling you out on any other issue of importance to you if it will benefit them personally! Get rid of the damned establishment Dems, their Clinton owned DNC and DCCC and watch life here in the world’s greatest plutocracy finally improve after forty years of democratic approved Reaganomics (aka Voodoo Economics, aka neoliberalism, aka trickle down or in other words piss on you economics).


Those with all the money and power, want to hog it all for themselves.

Greed is killing humankind.


The healthcare system in the United States is seriously broken. We must wait months for appointments and then interact with overworked, jaded doctors and nurses. I have seen a dramatic change in the last couple of years of a medical system that wasn’t that great to begin with, really take a dive in quality and empathy. Congress people such as Polosi and her wealthy bribers deal with a different medical system, it is called “concierge medicine”.

By all means let’s hold to the fire the feet of these capitalists (Latin for “money worshipers”) who fancy themselves healers. Maybe even a little beyond the feet for the holdouts in recognition of all the misery they have facilitated if not caused directly.

Why is Nancy Pelosi against single payer? This is why…

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Hey, Pelosi needs that money so she can get elected over and over again. Money corrupts and lots of money corrupts completely. Let’s give the American people the same health coverage congress has (at least) and we will be a better society for it. Again an issue the democrats could campaign on (and win) but their corporate sponsors will not allow.

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This is a big place in the Medicare for All battle—providers. FDR and LBJ couldn’t do it with massively more favorable congresses, due partly to massive opposition on the provider side. Medicare for All ain’t going to work well unless provider side rates are controlled as they are in other countries with single payer type systems. So it would be a very positive thing if the AMA at least professed neutrality. I’m skeptical though, to be honest.