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Demanding 'Fair Wages and Basic Dignity' for All Workers in Changing Economy, Climate Action Campaigners Back UAW Strike

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/16/demanding-fair-wages-and-basic-dignity-all-workers-changing-economy-climate-action

Yup, a blue-green alliance w/centerpiece of a “just transition” for workers is crucial to both helping workers and getting them on board a greater progressive coalition struggling to save the planet biologically and the US politically.

Green commitment to a just transition is vital to getting fossil fuel-related workers off their financial dependency on polluting industries and on the side of a fair, renewable economy that doesn’t repeat the destructive pattern of rust belt de-industrialization.

The more green foot soldiers show up to get behind labor actions, the more potential for a greater, organic coalition with shared goals.


From the article:

“The multi-billion-dollar company is pushing for workers to pay a greater share of their healthcare costs…”

At what point will GM (and other large employers) realize that Expanded and Improved Medicare for All is to its benefit? Is job lock really worth it?

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Fair wages and basic dignity for all workers.Global Unity:

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These strikers will have to have their family’s get by on a few hundred a week. But there are no union bucks to help the other 80% of workers orchestrate a strike in their workplaces.