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Demanding 'Fundamental Restructuring of the Economy,' Progressives Embrace Bold New Agenda


Demanding 'Fundamental Restructuring of the Economy,' Progressives Embrace Bold New Agenda

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Arguing that only a positive and truly transformative economic agenda will be sufficient to overcome the Republican congressional majority and President Donald Trump in 2020, scores of progressive leaders this week endorsed a bold 11-point platform that calls for Medicare for All, tough Wall Street regulation, and a ban on corporate money in elections.


And again, the elephant and donkey in the room is not addressed — ending perpetual war and dismantling the imperial war machine.


DARKAGESAMERICA, I hope you read the whole article. It states:

“In introducing the ambitious platform—which has already earned the backing of more than 70 prominent progressives, including author Naomi Klein and Our Revolution president Nina Turner—CAF is looking to chart a path that reaches far beyond the centrist and incrementalist approach favored by the current Democratic leadership.”

Personally, I’d like to see this group or some group organize “Listening Forums” where we could gather with our neighbors and find out what our fellow Americans are really thinking. The only ground rule would be no use of the words “Democrat, Republican, Obama, Hillary, or Trump.”

A Moderator would ask what folks really thought about the issues. If name-calling was not allowed, I believe many of us feel the same or nearly so about the core issues expressed in the 11 talking points listed by the Campaign for America’s Future (CAF).


I did read it and that is the basis for my comment.


“The elites have failed us”

What makes the writers think the elites are working for us and have failed? The elites are doing and will continue to do everything in their power to ensure the opposite, as more to them derives from and is made possible by less to us ( although they will pretend otherwise. At times the fraud is pretty blatant, almost “in your face”: look at “trickle down economics”, and “tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy will benefit the middle class and the poor”)


The elites have not failed us. They NEVER worked for us period.

  1. Anti-trust. Break up the big banks and corporations.

Without this, we are still screwed.


Why do I suspect this “movement,” with its lovely laundry list of desiderata, will be hijacked by the Democrat party?


Let us hope that the GOPee and the Zinofascists won’t start a negative fox news campaign of calling the bold progressives communists and anti Semitic


I went to the site. Read the pledge. Read the blog. Read the signers page. There is no contact page. Some of the people on the “blog” and some of the people on the signers page are the very people I have contacted about FDR’s Second Bill of Rights. The 11 items on their pledge list is a far cry from what FDR envisioned. I had hope for something dramatic. I was disappointed once again. It is a start though, just not radical enough for me. There was no mention of enacting Glass-Steagal for instance. Oh well, I didn’t sign. No contact page is clue enough for me.


Preservation of private wealth (stolen goods) is job #1 at all costs, including billion human lives loss of planet whatever the costs to others.


I don’t know anything about this group, but there might be a reason for this. Most of us agree with you’re position on the MIC or MISC. Thanks to the repug’s and Trump’s actions, we will have a lot of work to do to right the ship we call the USA, covering many different subjects, and undoing many harmful actions.
I view the MIC like a giant octopus, with arms reaching in all directions, massive. It might be wise to keep our intentions to dismantle this/these group(s) low key until CFA, (or any opposition group), has grown in size and strength to handle the push back the MIC will offer. Make no mistake the push back will be huge (the suggestion of it likely got a sitting president killed 54 yrs. ago). When this is attempted, and I hope it’s before I depart earth, we better be dam well be ready for one heck of a battle.


Well, it’s a good start. Not as forward (progressive) looking as the “Green party” platform, but if most if not all Dems supported it I would gladly vote Democratic.


They already do, so who gives a shit? This is a good start IF the Democratic party “mostly” gets behind it, which I doubt.


I like the sixth point, high quality public education. We have seen a lot of proposals about free education from progressives but not much about the quality of education. People will disagree about what a quality education consists of but I clearly I think salaries for teachers need to be adequate and the physical facilities need to be up to standard. I would be concerned about too many adjunct faculty being used for teaching rather than full-time faculty. With regard to paying for college, Pell grants should be increased to help the students from poorer families attend. And more money is needed for many students to avoid the excessive reliance on large loans that has taken place.


True, but in my view, our government which in theory is: of the people; by the people; and for the people and is suppose to work for us has failed us miserably, because they have allowed themselves to be corrupted by the elites.


Some will argue on this forum. What’s the problem? Corporate fealty? What corporate fealty? I mean that is just so 1990s!!!

The insufferable prick Lieberman with his No Labels corporate servicing (under the table) think tank, along with David Brock’s “correct the record” types will be all over this movement in a heartbeat.

They will work to discredit and destroy it, to protect their precious realm. The realm of important people, menus without prices, and the rest.

Everyone else can just go cluck themselves as far as they are concerned.

They will be the ones, the “centrists”, those looking for “a way forward” and solutions “bi-partisan” who will work with Republicans to instill the final round of neoliberal economics “Austerity” measures like “reforming Social Security to save it” and other such measures to seal the deal of the corporate coup they have been working on now for 40 years.

Republican side of the duopoly you had the Powell Memo getting this all going.

Democratic side of the duopoly you had the DLC getting this all going.

But hey, it’s all just PTSD from the 90s, don’t you know.


Ending Empire and militarism and the worship of soldiers is the ONLY thing that will change America.


Your suggestion would split the progressives into their two main groups which I would call the Bernie Sanders’ group which like Bernie favors an aggressive US foreign policy and what you might call the Green Party group which favors large scale military withdrawal from the world stage. I would stick to domestic policies where there is wide agreement among progressives. Talk of the ‘imperial war machine’ will just divide people and accomplish nothing. Maybe advocating specific actions such as withdrawal from the Middle East where the Sunnis and Shiites seem to carrying out an endless conflict might be helpful as it seems unclear what the US can accomplish through continued military involvement in Syria, Yemen, etc…


It already has been. CAF has long been the voice of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. This is about electing “Democrats” who are also progressive. It’s certainly better than what we’ve got now, but nowhere near the systemic fixes necessary for authentic democracy to flourish.

“That requires a powerful, unified movement for economic justice that will take back our democracy.”

This statement tells all. There still remain huge numbers of Americans who have yet to experience the benefits of our “democracy” and really have no interest in taking it back. They likely want a democracy that actually represents them as well–the democracy we were promised in school and is yet to be acheived.