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Demanding Kavanaugh Impeachment, Law Students Launch Nationwide Strike Against Illegitimate Justice


Demanding Kavanaugh Impeachment, Law Students Launch Nationwide Strike Against Illegitimate Justice

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"We are in the middle of a national emergency," declared an open letter as students of at least a dozen U.S. law schools walked out of class on Wednesday afternoon to launch a three-day strike calling for the impeachment of recently confirmed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


Their actions certainly warrants a sense of pride in them.


Strikes can be an effective protest tactic to achieve change. Of course there are the many labor strikes throughout industrial history, but I’m thinking more of the student strikes in the 1960s. As a veteran of a number of those, I can honestly say their power was historically over-stated, but in the overall scheme of things, they did contribute to many movements and rebellions and the raising of consciousness against capitalism.

So I salute these young people for trying to find strategies and tactics that move human liberation forward , as difficult as we all know that is.


Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA


Fantastic! He is a disaster not just to women and Mother Earth but to workers and people of color.

For my sisters:


Bravo to these principled students! Another nail in the looming judicial coffin of Brat Kavanaugh, abuser of women, ugly drunk, serial perjurer and angry partisan right-wing hack! And eventually, hopefully, inmate!


Lawyers and Judges, can’t live with them, can’t kill them.


I’m impressed with so many students from different schools coordinated together. Well Done.


I enthusiastically and emphatically support and “cheer on” these students and strikers against Kavanaugh and against the right-wing take-over of the U.S. government that’s been happening for 47 years since The Powell Memo of 1971!

Every single person’s and group’s act of resistance and rebellion is important!

(Apathy and passivity bring the death of participatory democracy and the death of citizenship!)

Every act of resistance and rebellion raises class-consciousness and inspires others to act and join the cause!

Every act of resistance and rebellion adds to the momentum and the growing spirit – and helps us win!


To be clear: I did NOT disabuse their efforts. I merely asked what good it will do if the media ignore it.

I am going to cancel my post as I am getting pounded because I apparently wasn’t clear>>>>


May I etch that in stone? Actually the version I’ve heard very frequently is the only good lawyer is a dead lawyer. That pretty well covers the bases for both;)


When we reach critical mass they will not be able to ignore us.


Well, it definitely is a Look At Me moment.


How do we reach critical mass, Giovanna? I’ve been trying to help that happen since my first week home from Vietnam when a cop grabbed me by the hair (Didn’t have much then.), and tossed me in a paddy wagon for joining with others after a concert to protest where I just had come from. The charge: blocking a sidewalk. I’ve pretty much been in “pissed-off-at-corrupt-authority” mode ever since.


Why hasn’t the Supreme Court been challenged as to why it hasn’t moved to ensure
the Equal Rights of all females of the US – the majority population across the globe
still treated as a minority?

Started to look for FUNDS that support the ERA, but got distracted –

Not sure that either party still has an ERA amendment in its platform – !!!


Hi FF,

To also be clear, I did not criticize your comment. I expressed support for the protesters of Kavanaugh, et al.

I sympathize with you in your feeling misunderstood and criticized for wondering about the effectiveness of the protesters if the corporate media won’t report their efforts.

May I make a friendly suggestion that I hope will help you (and others) in the future?

Consider placing words of support nearby any words of “wondering,” doubt, or criticism of those you support.

For example: “Although I strongly hope that the protesters’ efforts will succeed, I wonder if the corporate media will fail to report on their efforts, and thereby weaken the protesters’ effectiveness.”

Best regards and Peace to you!


Thanks for the kind note, my friend. Well, I guess I misunderstood yours to because I, later, saw you gave my post a like. My brain went on vacation without telling me I s’pose. Anyway, there was at least one more post in response that seemed to misunderstand me also. No harm, no foul.