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Demanding Lawmakers Forge 'Path Away From Climate Suicide,' Groups Kick Off Green New Deal Push

Demanding Lawmakers Forge 'Path Away From Climate Suicide,' Groups Kick Off Green New Deal Push

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Building on the grassroots momentum that has thrust the Green New Deal onto a national stage, a coalition of progressive groups on Monday launched a week of action to demand climate leadership from federal lawmakers, calling for a plan to fully phase out fossil fuels and rapidly reform industries that produce massive amounts of planet-warming emissions while also promoting economic justice.


We do need a green new deal TO AVOID CLIMATE SUICIDE; it is called: A NEW, GREEN PARTY!


Stop regime change wars and quit killing innocent people. Now there can be focus beyond the weight of national guilt for barbaric war mongering.

First step is stop actual wars against peace and humanity. Only then can a second step be taken.


A paltry handful of Democrats to push this legislation? Fuckin’ good luck.

With a flat out crisis looming, humanity kept right on burning. Write it on our tombstones.


Studying and drafting careful and comprehensive and effective Green legislation is important, but announcing it in this political climate is little more than a stunt. It obviously will not pass, and the primary focus at hand must be to eliminate all who would not eagerly sign said legislation from office and replace them with those who will. If proposing the legislation is an effort to identify said individuals, than it serves a useful purpose, but until it can be passed into law and aggressively funded, it wont help resolve our ongoing climate emergency.


Who, aside from climate deniers, could honestly argue with that?

Here in Vermont activists that have been organizing for a single payer healthcare system will be reaching out to climate/environmental activists to join forces as in, “A Healthy Planet Needs Healthy People! Healthy People Need A Healthy Planet”.


I think you underestimate the effect of normalizing the concept in the public’s mind. True, it’s not going to pass before 2020 (or maybe even later), but every time a concept like this is put before the public’s mind, the more likely it will be acceptable to it, and hopefully, the body politic who must make it happen.

In the meantime, there seems little better to do, unless you have a better idea. It certainly does no harm in my view.


the better idea as i mentioned was to eliminate all who would not eagerly sign said legislation from office and replace them with those who will.

Does anyone here, realize …there is the same amount of CO2 kn the aosphere…as CONCE TRATION as was there…fir the PERMIAN MASS EXTINCTION??? AND there is NO WAY TO GET IT OUT …please…do not come back with …co2 sucking machines…we CANNIT make enough machines for the scale of this problem…,and we would be making co2 in building the machimes…,and…and planting trees…we out 40Gt up…every single year…we are already a dead civilization walking. …

This may sound stick-in-the-mud, but to me it seems logical that the current economy will have to work better in order to phase in a New Deal that’s Green.

To imagine how the world fits in…more strangeness. Check out where the world’s at from an economist progressives never talk about (at least most of the ones I read). BTW, economagic just told me Palley’s not very “adventuresome.” Gotta say…he’s depressing, but he covers the whole world in a brief space. https://www.postkeynesian.net/downloads/working-papers/PKWP1901.pdf

Written a lot about this here lately at Common Dreams. Now chores call. Hence the brevity.

I would say that is its primary purpose - well stated, but another useful purpose in my opinion is that it helps to use the time while nothing is possible to organize your thoughts, flesh things out as much as possible without become obfuscating or losing people genuinely on our side, and show the voters you aren’t there twiddling your thumbs - you want to be ready when the time of opportunity comes (which hopefully is Jan 2021).


Climate is a catastrophe with a time horizon too remote for a critical mass of people to react to it. Too remote means over 30 years in the future. That is the way humans are. As nice illustration of just how true this is, think of Catholics and the idea of Hell. The fact that “eternal” damnation comes at the end of your remaining life (which on average for an adult is about 30 years in the future) is not disincentive enough to commit a mortal sin (such as fornication.) This means that anything that happens in 30 years or more from now, no matter how horrible, is discounted to almost nothing by humans.
That is the reason why only very young people, whose lives will be ruined in their immediate future will be motivated to act.

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You make what should be an obvious point. I would go further to say that not only is a GND not possible in the current political climate, but is not possible at all even if the Democrats held all branches of government. The Dems serve the 1% just as much as the GOP does. The problem is not just political, it’s systemic to capitalism. A genuine GND that is capable of addressing the magnitude of the problem is not possible while we stay chained to capitalism. Or, you can believe like progressives do that getting a elected “progressives” to talk about is good enough. Reality or fantasy - fantasy has been winning for some time now…

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The cost is immaterial compared to the cost if we don’t. What was the cost of the original new deal? Would that cost deter us today? What is the cost of losing all our coastal cities to sea level rises? Whats the cost of Droughts or floods or both wiping out our farmland? Whats the cost of absorbing half a billion climate refugees from around the world. Whats the cost of human extinction? The costs are not even comprehensible if we don’t stop this global disaster from unfolding, if we somehow miraculously succeed well all just sit back and laugh, not cry about the costs.


Some first steps:
Population control,
Cut out most red meats from diet,
Rapid transition to electric and hybrid engine cars,
Pass a carbon use tax,
Solar for every home, and efficient heat pumps,
Wind, and water powered energy where feasible,
Protecting our environment,
Encourage locally grown food and resources,
Plant trees.
All easily doable if we work together and have the will to do so. We need good leaders. We need education, and the truth spoken loud and clear, and lock the propagandists up on the basis of international security.

Sorry, not buying any of this. Stupid plan with demands that never will be met. Only way to stop pollution is to get the the actual polluters! Gotta go face to face and hand to hand with the CEOs who are causing the problems. Afraid to take on these fossil fuel big boys with violence? Then stay home and stop wasting the time you say we can’t afford to lose. Personally, my opinion is the Tipping Point has already been reached and we are to late. The Planet is beyond saving… and so are the people who are living on it.

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It’s really super urgent! So can we, you know, make sure we save capitalism first? Thanks!

sweet jesus.


seriously. “sorry, we had to wipe out the species 'cause, you know, it was kinda pricey to save us,!” Right wingers. They’d better hope there isn’t a hell.


tvorandftc, I accidentally hit your like button. Are you kidding just half of what we waste on the pentagon budget would cover it.