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Demanding Medicare for All and the End of ICE, NY Congressional Candidate Ocasio-Cortez Wins DSA's Endorsement


Demanding Medicare for All and the End of ICE, NY Congressional Candidate Ocasio-Cortez Wins DSA's Endorsement

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Democratic Socialists of America endorsed New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday, throwing its support behind the progressive candidate as her campaign to unseat longtime Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.), the powerful chair of the House Democratic Caucus, gains steam.


How can a congressman live in Virginia and represent a district in Queens? Doesn’t add up.


Kind of like most of your comments.


Just as the Queen of Arkansas rolling over Liz Holtzman on her way to representing New York state in the Senate didn’t add up.



I don’t believe that is an unusual situation - though I think it is yet another reason why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be a better representative for this congressional district. Basically, most senators and representatives spend more time in Washington D.C. than in their home districts and, as a result usually maintain a household in both areas. For many, their wives and children also move to the D.C. suburban areas so situations like Crowley’s spring up.


Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has an incredible biography and a strong position all major domestic issues. If I lived in her district, I would vote for her, work for her election and contribute a few bucks. That said, her candidacy has an extremely glaring weakness that I attribute to the DSA and other U.S. “left” progressive organizations in the U.S.

While she is a stalwart on Puerto Rico and immigration, her website says absolutely nothing about U.S. militarism and imperialism - or even the U.S. military budget. She is running for the United States Congress and at this point in U.S. history the global imperial military defines what the U.S. is and does.

If so-called leftists continue to ignore these existential realities for all of humanity, they will become as irrelevant as the DINO/DLC/Dems they replace.


Good luck to Alexandria.

What do progressives sitting on the fence, secretly supporting ICE for environmental reasons (overpopulation of America) think about this?


Good to hear that Italians are pushing back on Berlusconi (Italy’s Trump) .

During the 90s my wife and I were employed by different companies, both of which relocated from the west coast to suburbs of DC in Virginia. Needless to say that we declined their offers to relocate us.

As more money has flooded into politics, corporations and politicians have needed to be close to K Street in order to remain competitive.

Crowley is well postured to slip into a $2 million/year K Street lobbying job upon losing an election or retiring from his $174k Congressional salary.


Yes, but not “Medicare for All” as it is, sucks! Original Medicare includes Parts A and B only, that means a monthly $100-plus monthly premium plus a 20% co-pay, per person, for hospital stays and for doctor visits and services. (Medicaid for the poor and disabled, covers these two costs; however, private-for-profit corporations act as intermediators taking the fed money and distributing the care, for profit!) What’s that all about? Corporate corruption.

“Original Medicare” allows for-profit corporate hospitals and giant corporate medical clinics and provider-networks, that siphon-off so much money in bogus profits, that the U.S.ranks as number one in $$-cost per patient with only mediocre to poor patient outcomes, compared to all other major industrialized countries. Going without Parts A and B means going with Part C. Already bogus sounding! lol

Part C, brought to us by Bush2, is especially bogus. It replaces Part A and Part B, and allows major bad-actor corporations like United Healthcare and Banner Health and others to take all of our the monthly premiums and the 20% co-pay allowances - and package-up an arguably, substandard-to-mediocre ,“big-box store” of hospitals and doctors and healthcare providers that offer eyewear and dental work by more “big box” corporations, (These big-box “thems”, make me cringe whenever I have to deal with their captive, under-payed employees). So don’t fall for the “Original Medicare” for All - Or the Part C “Medicare for All” memes. They don’t provide single-payer, pays all. Nor promise quality long-term nursing home care. Nor promise only profit-free health care professionals, paid on contract, per patient, per visit. Nor promise high-quality, profit-free hospitals that are contract-negotiated. Nor does "Medicare for All’ provide all medications and medically necessary equipment like electric wheelchairs, eyewear and dental, etc.

So call these “politicians” out! Ask them is this N.I.M.A.? National Improved Medicare for All - which fixes the present form of Medicare? Or House Bill 676 - which exactly covers EVERYTHING?! This N.I.M.A. is prepaid just like Social Security and covers every U.S. resident, from birth - on!
Don’t be fooled by these politicians! Ask!