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Demanding Medicare for All, Climate Action, and Living Wages, Ben Jealous Wins Democratic Primary for Maryland Governor


Demanding Medicare for All, Climate Action, and Living Wages, Ben Jealous Wins Democratic Primary for Maryland Governor

Julia Conley, staff writer

Among the progressive victories out of Tuesday's elections was that of Ben Jealous, who beat out eight opponents in Maryland's Democratic primary for governor after offering voters a platform focused on criminal justice reform, single-payer healthcare, and demanding a living wage for all workers in the state.


Defeating Larry Hogan will be an almost impossible task. He is popular with a lot of residents, conservative and progressive.

Maryland Democrats tend to think that the needs of the state revolve around Baltimore, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, etc. They forget about the rural areas of Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Both areas are primarily conservative and have historically been treated as “resources to be exploited” by the Annapolis government (until Gov. Hogan was elected).

As a resident of the Eastern Shore, I can tell you that even progressives here are tired of seeing all of their taxes go towards urban projects and leaving little for our own needs.

  • (Non-affiliated Maryland voter)


Its not just the Maryland hinterland getting short shrift. Obama’s ACA exacerbated the urban/rural divide in Maryland and the other 49 states by effectively eliminating Medicare advantage plans in rural counties.

Hopefully Jealous can present a universal health care campaign that rural voters buy.


Yay!!!Two Bernie “bros” win big on primary day.
This should show the Hillary/Schumer/Pelosi/DNC shills that if you want to win elections you can’t put up corporate liars and sellouts, but instead can energize Americans with a truly progressive platform:

  • End the wars
  • Green New Deal
  • Reform police/criminal justice
  • Revolution against corporate and billionaire elites
  • Unrestricted women’s reproductive rights
  • Civil liberties
  • Social and environmental justice
  • Medicare for All

If the Democratic Party wants to serve America and win elections, that will be their platform.


Maryland is a corrupted state, with many of its citizens sucking off the DC federal tit, and the ruralites into harming the land, and doing other ecologically damaging things, along with being into racism and redneckism.
Many residents of Maryland are part of the military-industrial-spy-technology complex, sucking federal dollars to keep the American war crimes/hegemony machine operational, so they tend to be politically conservative, even if they claim to be socially progressive.
Baltimore is an urban hell, other than the wealthy districts along the inner harbor, and the I-95 corridor is an example of ecological destruction and internal combustion nightmares.
Hogan well symbolizes the corrupt, sick, stupid, shallow, venal Marylander.
It will be hard to beat him, because many Americans are decadent, braindead, and anti-progressive.


You may not have noticed but Jealous supported Hillary. Just sayin.


I know, and that sucks, but he was an organizer for Bernie.


Maryland has a very low overall tax rate. Not very progressive, all in all. You do get a lot of DoD dollars, though. Even though N.Korea is only a threat to West Coast States with have much higher and more progressive tax structures.
Could it be your fellow citizens like flagwavers, living off the Federal teat, rather than stepping up to the plate and paying your fair share?
When you say " urban projects " do you mean the Baltimore Orioles baseball stadium? Which looks like white privilege dropped into a poor urban area that can’t afford the price of a bleacher seat.
My heart pumps dishwater for you poor, broke beach combers. Instead of using dog whistles, try going out and learning how to fetch the needed tax revenues to run a modern state in the 21st Century. Without relying so much on the DoD gravy train. Yes, you’ll have to get the sand out of your own swimsuits, for a change.
The days when states like Maryland, and their Congressional body, can vote for larded up pork sandwiches are retreating, like your beaches. Progressives, if they gain power, will cut the MIC and DoD budgets dramatically. Count on it.


Jealous may have won, but the neo-con Sen. Ben Cardin, who tried to make speech in support of the Sanctions movement against Israel a major felony last year smashed the true progressive disrupter, Chelsea Manning. I saw that one coming. I hope that Chelsea takes this opportunity to reconsider her options and comes over to the Green Party, which will welcome her with open arms for future races.


Jealous could win by adopting these issues in his platform also:

Universal Basic Income to eliminate poverty:


Add secure Direct Democracy by Blockchain Voting:

End the War on Drugs:


Chelsea Manning, one of few people who volunteered for the American war crimes organization who is a true hero because she realized how evil our military is, and became a whistleblower.
I wish I lived in Maryland and could help her stay strong and healthy and continue to be in public life.


Pretty sure that’s false. Not the sentiment – (no doubt some FEEL that way) – but actually, state revenues SUBSIDIZE rural areas. i know this is true in the USA as a whole, where blue states subsidize red states, and i know it is true in my state Washington, where revenue from the urban Puget Sound subsidizes rural counties (despite the endless ideological whining from conservatives such as yourself).

Here’s a clip i found about a proposal for Western Maryland to secede:

“The five counties would lose $622 million in direct Maryland school aid and a lot more Maryland aid earmarked for other social programs. Yet these jurisdictions only produce $326 million in income tax revenue.”


I heard Hogan is very popular. I think Martin O’Malley was the last Democratic governor of Maryland. As I remember Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders by a pretty big margin in Maryland so I think Jealous will have a very tough race. But I think he has a chance, It might depend on how Hogan is perceived with regard to Trump. In any election between a Democrat and a Republican Trump has to be considered a factor.


I will vote for anyone running under the Democratic Banner who identifies
as a “democratic socialist” as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does.



Who cares? I’m sick and tired of lefties attacking lefties. Our enemy is to the right. We must stay focused on issues of the day, not what happened years ago. We are losing our democratic republic, our rights, our lives. Get angry about that and look for unity and anyway out of this nightmare. More productive.


You are so right. Primary season and this year, especially, we have some great progressives running. FDR had these kind of Dems–ones who want to turn the country around to a brighter future. They held strong majorities in both houses for 4 terms! It led to a blossoming middle-class and helped poor people to live in security and thrive with hope. We don’t have Dem voters voting for our party like decades before.

I think money has contaminated our politicians, all on the right! (corrupt thugs they are), and some Dems. But… progressives are our hope. We need more! Our lives are at stake. Just like the 1930s all over again. Oh, and economic collapse is around the corner as a result of cult 45’s tax scam. V-O-T-E! while we still have the right to.


ultra –

Wish that more lefties had attacked Obama and Hillary and neither had gotten
the nomination for 2008 –

Many did question Obama’s “meteoric rise” and today it seems clear that the had
connections to the CIA –

We can also look at both Hillary and Bill Clinton and see that they each likely too
had long time connections to CIA –

Rahm Emmanuel should have immediately been attacked as Obama’s #1 as he had
a great deal to do with recruiting “Democrats” who were/are right-wingers and NOT
supporting liberals in the Democratic Party.
Emmanuel also was very pro-war and MIC – and strongly pushed Charter Schools to
destroy public education.

These things do matter!


ultra –

"We don’t have Dem voters voting for our party like decades before."

True – and neither will I vote for just any Democrat nor support the party –
as I said I will vote for someone honestly labeling themselves a “democratic socialist” –
where there is sufficient proof of it – and someone like Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio –
but not the majority of Democrats holding office right now. We must listen to other Democrats
who question candidates.

Both parties are owned by Elites/corporations and many of those corporations are the MIC.

Trump is showing us who the people behind him are and it’s basically a “White male supremacist”
movement. Don’t forget “Christianity” is also a strong ingredient in the KKK. Rarely is “Christianity”
left out of the mix in the rise of the right wing.

Have to add – it’s also a suicidal movement as we see from Global Warming.

Humidity rates here in NJ are no longer being reported and our humidity has been so high that
it seems like it is raining most of the time here lately.

Look at the reports today on coming weather

Global Warming is the Wild Card –

And because of a 50 year gap in our originally feeling the effects of Global Warming, we are only now beginning to feel the very rapid acceleration of the harm done AFTER 1968.

Everything we’ve seen of Global Warming – droughts/floods, hurricanes/storms, tornados/cyclones, lightning strikes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will increase in frequency and severity.


These are very much the local insights we need to hear from voters around the nation.