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Demanding More Than Prayers, Resistance Groups Take on 'Unrepentant' NRA


Demanding More Than Prayers, Resistance Groups Take on 'Unrepentant' NRA

"There's one reason why Congress consistently fails to take real action on gun violence: the National Rifle Association."


Have you ever had a relaxed, insightful, inclusive conversation about a difficult subject at the point of a gun?
I would submit that our capacity to gather, center down, make notes about salient points of documentation and concern, LISTEN and have conversations is one of the defining hallmarks of what it means to be a human being.

Each time the weapons enraptured claim that it is not humanly possible to transcend their parameters, the projection of that incapacity must be regarded for what it is: an incapacity.


It is much like the word “responsibility” which truly means having the ability to respond.


We need to make gun ownership as socially acceptable as child porn in this country. They have the same social utility - bringing gratification to people caught up in their sick webs, and expanding those webs with their justifications.


But, But, But… that would be Reasoned Discourse.

And you know where that leads us.



Maybe I’m naive? Doubt it.
A couple decades I’ve been asking: What defines the term ARMS, when the law was enacted???

I mean, isn’t that the bottom line in law? Defining a term. When the term ARMS was written to law… What were common arms!?

Law and philosophy are all about firstly defining ones Terms. In this particular case, how very crucial. Where is the limitation of that term? It should be a damned musket, shotgun and machete. Period.

It SHOULD be limited to the timezone period of what was available for armature when the law was enacted.

Will we ever have proper rule of law again in the USA??? What a bunch of whores.


Not just whores, unfortunately, but cheap ones. Here is a video with the top 20 in Congress (as of 2015). It’s remarkable that the NRA can buy a congressman for only $50k. They don’t value us or our children very highly. http://musicalscalpel.com/2016/07/the-nra-blues/


Very apt analogy well-stated…thank you!


Nefarious Rifle-bearing Axxholes.


And I would add, “an inability.”


Damn right. Just like the 1st amendment should only apply to the spoken, not recorded or broadcast or streamed word and to only what could be printed using the tech of that time. Any other speech can clearly be under the control of the government.

And the stupid rule about unreasonable search and seizure? Letters maybe, but email, web histories, phone conversations, electronic surveillance, etc., SHOULD be under government control.

The founding fathers never intended that the government should be prohibited from IR or x-ray scans of our homes, wire tapping, tracking social media, etc, if they want to.

No, it’s clear that our rights MUST be frozen to what was available in the 1700s.


Go here to send this message to your representative:

“Demand that your Representative puts the safety of Americans first and rejects the NRA leadership’s dangerous “guns everywhere” agenda.”


My only disagreement with your comment is the manner you have disparaged prostitutes and whores. They have more honor than our elected representatives - at least they are honest about what they do.


I totally agree. A service provided for a fee and no pretense.

In the same way that a street robber is straight forward in what he’s doing while people who hire the government to rob other people claim to be innocent.


Good snark. I hope nobody misses it.


I hate that second amendment “rights” thing. NO private citizen should ever have a right to own a gun.


How did a private club get so much power? Where is the AMA or any other sensible citizen in this country? Notice that almost all the states where reps got a donation are in the South or the West. Even Steve Scalise who was shot by a gun owner is still for gun rights. SICKO!


They ( with the exception of some progressives) did not even care that little kids were killed at Sandy Hook.


I know, right? How about the other stupid “rights” in the first 10 amendments?
Maybe those were needed 200 years ago by slave owning white men. Maybe.
But this 2017 for Gods sake. There is no need for any of those stupid “rights” anymore.

In fact, whenever anyone does something terrible with anything, we MUST ban it!
Then, we’d all be safe. Just ban anything that can be used to hurt people, no matter how few.

Wound somebody please think of the children!!


Actually, there very thing you mock is in keeping with the conservative, GOP notion of “Originalism”. All 5 of the cons on the SCOTUS subscribe to Originalism. If it were a serious ideology instead another version of GOP snakeoil, it could very well be interpreted to mean that the original intention of the Founders was to only guarantee the right to own a musket or some other weapon of the day.